Unreal Iceland Elopement: Chris + Jemma

The North Atlantic Ocean is where the forces of nature converge.  Likely why Iceland is home to breathtaking landscapes, that look like a green screen backdrop. Our tiny island is a place where waterfalls, volcanos, towering glaciers, colorful mountains and beaches make you feel like you’re on another planet!  Love mixed with adventures, finds its perfect setting for an unreal Iceland elopement!  Join us as we dive into Chris and Jemma’s wild journey…

Jemma & Chris

Jemma and Chris are dairy farmers from the UK.  But they actually first met when they were 10 years old in elementary school.  Actually Jemma felt so strongly about Chris that she told her entire family that was the boy she was going to marry.  Unfortunately, Chris didn’t follow suit until they reconnected in their 20’s.  Fun fact, their story is featured in Business Insider not just once but TWICE check it out!  Likely because it was such an unreal Iceland elopement!!

The pair have really built an incredible life in the 15+ years they have been together.  However, each time they talked about getting married, they kept coming back to Iceland being the dream destination.  Mainly because they crave adventure, outdoors, and anything that challenges them.  Further, they really looked forward to getting dirty while exploring and enjoying bits of luxury.

Eloping in South Iceland

June 2nd 2023, began with some fog, sunshine in-between , light winds, and positive vibes.  After all it’s summer in Iceland!  Jemma got to work on her own hair and makeup while our Iceland Wedding Planner photographer documented all of the fabulous details like wedding dress, boots, and groom details.  Next, the roar of the super jeep pulling up signaled the group it was time to embark on the unreal Iceland elopement adventure!

June Ice Cave Wedding

For most people, planning an ice cave wedding in June is going to be a challenge.  Especially if you seek a natural one that is not manmade.  Why?  Because they are typically full of melt water and unstable due to the rise in temperatures.  However, our Iceland Wedding Planner takes time to scout, plan, devise safe accessibility, and have back up plans in place.  Jemma and Chris adored the idea of holding their unreal Iceland elopement ceremony inside of an ice cave.

Our Princess Ice Cave was the perfect backdrop!  After a hike, the group arrived the the opening of the cave and geared up.  To illustrate, ropes, helmets, micro-spikes, and at least knee high boots or waders were required for safe access.  The pair held an intimate ceremony where they exchanged rings, kissed, had an Icelandic blessing, and celebrated with drinking Icelandic moonshine from a Viking horn!

Unreal Iceland Elopement

After the ice cave wedding ceremony concluded it was time to explore with our Iceland elopement photographer!  The colors, textures tones, and views from this magnificent ice cave are insane!  The newlyweds really enjoyed exploring in and around the cave.  How special that this was their first time inside a glacier and it was on their wedding day?!

Chris and Jemma trekked through the glacier river together, stopped for hugs, kisses, and playful giggles along the way.  What a badass experience to share!  Following the unreal Iceland elopement cave experience they loaded back in the super jeep for more dusty adventures riverside on the way out from the glacier area.  Side Note: Do you recognize this iconic mountain?  This picturesque mountain has been in many Hollywood films like Star Wars Rogue One!

Waterfall Luxury Picnic

Next on the unreal Iceland elopement itinerary was a remote waterfall.  Here Jemma and Chris delighted in a luxury picnic with all the pretty little things!  After all who doesn’t love a bottle of champagne and delicious treats on a sunny afternoon?!

Meanwhile, some exploring around the waterfalls and nearby cliffs also of course happened too!  Such a beautiful Iceland wedding location!

Iceland Elopement Photographer

Part of having an unreal Iceland elopement is experiencing different types of landscapes.  For example, the majority of the couples who hire our team are looking for a “best of” feel where they walk away feeling like they experienced the pure side of Iceland.  Our Iceland elopement photographer captured the two exploring a hidden narrow canyon that is completely off the grid!

Wedding Photos on Black Sand Beach

The private property side of Dyrholaey Sea Arch was next on the unreal Iceland elopement schedule.  And wow-wee this beach is stunning no matter the season or time of day!  Chris and Jemma were blown away by how incredible this natural wonder is and that they had the opportunity to venture on it privately!

Decorated Dinner for Two

Even though the sun was still high in the sky, it was now evening time.  Which means it was time for a delicious dinner in Vik!  After an outfit change the newlyweds met our Iceland Wedding Planner team for dinner where we showed them to their lovely table for two!  Although they delighted in dinner, they also took time to celebrate with a traditional Iceland wedding cake too!  But wait folks, that’s not all.  June in Iceland means bring on a late night sunset…

Summer Sunset Wedding Photos

Heading back into the mountains, the pair were enamored by the additional views!  The sunset colors were softening the sky and the temperature definitely started dropping quickly.  What a dynamic beautiful end to Chris and Jemma’s unreal elopement, right?!  Would you love to have something similar crafted for your special day?  Feel free to contact us to find out more!

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