Whimsical Cliffside Elopement in Iceland

Elopements are powerful.  There are few things better in the world than running away to a new country to explore together and professing your unconditional love for each other.  Adventuring up a mountain to say your vows in front of no one else but wild nature.  …well and maybe your Iceland wedding photography and video team in tow forever documenting it too 😉  One way to get married is having a whimsical cliffside elopement in Iceland!

The Beginning of Emily and Jory’s Love Story:

Emily and Jory, both hailing from Midwest America, met in 2011 in law school.  They new each other for 3 years before they started dating getting that friendship foundation firm and law degrees under their belts!  The love of backpacking, rock climbing, reading, hiking, and exploring endlessly transitioned their friendship to a love story.  Hiking across the Northern Cascades to gallivanting around Paris, these two value travel and the great outdoors too!

On their third year wedding anniversary, Jory proposed under a sky filled with fireworks!  Uber romantic and memorable!!  It was only natural that when they began discussing where they would elope, that one of their shinning bucket list locations would surface… Iceland!  Since neither one of them had a desire to hold a local or traditional wedding, they felt having an adventure wedding was more their style.

Emily and Jory’s ideal elopement in Iceland was holding a private ceremony where they would speak their personal vows to each other.  Then spend the day exploring unique landscapes far away from people.  Being one with nature and sharing in the experience together was also a priority.  After crafting six amazing hour by hour options throughout several regions of Iceland, these two fell in love with the area mountain areas around Hotel Grimsborgir.  It would be there they would base themselves for their cliffside elopement Iceland!  Come along with us to relive their whimsical adventure wedding!

Hotel Grimsborgir Elopement:

The beginning of Jory and Emily’s whimsical cliffside elopement was on a lovely August morning at Hotel Grimsborgir.  This fabulous hotel is one of our favorites and in our opinion one of the only luxury accommodations that meet a 5 star level that our American clients expect.  The morning started with our Iceland wedding photographer and hair stylist coming to Emily and Jory’s suite around 5am.  Early start so we can action pack such a gorgeous adventurous day!

As Emily had her hair styled, Jory etched his vows into their keepsake journal for the trip.  Emily’s lovely Iceland wedding bouquet arrived and it beautiful!  Lots of greenery and white flowers as a focus and had an overall very boho-chic inspired.  In fact, all of Emily’s gorgeous Iceland wedding details were very boho free feeling.

Having two Iceland wedding dresses is always a good idea, especially if you want a dry dress at the end of the day for dinner.  Emily had one adventure wedding dress and then a reception dress that was made of lace and more romantic looking.  Jory had some very dapper groom details as he prepared for their Iceland cliffside elopement too!

Shortly before Emily got into her Iceland wedding dress, she had a quite moment to herself to read a letter her mum had written to her.  Jory watched from across the room, admiring her.  Our Iceland wedding video team (check out the super talented Happy Together Films) super jeep team arrived just before Emily slipped into her dress and met Jory outside their suite for a first look!

Once they saw, ohh’d and awed over each other and hugged they grabbed their “go bags” and loaded into the super jeep for the day!  The excitement in the jeep was high and the scenery was oh-so beautiful along the way!

Cliffside Elopement Wedding Ceremony:

Holding a cliffside elopement ceremony is inspiring on so many levels.  From the moment they left the super jeep, they walked hand in hand and selected their ceremony spot atop of a cliff (from our Iceland wedding planners teams recommendations).  These two were beaming with joy.  Our favorite Pastor, Egill performed their Iceland wedding ceremony overlooking some gorgeous rock formations.  Emily and Jory spoke their personal vows to each other, exchanged childhood photos, rings, and hopes for the future together.  All involved were left endlessly inspired!

Lakeside Elopement Iceland Wedding Photos:

Following Emily and Jory’s cliffside elopement in Iceland, they embarked on exploration with their Iceland wedding photographer and husband and wife video team, Happy Together Films!  Towards the end of their time spent lakeside, it began to sleet (rain / snow combo)!  Sleet… in August!  Iceland is the land of the most unpredictable weather conditions, seriously!  Don’t worry, the weather just adds to the magic of the day, for sure!!

Golden Cliffs Adventure Wedding Photos:

Cliffs were a dynamic of Emily and Jory’s wedding day they were extremely excited about.  To be one with nature and have that “bird” like feeling truly connects you to the landscape.  They smiled, laughed and looked out to the endless views together hand in hand.

Private Black Beach Wedding Location in Iceland:

While the couple had lunch in route, our Iceland wedding planner super jeep team brought them to their next stunning location… A private black sand beach to explore!  They adventured around together a bit but then Jory decided to hike out to the slippery rocks right up to the water for a better look.  Super sweet to see Emily admire him from afar in the meantime.  It’s fair to say they thoroughly enjoyed their time there together!

Cliffside Waterfall Elopement:

Staying with our cliffside elopement theme, we head back into a private property area where there is a secret waterfall among a unique set of cliffs.  It also happens to be an Iceland wedding location which requires our photo and video teams to be on a harness and rope system tethered to the super jeep so they can hang off the cliff to get that perfect angle!  …adding to the dynamic of the adventurous elopement, Id’ say!

Private Geothermal Area:

When you think about what type of Iceland wedding locations you want to explore on your special day, does a geothermal location come to mind?  It’s dreamy and super romantic kissing with steam all around you!  Rounding out location #5, this private geothermal area was perfect for Emily and Jory to delight in during their adventurous elopement!  After the short hike, they laid their eyes on the location and found sneaky sheep taking in warmth there too!!

Iceland Wedding Photo Location: Mountain Waterfall

The mountains in Iceland come in all shapes and sizes.  One of our favorite shaped mountains comes with a dynamic waterfall underneath it!  Jory and Emily marveled for minutes taking in its gorgeous beauty.  Which also gave our Iceland wedding photo team an opportunity to drone their cliffside elopement photos from a stunning angle!

Wedding Reception at Hotel Grimsborgir

At the end of their cliffside elopement adventure, Emily and Jory wished to share a delicious vegan meal together.  Our Iceland Wedding Planner team decided to surprise them and craft a gorgeous little luxury reception for two for them to delight within Hotel Grimsborgir’s restaurant space.

The theme of the design work was “Better Together,” because really aren’t we always better together? 😉  After they enjoyed their dinner our Iceland wedding photographer and video team grabbed them to take a few final images around Hotel Grimsborgir’s property to officially kick off the honeymoon!

Are you over the moon with Emily and Jory’s whimsical cliffside elopement in Iceland?  If so, feel free to contact us for more information on possibly crafting your very own adventure wedding in Iceland!

Adventurous Elopement Film:

Stay tuned to this spot to see Happy Together Films, amazing wedding feature from Emily and Jory’s adventurous elopement!

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