100 Couples Convince you to have an Iceland Adventure Wedding Experience!

As 2019 draws to a close, and we welcome 2020… Our Iceland Wedding Planner team would love to do a little reflecting with an extremely grateful heart.  After all, without your support (clients and readers), your trust, interest and fearlessness, our mission of changing the wedding industry, wouldn’t be a sliver as successful as it is today.  Thank you!  Also being New Years Eve, we thought it would be appropriate to have 100 couples convince you why you should have an Iceland adventure wedding experience!

A Little Background…

In circa 2010, the owner of Iceland Wedding Planner, Ann Peters became obsessed with Iceland.  To illustrate, Iceland captured her heart because of a goal of ice climbing 40 glaciers before she turned 40.  And Iceland had 13 just waiting for her!  Next, the passion turned to Iceland wedding planning while she planned the adventure wedding to her first husband.  Quickly realizing how difficult it was to plan an American style, Iceland adventure wedding experience herself, opportunity knocked!

It’s no secret that the best entrepreneurs are birthed by market needs.  From need to niche, Ann Peters was soon the original Iceland Wedding Planner who truly set the market for adventure weddings and luxury elopements in Iceland (hello #girlboss!).  Business began full on and formally in 2012 with her as a one woman show.

The one woman show grew into a seasoned “A-Team” of super experienced wedding planners, talented Iceland wedding photographers, licensed super jeep drivers / guides, day of planners, stylists, photo editor, hair stylists, makeup artists, and an exclusive celebrant that is willing to climb mountains!  Read our FAQ for more information.

Iceland Adventure Wedding Experience Begins…

Iceland Wedding Planner remains the only trailblazing crew who scouts new locations weekly, thoroughly cares about landscape sustainability, and has ALWAYS respected private property owners since inception!  On that same note, also takes you to badass private Iceland wedding locations via super jeeps!

For example, our team goes through the process of establishing connections, contracts, permits, and paid permissions from property owners and benefactors to ensure exclusivity for your group.  Therefore, the Iceland wedding photographers and video teams have the right to photograph and film professionally.

Although our team has planned and photographed 100’s of weddings throughout the last decade, in Iceland and beyond.  Today we feature 100 couples who will persuade you to embark on a truly unique Iceland adventure wedding experience!!   Fun Fact: All the locations you feast your eyes on are different too… Enjoy!

#1- Christophe and Mary

New Yorker’s Christophe and Mary held a large Iceland adventure wedding experience!  They left the below Google Review detailing what it was like with our Iceland Wedding Planner team:

“Not only did we have an epic, unforgettable wedding experience, Ann made sure that our guests were equally blown away. Simply put, Ann Peters aka Iceland Wedding Planner offers a phenomenal service for those looking to have a unique, adventurous wedding experience.

The only critique we have is of ourselves. In trying to stay within our budget, we opted out of some additional services that would have added convenience to the day-of experience. If this is the first time you are throwing a wedding and you are intimidated by the costs, trust us, all of her services are worth every penny! The less you have to stress about details on your wedding day, the better. She blows any competition away with her attention to detail and knowledge of the Icelandic countryside.

Overall, Iceland Wedding Planners planned an amazing wedding adventure for us and our 90+ guests in Vik. The two day event included a welcome reception on Friday evening, then Saturday we began with a morning wedding at the local church, followed by a day-long “super-jeep” adventure for the entire wedding party. This included glaciers, a hot dog bbq in a gigantic cave, and an amazing race down the black sand beach just west of Vik. After all that, she organized an amazing wedding reception for our guests that was beautifully done. We will never forget this special, unique experience. Ann was there every step of that way- she’s organized, driven, considerate, and detail oriented. We simply couldn’t have done it without her.”

#2- Ashley and PW:

Avid adventurers Ashley and PW, held an unforgettable February elopement by a waterfall in Iceland.  Fair to say it was an idyllic winter wonderland!!  If you crave snow for your adventure elopement, this could be an incredibly unique experience for you!

#3- Laura and Chris

Thinking about getting married on a mountain in Iceland?  Laura and Chris, prove how amazing of a journey it is!

#4- Billy and Lauren

Curious about planning a hiking elopement?  Billy and Lauren loved every single second of their East Iceland Hiking Elopement!  For instance, these two posted these lovely words about our Iceland Wedding Planner team, on Google!

“Ann and her team gave my wife and I the best adventure wedding ever! After scouring the internet for months to try and find a suitable elopement package, Lauren came across ‘Your Adventure Wedding’ and I can’t imagine a more incredible day with anyone as amazing as Ann and her team. There was something different about her photos that really stood out and it was love at first Skype!

Ann had everything planned down to a T and the itinerary was more than perfect. We saw things and went places we never dreamed of with no stress or worries at all!

We got amazing photographs of the best day of our lives, and an experience we’ll never forget. Lauren and I cannot recommend them enough.”

#5- Tara and Josh

These two were so flipping adventurous during their ice cave wedding that they had their ceremony in one ice cave with their guests.  Then they hiked to another further away that was for just the two of them.  Ending their November adventure on a private black beach was a stunning way to kick off their nuptials!  Watch for their Iceland adventure wedding experience coming to our blog soon!

#6- Tim and Josalyn

From being married in front of a jaw-dropping waterfall to exploring a glacier and a private black sand beach Tim and Josalyn held an incredible August elopement!  See there Google review below to hear their thoughts!

“With so many positive things to say about Ann and her team it’s difficult to know where to begin. We first contacted Ann two years prior to our wedding date and weren’t sure about hiring a wedding planner. BEST DECISION EVER! Ann’s attention to detail was above and beyond our expectations and with the many questions that came up along the way she was always prompt to reply.

We could not have asked for a more perfect day that played out seamlessly. We were fortunate to have amazing weather but Ann was prepared for anything that mother nature could have thrown at us. The locations that she took us to were beyond our imagination…amazingly beautiful and super private!

Her bubbly personality is infectious and so much fun….and her level of energy – crazy! Everything that she does makes for an unforgettable experience that you won’t find anywhere else.”

#7- Tee and Eddie

Blizzard conditions happened throughout their day, but they were safe and sound inside of a natural cave in Iceland!  What is really interesting about this specific cave is that it is a 5 senses experience to be inside.  For example, you smell the palagonite tuff the cave is made by, you hear the fierce the glacier river nearby, you feel and see ash on the ground from the last eruption over 100 years ago, and can taste the crispness of the air or icicles!

Can you imagine being inside and having the feeling that you’re literally apart of history and witnessing the birth of new landscape?!  Intoxicating and addicting for anyone who is a travel junkie or explorer!!

#8- Sara and John

Gale force winds tried to challenge Sara and John’s November elopement in Iceland.  But that’s the beauty of the weather in Iceland, you prepare for it, have a plan “b” ready if needed, then you rock it out!

#9- Molly and Andy

During March of 2018, Molly and Andy came to Iceland to embark on an unforgettable hiking elopement.  Seriously, there were moments our local Iceland elopement photographer thought she was in Patagonia!

#10- Cameron and Beau

Beau and Cameron, held a super magical half day adventure wedding in Iceland!  It was chockful of beautiful places, elegant details, and oh-so romance!  Check out what they said on Google about our team!

“I wish I could give Ann more than 5 stars!! I contacted her about planning our Iceland wedding, and about 8 months later it was a reality! Ann was great with communication and answered every single little email I wrote almost immediately. We had a small, family-only wedding (the 2 of us and 9 guests) and Ann made it more amazing than I ever could have dreamed!!

She has connections to private locations, which is so necessary now that the top sights in Iceland are visited by so many people each day. Our ceremony was held in front of a secret waterfall and we had our cocktail hour in a private cave — not a single tourist in sight! On top of that, she delivered stunning photos of our perfect day. I would recommend Ann to anyone wanting to get married in Iceland!!”

#11- Sarah and Landan

Last August, Sarah and Landan decided to plan an adventurous elopement where they spent all day hiking and discovering.  Utter bliss for them and our team too!  Beginning their day with a wedding ceremony by a waterfall, it was super dreamy!

#12- Petra and Jan

These two were the first to be married inside of a volcano and then held another adventurous honeymoon session with us the next day.  So many incredible Iceland wedding locations explored!  One of our favorites was this adorable waterfall you can walk behind!  Jan and Petra left our team a sweet little review on Wedding Wire, so make sure you check it out!

#13- Jacalyn and Michael

When you’re around Jacalyn + Michael, your cheeks will hurt from smiling, truly!  Here is what the bride had to say about her experience with our  team during their Iceland adventure wedding experience, on Google:

“My husband and I cannot speak more highly of Ann and Iceland Adventure Weddings. We knew immediately that we wanted to work with her: her personality is bubbly and infectious! She is so knowledgeable and makes you feel completely at ease from the very beginning of the planning process. Planning a wedding abroad is a daunting task, but Ann took ALL of the stress away. We corresponded countless times over a year and a half of planning, and she always responded to our exhausting list of questions promptly.

When it came time for our wedding day, Ann was flawless in execution. She corralled the two of us, our videography team, and both sets of parents without breaking a sweat! She ensured that our day was absolute perfection – from 5am to almost 10pm. It truly allowed us to relax and take in the magic of the entire day. Her photography style is absolutely stunning, and it was fun to watch her in her element all day. She has such a great eye for detail, I loved the moments when we would stop the van and run out for 5-10 minutes of pictures just because the light was perfect. I cannot begin to express how grateful we are to Ann, her team, and all that was done to ensure an EPIC wedding day!”

#14- Beth and Francisco

One of our favorite March weddings, to date!  To illustrate, these two rocked out a waterfall wedding ceremony followed by a blizzard and stunning glacier adventures together.  You must check out their full Google review of their journey with us too!

“Best Day Ever!  Springing for the super jeeps was 100% worth it to get off the beaten track, and off road jeeping is an adventure in itself wherever you are. All the decision making and planning for the day was pretty straightforward and stress free for us, aside from apprehension over the weather, which is just something you have to be prepared for in Iceland.  All in all an incredible day – by far the best wedding I’ve ever been to and I’d dare say our guests agreed!”

#15- Amanda and Spencer

In February, Spencer and Amanda held a half day Iceland adventure wedding experience.  Having a ceremony at a private black sand beach waterfall was extraordinary!  Following they had a luxury champagne toast, explored a narrow canyon and hidden cave!

#16- Deb and Glynn

Two California natives, Deb and Glynn found their way to Iceland to hold a luxury elopement in July 2015 and it was stunning!  These two explored countless locations and even had a luxury picnic overlooking a black glacier.  Feel free to read their Google Review on their Iceland adventure wedding experience with us too!

#17- Bonnie and Dennis

May weddings offer such an interesting dynamic in the highland landscapes.  Snow often still speckles offering a phenomenal contrast. Bonnie and Dennis held a whimsical elopement in Iceland that ventured to hidden waterfalls, crazy canyons, caves, black sand beach, and ended with a sweet luxury table for two!  Ecstatic over their adventure, they had tons to say about their journey with us on Google!

#18- Stephanie and Andrew

Love the idea of being married in Iceland during the month of March?  Allow Stephanie and Andrew waterfall to ice cave wedding inspire you!

“We had the time of our lives on our elopement in Iceland with Ann and her amazing team! As with the unpredictable weather in Iceland, especially in the winter, there were spots we weren’t able to get too. Ann and her team had other places “up their sleeves” in case we couldn’t go to the areas we chose. These other secret spots were probably more amazing than the original areas! So beautiful! We are so incredibly happy we chose Ann and her team to plan, create and make our Iceland adventure wedding an epic, unforgettable day! ”

–Stephanie’s Review on Google of our Iceland Wedding Planner team

#19- Taylor and Michael

Eloping in Iceland looks different for every couple.  To illustrate, Taylor and Michael were married at a waterfall, spent the day hiking to an ice cave, offbeat waterfalls, natural caves, stunning mountains!  Likewise, they were also lucky enough to witness the Northern Lights too!  Hear more about their unforgettable day on Wedding Wire where they us a 5 star review gushing about their Iceland adventure wedding experience!

#20- Joanne and Corbin

July weddings in Iceland are usually the warmest month to get married in.  Joanne and Corbin traveled with their 20+ guests to hidden highland wedding locations.  After their Iceland waterfall wedding ceremony, they treated their guests to lunch at a canyon, ran through fields of lupine, journeyed to geothermal hot pots, and basked in the sun on a black beach!  A rustic barn wedding reception in Iceland followed!

#21- Alison and Dennis

Are you a fan of action packing your days?  Maybe having the ultimate Iceland adventure wedding experience is for you!  Alison and Dennis’ October Iceland wedding will surely leave you utterly inspired!

#22- Sarah and Matt

Encountering a full day of heavy rains during your Iceland adventure wedding experience can be a blessing in disguise.  Why?  For example, Sarah and Matt got the dreamiest and dramatic Iceland wedding photos!  Their rainy Iceland wedding will encourage you to embrace the weather!  In fact, here is their review of our team from Wedding Wire:

“Matthew and I had a wedding that was beyond perfect. We knew we were wanting to do something intimate, unique and memorable, but Ann and her team delivered that and so much more. My husband and I cannot be more thrilled with our wedding. The sites that were planned were gorgeous, the food was perfect, and the super jeeps were so much fun. I could rave for days, but the bottom line is Ann is the perfect wedding planner. She’s friendly, organized, extremely talented and so easy to communicate with.

If I could do it all again, I would do it exactly the same, rain and all! Ann and her team were able to take us to parts of Iceland that a normal tourist would not be able to experience or think to visit. So, she made it very cool, adventurous and such a special way to get married. We also absolutely love our photos that came in a manner that was so fun! Every guest that made the trek to Iceland with Matthew and I are still talking about how magical the experience was and how we all want to go back!”

#23- Erin and Jake

Sometimes having a full day adventure wedding is a bit much for your guests, so there is no shame in embarking on a half day adventure instead to focus on ceremony and reception!  Erin and Jake did just this and were more than pleased!  As a matter of fact, she boasted about it on the Google Review of our below!

“Ann and her team planned and photographed our Iceland adventure wedding in September 2018. They expertly wrangled over 35 of our crazy guests and kept me, the bride calm and having fun the entire time. We exchanged hundred of emails leading up to the big day and she was always positive, enthusiastic and prompt. 100% recommend Ann and her team.”

#24- Rachel and John

First Rachel and John came to our team in 2016 for an engagement session in Iceland.  Then we saw them back in August of 2017, for a secret elopement adventure in Iceland.  Believe it or not, then in 2018 they came back for an Iceland anniversary session with or team! For 3 years they came to Iceland and grew their love deeper.  Pretty freaking amazing, eh?

Rachel’s Google Review of our team says it all…

“Honestly, I am not sure where I can even begin. My (at the time) fiance and I were repeat customers for Ann. Our first trip to Iceland was 2 weeks after our engagement. I searched and searched for a local photographer.. but then I found Ann. She was fantastic. We are not picture people and were scared it would be awkward and it was the complete opposite. We had the BEST time at locations we never would have known about if not for her. Hands down our best day on that first trip to Iceland and our engagement photos were out of this world.

So naturally, a year later when our 100 plus people wedding had gotten out of control and too far gone from what we wanted.. going back to Iceland to elope with Ann’s help was a no brainer. Let me start by mentioning.. this was pulled together in LESS THAN A MONTH’S time. Our at home wedding got so out of our reach that we last minute decided to escape for a few days just weeks before our wedding in order to get married on our own terms. Ann was up for the challenge and helped us get everything we wanted without skipping a beat.

To say it was the most incredible experience and day of our lives would be an understatement. Her whole team was professional and helpful and honestly just downright FUN. There was not a single detail left out or missed. Our only complaint is that it is over. Luckily our photos are the most breathtaking remembrance of such a perfect day.

If you are looking to get married in Iceland look no further, you really cannot find anyone better than Ann and her team! Deciding to elope in Iceland was the best decision we have ever made and it would never have been possible without Ann- her enthusiasm and love of adventure are infectious. We are forever grateful for our most perfect day.”

#25- Michelle and Brent

Storms in Iceland can happen anytime of the year.  Winds rise, roads close, sand storms happen, and other elements can challenge you.  During Michelle and Brent’s, June 1st wedding adventure in 2017, there was an EPIC wind storm that was coming in which would force us to plan “b” the entire day.  Don’t worry, their stunning glacier wedding was just moved to another offbeat glacier area and it may have been more epic can originally planned!  For real, check out Michelle’s review on Wedding Wire below to prove it!

“Ann was GREAT, she was exactly what we were looking for. My husband and I came from Canada to have our adventure wedding in Iceland. We spent days choosing our locations and then a huge storm forced us to change all of them the night before, but Ann still delivered on great locations and kept the stress levels down. She listened to the kinds of photographs I wanted and delivered amazing results. Communication was easy and prompt and it felt like I barely had to do anything, just make a choice on something and Ann would get it done!”

#26- Cassie and Kyle

Although our team no longer plans or photographs weddings in the Snaefellsness Peninsula, we did in 2016 for Cassie and Kyle!  These two and their guests experienced a sea cliff wedding ceremony, a golden beach, waterfalls, and the historic black church at Budir!

#27- Sarah and PJ

PJ and Sarah held an exquisite elopement in Iceland in July!  Truly, an enchanting day spent getting married at a glacier, exploring ice caves, discovering secret waterfalls, cliffs, and canyons!  Over 10 locations they ventured to during their Iceland adventure wedding experience!

#28- Kelly and Alain

In the spring of 2016, Kelly and Alain eloped in Iceland on the private black beach of Dyrholaey via an Asatru ceremony.  Kelly had this to say about her experience with our Iceland Wedding Planner team on Wedding Wire:

“Because of Ann I have wedding photos that are magazine worthy. I kid you not.. they are jaw dropping. Aside from the amazing photos Ann gets access to all the best locations like the private beach we exchanged our vows on that morning. She even packed us a picnic style lunch that we ate in a cave…i’m not kidding!! Everything I asked for she delivered on for my husband and I.

There really is no need to look any further for a wedding planner…If you are going to have a destination wedding in Iceland…this is your girl! We liked her so much that we are actually considering hiring her to do photos for an anniversary trip in another country where by the way she goes to many and has connections everywhere.”

#29- Elizabeth and Drew

The lakeside Iceland wedding of Elizabeth and Drew is swoonable!

#30- Alison and Dave

Holding a half day adventure wedding with the majority of the guests and then breaking away with a VIP group to embark to more exciting places via super jeep was ideal for Alison and Dave!

#31- Jay and Rebecca

February is the perfect month for snowy ice cave wedding ceremonies!  Jay and Rebecca share their Google Review their adventurous elopement experience with us below:

“My husband and I can’t thank Ann enough for making our Iceland elopement everything we hoped it would be: a magical, romantic adventure! She didn’t miss a detail and thought of everything that we needed and wouldn’t have thought of on our own. She was in constant communication leading up to the big day, providing everything from guidance on legal paperwork to hidden secret sights for the rest of our trip. She and her team are the best. Of course, the photos are just spectacular!”

#32- Katie and Joe

Being married in front of a dynamic ice cave glacier area will leave you speechless!  In 2016, Katie and Joe did and just that and were marveled by the Icelandic landscapes.  Surely their enigmatic elopement in Iceland will convince you to get married here!

#33- Josephine and Asad

You gotta be pretty tough to get married in Iceland during December…  Asad and Josephine’s sunrise trekking elopement may give you a courage!  If you’re still not somehow sold, then read through their Google Review below!

“Ann is amazing!! We live in the US and she helped coordinate our mid-December wedding in Iceland. From start to finish, Ann was responsive, knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and completely focused on making sure our day went smoothly. Not only did her schedule work out down to the *minute* and despite unpredictable Icelandic winter weather, but the photos were fantastic! She also got our photos to us within two weeks of our wedding, which has to be a record for a wedding photographer.

Her fee is super reasonable, and we definitely felt she was worth it. It is really nerve-wracking to hire a wedding planner in another country that you don’t meet until the day before the wedding, but Ann was so on top of everything, our wedding ended up being a stress-free and actually FUN process. She also used really great vendors, our super jeep guy Gudjon was wonderful, as were her hair and makeup stylists. Lastly, Ann went above and beyond to help us craft pre and post wedding itineraries.”

#34- Kim and Teresa

Oh la la if you want to meet a couple so full of positive energy and love, allow us to introduce you to Kim and Tee!   These two lovely ladies rocked their Iceland adventure wedding experience to the max and loved every single second!  Beginning their day by a private waterfall wedding ceremony, to canyons, black deserts, a cave and a dynamic glacier area they packed their day full of adventures!  Want to know more?  Read the ladies Google Review!

“Got married in South Iceland Aug 2019 with 19 guests & we’re a couple from Australia. I wanted something different & unique (don’t we all) and Iceland was the dream! I thought to myself… how am I going to organised a wedding from the otherside of the world?! Then I found this place! Well I found Ann! She is SUPER organised and layed out all our options in a simple excel, with links, pictures, references, maps! Everything a detailed-oriented person like me could ask for. She couldn’t have made it easier for us. I appreciated the little details like booking the accommodation for my guests and I without having to pay up front. She thinks of everything and lists it all out for you.

The drivers we had were great and told local folk tales along the way. These guys are locals and knows the locals and gets you into places you may not normally get access to. This was a great surprise for my guests. You can sit back and relax and let these guys plan the whole thing for you! They’ve thought of absolutely everything! You just need to pick and choose the things you want. So not only was the day planned perfectly, the photos… omg the photos. They still take my breath away and I’m still struggling to figure out which one to display around the house. It truly was the best day of our lives to date and was worth EVERY cent.”

#35- Kristin and Kurtis

Summer lovin’ brought these two to Iceland to get hitched!  The sun was endless and so were the smiles!  Relive their summer Iceland wedding adventure to see how awesome yours could be too!

#36- Stacey and Aaron

In the winter of 2017, Stacey and Aaron held our last elopement at Hotel Budir (we choose to no longer do business there).  Our team now only plans weddings via super jeeps to private places.  So if interested in this area, try our friends at IWAH.  Regardless though, their wedding adventure rocked and their kind words below reflect that too!

“Ann is not only a fantastic photographer but also an amazing wedding planner and daring adventurer. She will have you doing things on your wedding day that you didn’t think possible. She went above and beyond to ensure we ticked off the long list of cool places we wanted to visit on the day. Although the day was busy Ann still ensured we have time to ourselves. She also ensured we were comfy and happy at all times. We would highly recommend her and her awesome photography skills.”  –Read their full review on Google.

#37- Didi and Nick

Even if you’ve been to Iceland before you might find yourself obsessed still with the landscapes…. This is what happened to Didi and Nick!  They came to our team wanting a private day of adventure day of exploring Iceland.  I’d say we delivered based on their review on Google below!

“My husband and I went to Iceland on our first vacation and ended up getting engaged. We decided we had to go back and elope in such a beautiful and meaningful place. We did a search and of all the planners we found, Ann stood out the most. Her website was comprehensive and she did an artful job of showcasing her wedding/elopement photography. We changed our mind several times before we finally decided on a package and she was very accommodating and never made you feel rushed or like you were wasting her time.

The actual adventure elopement was better than any traditional “tour” you’d go on in Iceland. It was just my husband and me, Ann, and our awesome driver. We drove through rivers, up mountains, on the beach while jumping out at every location to take pictures. Touring the country while getting married was the best experience and I’m so glad Ann captured it all for us. When I look at my pictures to this day, it takes me back to each moment as if it happened yesterday. Choosing anyone else would not do that day the justice that Ann did it.”

#38- Matt and Elita

Lovers of hiking and the outdoors, Matt and Elita naturally gravitated to Iceland.  These two were married at Gígjökull ice cave area.  Since their wedding day in 2016, the cave has melted away.  Either way their hiking elopement will persuade you to elope in Iceland!

#39- Allison and Doug

Adore chasing waterfalls?  Allison and Doug’s July wedding in Iceland will seal the deal for you!

#40- Bojan and Caitlin

Contemplating not wearing traditional wedding attire?  Let Bojan and Caitlin’s Iceland adventure wedding experience inspire you!  She wore a red wedding dress and he wore white and black!

#41- Lucy and Dave

Care to have your friends and family witnessing your ceremony but want to be just the two of you for the rest of the day?  No shame in planning a half day adventure with the fam and then going elopement style after!  Lucy and Dave brilliantly did just this!

#42- Anja and Peter

Anja and Peter were married in the Icelandic highlands.  It was magical!  Read more about it from their Google review below!

“We are from Germany and love Iceland. So when we decided marry, we looked for some to support us and fortunately found Ann and her team! The organisation and the communication is always super professional. And they made such a magical and unforgettable day out of our wedding in July 2019! Thanks again to Ann, David and Pastor Egill for making our dream come true. We can’t stop looking at all the amazing pictures and relive that unique day.”

#43- Erin and Julian

Desire a wedding day full of romance?  We know Erin and Julian’s June elopement in Iceland will leave you in awe!

#44- Chelsea  and Travis

Intimate hiking weddings seem to be on the rise.  Chelsea and Travis were married on a private black beach and then embarked on a full day adventurous elopement!  They gushed about their wedding experience with us on Google below:

“We had the BEST experience with Ann from Iceland Wedding Planner! She was super organized, had many options to choose from or create your own with ideas from what she has. Everything was amazing, we had the best day of our lives and loved the company of Ann & our driver. The locations were INSANE and the pictures – speechless!”

#45- Heather and Dane

The luxury winter elopement of Heather and Dane still brings a huge smile to our faces!  It was oh-so dreamy!!  Here is what they had to say about their April elopement experience on Google:

“We are so happy that we decided to have our wedding with Ann & the Adventure Wedding Team! From the first email, to receiving our photos we could not fault them. Ann made it really easy for us by explaining how the day would go, knowing exactly what needed to be done before arriving in Iceland, and how much of an asset her and her team was to making our day perfect! We were nervous because we were travelling for a couple months before the day, and wanted to have no stress – and we got exactly what we wanted.

The day of was amazing, we had so much fun and got to see amazing locations and not be bothered by any other tourists being around. We loved our Super jeep guide, and also video team which was recommended by Ann. We couldn’t be happier with the photos, location, hotel, and everything that was done for us, we will definitely find something else to celebrate in the future so we can go on an Adventure day with Ann again!”

#46- Leanne and Patrick

These two were married in front of a private property waterfall headed deep into the Icelandic highlands with their guests.  Watch this space for their upcoming blog post to see their wedding in full glory!  In the meantime, checkout their Iceland wedding video!

#47- Sheena and Todd

Sheena and Todd held a traditional Norse wedding ceremony inside of a lava tube that was over 4,600 years old!

#48- Shirish and Angela

Blizzard or no blizzard our adventure weddings happen!  Please let Shirish and Angela’s wedding show you how beautiful a blizzard elopement in Iceland can be!

#49- Abbie and Derek

Years ago Abbie and Derek held an adventure elopement on our tiny island in the North Atlantic!  It was bliss!

#50- Rebecca and James

Fancy planning an Iceland wedding during the middle of June?  Rebecca and James and their guests enjoyed exploring lots of waterfalls and visiting a black sand beach!  Note- This was back when our team planned bus wedding adventures so our team no longer visits these locations but it will still inspire you!

#51- Anders and Chelsey

So much about these two and their September Iceland wedding day is jaw dropping!  Stay tuned soon for their adventure wedding with guests hitting our blog soon!  In the meantime, checkout their Google review of their journey with us below:

“We got married in September 2019 in Vik and it was incredible. Ann and her team were amazing from the very beginning of the planning process and helped make it the best day of our lives. Always quick to respond and always ready with a suggestion and a creative idea.

Ann’s passion is undeniable and the energy she brings is contagious. We went to the most amazing locations on our wedding day. And we have the most stunning photos to prove it! None of our guests have been able to stop talking about it ever since.  It really was a dream come true and we couldn’t have asked for a better wedding planning team.”

#52- Bec and Leo

Are you religious and want to be married in a church but want to still have an adventure elopement day with gorgeous Iceland wedding photos?  You’re going to love Bec and Leo’s Úlfljótsvatn Church wedding adventure then!

#53- Jessica and Robert

Vik Iceland is a fast growing and gorgeous area to plan a wedding or elopement.  Likely why Jessica and Robert chose to have a Vik Iceland elopement that was full of stunning locations!

#54- Zach and Casey

Mountain top wedding ceremonies are a favorite!  And Zach and Casey had a gorgeous one followed by a day packed with exploring other amazing locations!!  Zach’s Google review below of our Iceland Wedding Planner team surely shows it too!

“Iceland Wedding Planner is the way to go when considering a wedding in Iceland. My wife and I have been talking to Ann since 2017 when we first contacted her. We then got married in October of 2018. Along the way Ann took care of pretty much everything. She is very organized and made sure we knew exactly what we were getting into from a financial and experience standpoint. She took care of the most intimidating part, the paperwork for getting married in Iceland (we live in the US). During the planning phase she made sure we would hit all the locations we wanted to and gave us a lot of options. As for the wedding day itself, there is no experience that can compare.

Let me tell you about our day. We got up nice and early to get ready then drive to our destination. Once there we hiked up a mountain. There we got married on the mountain side. After that we drove around all day making many stops at amazing locations. Often hiking 10-30 minutes to get to the ideal location. Props to my wife for doing all of this in a wedding dress. After dinner Ann took us out into the cold night to get some amazing Northern Lights pictures.”

#55- Yong and Zosia

Picking your Iceland wedding location is an exciting time in your planning process!  For Yong and Zosia they loved the idea of experiencing private waterfalls, glaciers, ice caves, cliffs, canyons, and glacier river caves!  Really making a day of it exploring during their adventure wedding in Iceland!

#56- Jodi and Patrick

In early 2017, Jodi and Patrick held a jaw-dropping elopement in Iceland.  Unfortunately we do not think our words can do the day justice, so we will share with you what they said about it on Google!

“Ann is absolutely the very best!! We were so fortunate to find her to be our wedding planner and photographer. We knew we wanted to elope to Iceland and get married but had never been to Iceland and had no particulars in mind. As soon as we saw Ann’s website and her idea to have your wedding be an adventure wedding in Iceland, we were sold! And she was fabulous!

From the moment we had our first Skype session with her, through the planning phase, the days before the wedding day, the UNBELIEVABLE & AMAZING WEDDING DAY, to our honeymoon in Iceland which she planned for us; she was there to answer any and all questions and give us a unique beautiful meaningful adventurous wedding day that we will never ever forget. And her photos are absolutely STUNNING! We cannot give Ann enough kudos so if you are thinking of getting married in Iceland and you want a unique experience then we highly recommend Ann and Iceland Wedding Planner.”

#57- Elyse and Jeff

This past August, Elyse and Jeff traveled from Canada to Iceland with their most favorite folks.  From being married at a highland waterfall to driving through canyons they EXPLORED and adventured together, it was THE BEST DAY!  Elyse and Jeff thought so too by the sounds of their Google review of our IWP team below!

“If you’re debating – just say YES! Ann is the most organized and concise person I have ever conversed with via email. You will not regret this decision!! I am also the vacation planner among our friends and family, and she made planning and choosing all the details a breeze. She lays out everything in an easy to choose format with pictures and videos so your comfortable with what your choosing from around the world.. and there are no surprises (extra expenses) along the way – unless you want surprises…. she’s upfront and to the point in every way possible.

If you want surprises, she can do that too! We let her choose some of our locations and it was wonderful. All of the pictures she takes are breathtaking. She is uber prepared for all circumstances and has great tips for making it extra special for your guests.

She has a reliable crew and they are all dedicated to making the most of your day for you! Her teams email response time is so fast for any question that pops into your mind. They are always polite and positive and never makes you feel like you shouldn’t be asking whatever question you have – even if they have already answered it lol.

Would recommend Ann and her team again and again. The stream of compliments we have received about our wedding photos has not stopped coming and it’s been almost 6 months – people are dying to tell you how wonderful it looked!! We even brought our 9 month old and 2 year old along and she totally rolled with it …. overall, we could not have asked for a better experience – so if your trying to decide if it will be worth it to hire these wonderful people, I have no doubt the answer is yes!! Take a chance and let the adventure begin!!”

#58- Lana and Jason

Wild and adventurous at heart Lana and Jason came to Iceland wanting to experience it all!  Bring on the waterfall wedding, epic mountains, ice caves, 360 glacier views, mountain tops, and black beaches with a side of champagne!  It was a day to remember, that’s for sure!  Relive their adventure through their wedding video as well.

#59- Larry and Krystal

Most daring couples expect to have rain on their wedding day and embrace it as part of their story.  Larry and Krystal were super adventurous throughout their 12+ hour experience driven wedding in Iceland.  Stay tuned to our blog to see their wedding be featured soon!

#60- Michaela and Caleb

One elopement our team would love to keep hitting the rewind button on is Michaela and Caleb’s August Boho Elopement!  Also check out their adventure through their Iceland wedding film by our favorite team, Veiled in Motion!  Really sure, we have watched it at least 50 times 😉  The newlyweds left this awesome Google review for our team:

“Our wedding in Iceland was a dream, all thanks to Ann and her team!  We are still in awe of our experience and are so glad we decided to have professionals handle the details so we could sit back and enjoy our wedding and honeymoon.

I truly wanted to have minimal stress during the wedding planning process…and Ann gave us that and then some! Really, just do it! The whole experience was well worth it.

Thank you IWP!”

#61- Allison and Jonah

Jonah and Allison held a private Iceland wedding day full of waterfalls, caves, canyons, and cliffs! Hear what these two thought about their expedition with us on their Google review below:

“If you are even considering going to Iceland to get married, go ahead and book with Ann and her team!! The entire process was so well planned and stress free on our side. If there were any hiccups on the wedding day, we were not aware. It truly was magical. The locations we went to were 100% secret, remote, and tourist-free. We loved all the other services that Ann helped book for us (hotel, dinner, hair, etc…) and would want to go back to Iceland to book another tour with our super jeep driver!”

#62- Jennissa and Ryan

If you like waterfalls and romance, then allow Jennissa and Ryan’s June wedding encourage you to plan your own epic adventure!

#63- Ryan and Megan

Megan and Ryan held an ethereal elopement adventure that will have you booking a plane ticket here ASAP!

#64- Vince and Melissa

A couple from California brought over 80 people to be witness to their canyon wedding ceremony in Iceland.  Following they ventured to an offbeat glacier lagoon, a waterfall, and spent dusk on a black beach!  Ending the evening by having a private wedding reception in Vik too, it was lovely!

#65- Caitlyn and Scott

Ever think about having a yellow wedding dress in Iceland?  Caitlyn was bold enough to do it for her winter elopement!  In the South of Iceland having snow during winter can be a 50/50 chance.  Although no snow, Caitlyn’s dress sparkled at every dynamic landscape they discovered!

#66- Chelsey and Alex

A couple who adventured for more than 18 hours with their guests was Chelsey and Alex.  Not only did they have a wedding beside a private property waterfall, but they treated their guests to a traditional Icelandic lunch in a cave and viewed the landscape from the top of a mountain!  But that’s not all… They delighted in a 4 course wedding menu and surprised their guests with renting the Secret Lagoon privately!!

#67- Corey and Zac

Most folks believe Iceland feels like another planet.  Exactly why Corey ad Zach chose to have an out of this world wedding adventure!

#68- Jill and Kenny

One of the coolest things about our couples is that they don’t follow rules!  To illustrate, Jill and Kenny held an ice cave wedding and only wore their wedding attire for half the day and for the other half they wore Icelandic sweaters.  Your day, be comfortable!!  Truly a stunning day from start to finish!  Jill had these fabulous words to share on a recent Wedding Wire review:

“Ann and her team are awesome! Always quick to answer questions and so patient. Ann had every detailed planned out, so there was no stress on us. We were able to enjoy our special day! It was a true adventure from our first Skype meeting to the final shot under the Northern Lights. Ann’s work is amazing, you won’t be disappointed! Such a fantastic experience – you’ll want to get married over and over again!”

#69- Coral and Scott

Having a day together where they explored the highlands together was ideal for Coral and Scott.  You’ll find their free-flowing elopement hitting our blog in the net few weeks, so look forward to that!  Seriously is the photo below from Iceland or the Himalayas?!

#70- Brandi and Zach

Like the idea of keeping your wedding very earthy and organic?  Look for inspiration from Brandi and Zach’s organic Iceland adventure wedding experience!

#71- Denis and Dervilla

Irish sweethearts came to Iceland on a cruise ship and we planned and photographed a half day adventurous elopement for them!  Look at how sweet the elopement day was!

#72- Jasmon and Yi Ling

Coming from Singapore, Jasmon and Yi Ling were super excited to be married in front of a hidden waterfall in Iceland!  They left these thoughts on a Google review about Iceland and their elopement:

“We engaged Ann to plan and photograph our elopement in Iceland. She provided many options for the locations and guidance of the documents required to register our marriage in Iceland. She even helped us with our itinerary for the rest of our trip. We had the craziest day of our lives and it was only possible because of Ann and the energy she brings with her.

We love the secret waterfall (her idea) where we registered our marriage and although the weather turned rainy in the middle, Ann was able to change locations, always asking if we’re doing ok and running by us the options we have for the rest of the day. The day felt just right, neither too long nor too short, making us felt accomplished. Even after the actual day, she continues to follow up on our documents to make sure we received them back home. Absolutely glad we gone with Ann for our elopement.”

#73- Shira and Matan

Planning a Jewish wedding in Iceland was tougher in 2010-2015 than it is today.  Why?  Because there was not a huge or strong community, a Rabbi, places able to prepare kosher meals, a synagogue to worship, or a mikveh.  New Yorker’s Shira and Matan came to our Iceland Wedding Planner our team in 2013 wanting to plan an outdoor Jewish wedding ceremony at a private waterfall.  Our team was up to the challenge and learned so many amazing things along the way!

They were married in July of 2015 and it was a gorgeous rainy super fun day!  Fair to say we became Jewish wedding in Iceland experts afterwards and even now.  So if you dream of saying your vows under a chuppah in Iceland, please delight in Shira and Matan’s Jewish wedding in Iceland at a secret waterfall to see some possibilities!

#74- Tim and Antonia

In Spring of 2016, one of the coolest couples from the east coast got married in Iceland!  Married on a mountain top, Tim and Antonia had a stunning morning and a day action packed of discovering!  You’ll find their full review of their Iceland adventure wedding experience with us below and on The Knot!!

“Given the type of work Ann Peters does, it seems appropriate to deliver this review in the form of a wedding toast: Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests. What can I say about wedding planner and photographer extraordinaire, Ann Peters?

Well, the first thing that comes to mind is professionalism. At every step along the way of our year and a half of planning a destination wedding to Iceland, Ann was responsive, confidence-instilling, and instrumental in making our day special. There is no way that my fiancée and I would have felt comfortable pulling off a wedding in a foreign country without help, and Ann was the perfect planner. She took all of the hassle out of wedding planning and that says a lot!

She got to know us through email and skype calls and right away understood the tone and approach that we wanted to take. She always responded to our emails quickly and with a wealth of useful information. At no time in the process did we ever feel “lost” or unsure of what was going on. My fiancée and I joked that we liked Ann so much it almost felt like we were hiring someone to be our friend!

Ann’s services were invaluable and her prices were more than fair. For the amount of work that she put into the event (not to mention the planning and advice for the trip surrounding the event) I would have gladly paid her above and beyond her fee, and that doesn’t even take into account the pictures that she took! Her photos are impeccable, epic, dramatic, amazing! I can’t say enough about the quality of her work and the locations she scouted.

These are not the kind of pictures that you will bring back from a normal tour of Iceland. These are jaw-dropping, one-of-a-kind shots that you can only get with someone who knows the area and can scout out these secret spots. I could go on and on about Ann, about her rock-star personality, her supernatural ability to bound effortlessly through the terrain like a mountain goat, how she made a day so memorable that my fiancée and I joked that we should get divorced just so we could hire Ann again to plan another wedding – but I’ll leave it with this final point.

When we got the pictures back and relived our day viewing them with our parents, my mother started to tear up like she was right back on that beautiful mountain that Ann found for us. Thank you Ann, you do not disappoint. Raise a glass to Ann.”

#75- Luisa and Marek

Rain on your wedding day is looked at as super good luck!  Even over 4 years later, we look back at Luisa and Marek’s intimate rainy elopement in Iceland as such a memorable day full of smiles!

#76- Britt and James

We still giggle at thinking back to Britt and James’ Iceland glacier elopement.  Maybe because Britt is the only bride brave enough to ask for Princess Bride dialogue into her ceremony to surprise her husband to be!  Not only that but she was dying to hike on a glacier in her wedding dress and crampons!  Soooooo badass!!  The groom had these amazing words to say about their wedding expedition with us, from Wedding Wire:

“My wife and I contacted Ann to plan our trip and ceremony in Iceland, and from the first few emails and video calls, we knew we were going to be very well taken care of. Ann made choosing our options and compiling an itinerary very approachable, which was made possible by her own (apparently limitless) energy and the great relationships she’s cultivated with other folks across Iceland.

As a result, we had an amazing experience – our hotel was lovely and the preparation was scheduled; we were conveyed around the southern coast by an incredible pair of 4×4 off-road drivers; the ceremony was in a gorgeous, secret waterfall location; and Ann even enabled my wife to conspire with friendly Pastor to start off the ceremony with the blessing from wedding scene from the movie “The Princess Bride.” (This is 100% true. I did not see it coming and we could not stop laughing. There IS video. It was the best.)

We had lunch in an ice cave and my wife got to climb a glacier in a wedding dress. We drove to the coast and had a cliffside photo session, and then drove down to the beach at the bottom of the same cliff for more amazing sights. And the whole time, Ann was offering encouragement and helpful advice, was taking amazing photos, and never stopped making us feel welcomed, catered to, and invigorated.

We are so pleased to have worked with Ann and absolutely recommend her for arranging your wedding in Iceland.”

#77- Angela and Richard

Way back in 2010 to early 2015, we were still offering weddings in the North of Iceland.  Angela and Richard held a stunning elopement at Godafoss Waterfall.  If you find yourself interested in planning a wedding in the North of Iceland, try our friends at IWAH.

#78- Amanda and Chad

Seeking a crazy romantic, wildly fun adventurous day with the one you love?  Maybe it is spent with a few friends or parents or taking a hike together, you decide!  Likely you’ll find Amanda and Chad’s inspiring elopement in Vik one to get excited over!!

#79- Kathleen and Drew

Choosing to wed at a waterfall in Iceland then exploring through a dynamic glacier area, cliffs, canyons, and beaches is a thrilling decision!  Follow in Katheleen and Drew’s footsteps and see how to rock out a tiny luxe wedding in Iceland!

#80- Kathryn and Pryium

When couples come to us seeking a last minute elopement, we try our best to accommodate.  In early 2016, we planned an elopement in less than 8 weeks with a couple named Kathryn and Pryium.  And oh what a day they shared!!  Hear more about their experience with us on the brides Google review below.

“My husband and I became engaged on 6 February 2016 and due to his next work posting needed to get married that Easter. We both knew we wanted to elope and as neither of us are ‘beach’ people and we’d previously had a wonderful holiday in Iceland in 2011 we decided on Iceland. It was then a matter of how on earth we went about arranging this in just 8 weeks! The answer was Ann! I contacted her and was blown away with her enthusiasm, but more importantly her organisational skills (as a control freak myself I felt perfectly comfortable in her very capable hands).

Ann and her team go above and beyond to ensure that each couple has a unique and very personal wedding day. Indeed on our wedding day we explored a brand new waterfall. Ann and her team’s relationships with local landowners means that she gets access to locations others will not.

I’d also add that her client care goes above and beyond – the day before our wedding I somehow managed to leave my handbag (complete with camera and passport!) at the registry office (40 miles away from our hotel), Ann came to the rescue and organised for one of the hotel staff travelling from Reykjavik to pick my bag up en route and I had it back by the next morning.

Ann will literally do anything to make sure your day runs smoothly! I cannot recommend her highly enough and that’s before I’ve even said how absolutely amazing the photos are – we are thrilled with them and friends and family are astounded, we are frequently told they are the best wedding photos anyone has ever seen. My recommendation – if you’re eloping to Iceland, book with Ann!”

#81- Sean and Sarah

Over 5 years ago, Sarah and Sean were married in Iceland in a very grand way!  Their cave wedding ceremony will change your mind on having any typical wedding venue!

#82- Ashley and David

David and Ashley held such a crazy awesome ice cave elopement were rockstars battling the extreme weather conditions Iceland threw at them!  Take the time to checkout their honest Google review of our Iceland Wedding Planner team below:

“Ann and her team went above and beyond to give us the most epic wedding day. We were initially bummed that some of our locations were compromised due to insane but typical Iceland spring weather (50+ km/h winds, snow, sleet, and rain). Ann’s positive attitude and flexibility got us through it and we couldn’t be happier with the results. She really will do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot and is very professional and prompt with her communication during the pre-planning, wedding day, and post wedding stages.”

#83- Biheng and Mark

Looking back to 2017, we remember one of our favorite hiking weddings.  Biheng and Mark shared a really freaking beautiful elopement day together adventuring the way they love to travel.  Therefore, we think it’s likely best we let them tell you about their magical day and journey with us below!

Mark’s Google Review of our IWP team:

“Our wedding was the most magical and fun day imaginable and provided us with unforgettable memories of a beautiful ceremony on a mountainside in the misty rain, followed by exploring some of the most beautiful places in Iceland – stunning waterfalls, vast and intimate canyons and rugged beaches of black pebbles.

Ann and the Iceland Wedding Planner team don’t offer a formulaic experience. She provided options for itineraries and information and images of various destinations and from this we chose where we wanted to visit and created our own tailored experience. Ann also provided options for the wedding details (celebrant, hairdresser, flowers and wedding cake) so we could create exactly the feel we wanted.

Ann just doesn’t bring creative flair to the wedding. She is the consummate professional who manages all of the administrative issues and scheduling with detail and precision. We had a few issues in getting some of the paperwork required by the Icelandic authorities but Ann helped manage this process to ensure there were no unexpected issues.

As a result, every part of the day was meticulously planned by Ann so all we needed to do was enjoy every moment. On our wedding day Ann exuded warmth and made everything fun and enjoyable. She also chooses her service providers to ensure they provide the same combination of friendliness and assurance that everything would go smoothly.

Ann’s photos are just extraordinarily beautiful and perfectly capture the magic of the day. Ann is a very accomplished photographer and has the ability to craft amazing images using the light and the natural landscapes. We now have several pictures hanging on the wall and they stand alone as works of art – with the added benefit of constantly reminding us of our wonderful wedding day.

So, if you are considering an adventure wedding in Iceland, don’t consider anyone else. Ann and the Iceland Wedding Planner team will provide you with the best experience.”

#84- Emily and Jory

With a touch of whimsy and magic, Emily ad Jory embarked on a glorious cliff side elopement in Iceland!  You’ll find a little more insight into their day and experience with us in their review from Wedding Wire:

“My husband and I used Iceland Wedding Planners for our wedding last year, and we cannot say enough good things about Ann and her team! From planning all of the logistics ahead of time to the day of the wedding, Ann made sure everything went just the way we hoped it would without any stress.

We thought getting married in Iceland would be amazing, but Ann made it even better than we could’ve imagined. And her pictures were stunning. They captured the beauty of Iceland, tender moments, and laughter. They were everything we hoped for. We can not recommend her enough!”

#85- Trishia and Chris

Are you convinced yet to run away to Iceland to elope?  If not yet, we dare you to check out Trishia and Chris’ ice cave elopement from many years ago!  It comes with a dreamy view!

#86- Katy and David

Not many people find their way into the Icelandic highlands because conditions can be unruly, harsh, and super unpredictable.  Truly it is important to have experience on your side in having landscape / road knowledge, a seasoned local with you who knows the area, appropriate gear, and a capable super jeep to get you there.

So when our team planned and executed Katy and  David’s badass elopement in the Icelandic Highlands, they knew they were in capable hands!  After all, if we hadn’t, would they have left such a lovely 5 star review on Google for our Iceland Wedding Planner team?!

“Ann is a great wedding planner and she helped us have a wonderful wedding. From our first contact with her, Ann was super helpful and excited, and always available to answer any questions or concerns we had (either by email or Skype). She helped us design an adventure elopement that suited us and that we loved, taking us to secret locations that were stunning.

We had a wonderful day that we will remember for the rest of our lives. To top it all off, the photos that we received from the day are gorgeous. Our families were blown away by them and the preview slideshow was a nice touch.”

#87- Laura and Olly

Full of mystery and 360 dazzling views, the Reykjanes Peninsula was the perfect place for Laura and Olly’s September elopement in Iceland!  Before you run away to checkout their gorgeous day, read below the review Laura left on Google for our team.

“We used Ann and her team to plan an elopement and it was the best decision we ever made. From the first contact she was professional, responsive, understanding (particularly of the late night panic emails) and super knowledgeable about the whole process. She made the legal marriage bits easy to navigate, and the planning fun.

Our wedding itself ran like clockwork, nothing was stressful or felt rushed, everything just seemed to flow from one part to the next. We barely saw another person all day which was just what we were after and the places she took us to were gorgeous. The local knowledge of the area was great and at times it felt a bit like we were getting our own private tour of Iceland.

She also looked after all the small details which we hadn’t thought of, and just made things extra special.

The photos we got afterwards were stunning, and delivered really quickly (with a couple of cheeky previews before that to keep friends and family happy in the meantime). Overall we had the best day, and it was thanks to Ann and her team, and we would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to get married in Iceland, and wants to have an experience off the beaten track which they will remember forever.”

#88- Camilla and Anders

Searching for a wild elopement in an ice cave?  Iceland is the ideal place to fulfill that wish!  Just ask Camilla and Anders!  They would absolutely agree and we would love for you to read their 5 star review they left on The Knot

“If you want the most amazing wedding pictures and an adventurous wedding use Ann and her team. My husband and I are thrilled and we got not only the wedding we wished for but all the most amazing wedding-pics.”

#89- Heather and Mike

Heather and Mike bounced around during their September elopement in Iceland full of so many laughs, smiles, and love pouring out of them!  They were carefree and savoring every single second that was happening!  From being married at a private property waterfall to hiking through a canyon, caves and deserts, and ending the day on a delightful black beach!

#90- Brooke and Chris

Very sure Brooke and Chris experienced every single season during the May elopement in Iceland!  Seriously, it went from rain to sleet to ful on snow and sunshine all during their lakeside wedding ceremony!  They even ended the day in the lap of luxury with a styled reception table for two!!  Allow their elopement to inspire you to craft your own…

91- Alli and Mike

Perhaps you and your love are thinking about bringing 25 of your favorite people to be alongside you during your Iceland adventure wedding experience?  Then don’t miss Alli and Mike’s small wedding in a natural cave!

92- Lily and Ray

Want to have bits of luxury ring through during your adventure wedding?  Likely you’ll leave inspired after viewing Lily and Ray’s luxury wedding in Iceland!

#93- Sam and Mel

Planning an April wedding in Iceland can be hit of miss with the weather.  But Sam and Mel plus their guests were up to the challenge!  Oodles of fun was had and pretty sure people almost peed their pants from laughing so hard!!  As it may be, maybe their goofy fun loving sweet day will inspire you…

94- Crystal and Sam

Coming to Iceland in the fall is in itself inspiring.  Next then you add in having a wedding during it too, it’s utter bliss!  Check out Crystal and Sam’s journey with us from their Google review below:

“Ann is incredible. She made planning a destination wedding from abroad a breeze. Everyone said weddings are so complicated and stressful (even more so when they are a destination wedding!), but with Ann we never worried. Beyond the planning, our pictures were stunningly breath taking. I really can’t say enough to glow about our experience and highly recommend her. Actually, it is a bit early but we would to do our vow renewal with her too, in a few years ;).”

#95- Paul and Marc

These two Scottish gents are forever imprinted on our hearts, even years later!  In early 2014, we began planning with Paul and Marc an epic adventure style wedding for February 2015.  They were the FIRST foreigners to hold a wedding ceremony inside Hjörleifshöfði  cave.  Our team transformed the cave into an unforgettable wedding venue that grows in popularity every day.

NOTE: This cave is 100% on private property and REQUIRES in advance permission from the landowner.  See more information on that topic HERE.

#96- Bethany and Richard

2014 brought Bethany and Richard our way!  They held a super sweet wedding at a glacier lagoon for their Iceland adventure wedding experience!  This was back when our team still bent our rules and went to tourist locations, because they weren’t anywhere as busy as they are today!  Without further delay, read the words from Bethany directly from a 5-star review on Wedding Wire:

“Oh my goodness! There is absolutely no way we could have had the wedding that we did without Ann! In October we decided that wanted to get married in Iceland and due to schedule issues we had six months and no real idea how to coordinate an overseas wedding. After looking into looked into a few travel agencies and contacting some hotels directly to start planning, we found Ann. The first Skype session pretty much sealed it for us.

We chose Iceland because of its unbelievable natural beauty and we wanted to spend as much time in it as possible. Ann created seven different full-day, multi-location outdoor adventures, and when we came back and said we really couldn’t decide between a locations from two different plans, she made an eighth one to suit. Her thoroughness and attentiveness to detail not only made the wedding day itself run smoothly (and according to a packed schedule!), but it took out a ton of the stress.

Ann was prompt with responses, conscious of our budget, organized (hooray for putting everything into a single multi-tab excel file!!), confident and always upbeat. She was on top of the booking and arrangements for the hotel, reception décor and menus, flowers, celebrant, a bus for the fourteen of us, and a darling mini kransekaka wedding cake. She also went beyond the wedding day itself – working with us to plan, and then also photographing, a traditional tea ceremony and family dinner the night before. We could not have been more pleased with our experience! Thank you thank you thank you Ann!!!

And the photos? A picture is worth a thousand words right? So check them out for yourself!”

#97-  Tiffany and Brian

In 2012, Tiffany and Brian began their planning adventures with us for their 2014 wedding in Iceland.  Planning with them for over 24 months and with bringing well over 35 guests, it’s fair to say we got to know them well!  Put simply, their October Iceland wedding was one of our early favorites.  Direct from them is their 5-star review from Wedding Wire below:

“My (now) husband and I knew we wanted to get married in Iceland, but we also knew we did not want all of the stress that comes along with planning a destination wedding…After an internet search we found Ann’s webpage and from our first Skype session with her we knew she would be perfect for planning and photographing our Icelandic wedding!

Communication with Ann was top-notch throughout the entire planning process. She is detail-oriented, organized and kept everything running smoothly. She and her amazing assistant Beth were everything we needed them to be (and more) on our actual wedding day! They kept the excitement and energy alive, all the while keeping everyone organized.

Needless to say our photographs were breathtaking.I have received so many compliments that my husband and I have the best wedding pictures that they have ever seen. Because Ann has traveled to and explored Iceland so many times, she knew exactly which locations and areas would be the best to photograph us and took us to many epic spots off the beaten path.

If I could go back and do it all over again, I wouldn’t…because I could never ask for anything to even come close to the amazing job that Ann did. We are so happy we had her as our incredible planner and photographer! We highly recommend her :)”

#98- Marlene and Alan

Would you and your lover want to wake up all alone in a lighthouse in Iceland on the morning of your elopement?  Kinda sounds like a scene out of a Hallmark movie, right?  Believe it or not, that is just what happened the morning of Marlene and Alan’s 2016 Iceland elopement adventure!  The groom Alan, boasts kind words on a Google review of our IWP team below!

“We wanted our wedding to not just be about the ceremony, but an overall experience in a place that we really wanted to go. Iceland was that place, and Ann was the person to make it happen. No request was too big or too small for Ann. From helping to customize our ceremony in a distant place, to finding a lighthouse for our wedding night. It was an experience that we will never forget.”

#99- Crystal and Devin

Who gets married at a black glacier?!  Two adventurous folks from Florida that’s who!!  Crystal and Devin allowed our team to select most of their locations which meant they were the FIRST at several of them!  As a matter of fact, still to this day they are one of the only people who have been to one of the waterfalls they ventured too!

#100- Chris and Jenna

Rounding out our final 100th couple for now, is Chris and Jenna who held an enchanting July wedding in Iceland.  Although it was full of rain it also had an endless amount of FUN too!!

#101- Kim and Chris

Finishing at 100 couples just didn’t feel quote right…  So BONUS for you!!  Here is Kim and Chris from 2014 to round out our fabulous list of couples who will convince you to have an Iceland wedding adventure experience!  Note: This was the very last year our team held wedding ceremonies in tourist locations.  Kim and Chris were married on Reynisfjara black sand beach back before it was crazy touristy (the rush came in 2015)!  Chris and Kim left this glowing review on Wedding Wire for our Iceland Wedding Planner team:

“What an AMAZING photographer/wedding planner Miss Ann is. . . AMAZING! She is extremely organized which relieved any anxiety one might have about planning a destination wedding. She kept me well within our budget. In fact, everything turned out more fabulous than I could have imagined. She often sent me reminders about paperwork for licensing over seas, which I had no clue about.

The day of our wedding we had epic blue skies (which I am somewhat certain Miss Ann has something to do with) and each place she stopped to take photos was more beautiful than the last. She has absolutely no fear, and will climb on a roof or hang out a moving car window in order to catch the perfect shot.

Any/Everyone wants to get married should absolutely contact her if you want your day to be as magical as you have always dreamed.”

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