World’s First Glacier Zipline

Did you know Iceland holds the title of crafting the world’s first and currently only glacier zipline?  True story!  And how freaking exciting is that news?!  Adrenaline junkies, rejoice!  Today we are going to take a few minutes to educate you all about the once in a lifetime experience…  So come along with us to know before you go!

Ice Pic Journeys

Our Iceland Wedding Planner team are huge fans of companies who are innovative.  Especially those who recognize the need to creating and maintaining a niche like we also did more than a decade ago with the Iceland adventure wedding market!  Well today we happily introduce you to the Ice Pic Journeys team.

Co-Owners Mike Reid and Ryan Newburn met in a serendipitous moment while both were traveling in Japan for different reasons.  Both being American, avid adventurers, and outdoor enthusiasts, a natural friendship formed.  Fast forward a bit later and the geniuses came to Iceland separately.  Meanwhile, in the end found their way to one Iceland’s largest glacier to fill a need in tourism.

What might that be you wonder?  Firstly, the core of the company is founded on providing professional photos with every adventure tour.  Meaning their talented guides are not just driving you but also capturing forever keepsakes for you along the way!

Second, these limit pushers found a way to combine math, science, and love of nature to craft the first and only glacier zipline in the world!  Imagine experiencing a glacier from a totally unique way!  Third, the Ice Pic Journeys team offer year round ice caves on Vatnajökull.  Yup, you read that right, year round ice caves in Iceland!  Some say, these pioneers are leveling up the tourism market!

Iceland Glacier Zipline

Pretty damn awesome that Iceland holds another first and only, title right?  After all, those that seek unique or offbeat experiences like staying a night on a glacier lagoon will likely gravitate towards this glacier zipline experience.  For real, who doesn’t want the bragging rights of saying they experienced it AND have professional photos to prove their badass journey?!

So after strategic planning, careful analysis and permits, the whole nine yards, Ice Pic Journeys made the most exciting tour in Iceland!  Seriously, the amount of passion, attention to detail, and hoops the team goes through to ensure you have a stellar experience is inspiring!

Alright, so I have professionally skydived countless drop zones across 6 continents for 10 years, played hockey, ice climb, scuba dive, base jumped, bungee jumped, canyoneering, and a endless list of other extreme experiences.  Needless to say, adrenaline is my friend.  However, nothing and I mean NOTHING got me like the worlds first glacier zipline!

The Experience

Let’s dive in on what the actual glacier zipline tour is really like…

First, you’ll meet the Ice Pic Journeys driver-guide at the famed Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon.  Second, you’ll hop into their no frills 4×4 to be whisked away to Europe’s largest glacier.  After a short hike past a sweet little waterfall you will be at the glaciers edge.  Third, you’ll be briefed and gear up (Hello helmets and crampons!) to begin your hike on to the glacier.

Fourth, if you book during wintertime (Oct-April) you’ll get the opportunity to experience an ice cave in addition to the glacier zipline.  However, in summertime (May-Sept) you’ll enjoy a thrilling glacier hike with maybe a icy bonus feature.  Fifth, you can expect your hike to be between 3-6ish miles round trip.

Next, once you’ve made your way up the glacier and to the elevation the glacier zipline you’ll have a crazy WOW moment.  To illustrate, take a few minutes to savor the view while the guide is setting up and checking the ropes.  It truly is inspiring no matter the weather in Iceland!

Take the Leap!

So as I alluded to above, I think of myself as being pretty badass and not phased by much.  Meaning, I have been ready to embark on Iceland’s glacier zipline for months!  But when I was actually getting the instruction and having my toes on the steps of the giant sinkhole… Panic may or may not have set in a bit!

Okay, so when I took the leap, I screamed!  Like I said, it got me.  Staring down into the deep dark abys of a vertical ice cave is a sobering moment.  Meanwhile at the same time it’s invigorating!!  #worthit

Typically you get 2 goes at gliding across this hole in the glacier.  Furthermore, if you want the iconic photos in the middle, you’ll want to pull yourself across and strike a pose!  Scary fun shit, just do it!  #noregrets  After everyone in the group has had their time you journey back down the glacier to the 4×4 and back to the lagoon.  I assure you, you’ll be left craving more!

Discount on Your Adventure

Now I bet, you’re ready to book your own glacier zipline experience with Ice Pic Journeys!  Well good news, they have graciously provided our Iceland Wedding Planner followers to enjoy 10% off of their tours.  Upon checkout you can use the code: MISSANN10

Feel free to book the first and only glacier zip line in the world directly at the following links:

  • Summer Glacier Zipline + Glacier Hike (May-Sept)
  • Winter Glacier Zipline + Ice Cave (Oct-April)

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