Iceland Event Planning & Group Travel

Are you a business or corporation looking to book an incentive or award trip to Iceland?  Or maybe you’re a travel group looking to elevate your experiences along the way?  Maybe you are even a couple or family looking to craft a once in a lifetime trip?!  If any of the the above resonates with you you’ve come to the right spot!  Our Iceland Wedding Planner team not only specializes in adventure weddings and luxury elopements… But we also offer Iceland event planning for all!

Iceland Event Planners

Planning an event in Iceland can be daunting.  Why?  Because there are so many options to choose from!  However, when you hire an in country Iceland Event Planner, you’ll have piece of mind that you have insider knowledge.  For example, you’ll have someone sharing with you the right types of places your group will enjoy, thrive, and forever remember.  Whether that is an indoor or outdoor venue they will ensure the right ambiance is met or made!

Every type of event has been planning in Iceland.  But the super fun part of Iceland event planning with our Iceland Wedding Planner team is that we have over a decade of experience of planning events with tight schedules, lots of logistics, and go big or go home requests!  Furthermore, read on as highlight reel the types of Iceland events we welcome (outside of weddings, elopements, and proposals)!

Business, Corporate or Incentive Events in Iceland

Next, if you are a business looking to plan an event in Iceland we can craft some really epic options!  Or maybe you’re a corporation looking to offer an incentive event to your team?  Let’s do this!

Imagine having your group embark on a badass day of adventuring through the highlands via super jeeps discovering waterfalls, caves, canyons, and having no tourists around!  To then having a BBQ picnic for lunch, exploring more and your return to the hotel greets you with hot tubs and a delicious dinner!

Your team will feel oh-so special and appreciated that you took the time to show them areas of Iceland most locals don’t even venture too!  Allow our Iceland Event Planning team to craft some amazing options for you!

Conferences & Workshops in Iceland

Looking for a break away day from the conference days in Iceland?  Alternatively, maybe you want to plan a workshop day outside in nature to really connect and get re-inspired. Hello Yoga Retreat in Iceland!

To illustrate, our team takes Iceland event planning really seriously especially locations!  Our previous clients would all boast we know every inch of South Iceland and they aren’t kidding!  Regardless, we would love to pair your journey with places that will hold a special place in your groups heart.  Also be aware we uphold an American style standard as the owner of Iceland Wedding Planner is an American living in Iceland.

Iceland Private Events

Oh la la planning Iceland private events is one of our favorite things to do!  For instance, we know how to properly plan and execute flawless logistics.  Furthermore, we come equipped with an endless stream of Plan A, B, C, all the way to X, Y, Z to ensure you (or your group) won’t feel any bumps.  However this is exactly, why we partner with specific hotels, restaurants, and venues.  We are not interested in jeopardizing our quality or standards.

From introducing you to remarkable hotels, mind blowing private property locations, and unique dining options we will share it all!  Further, during your Iceland event planning time with us our team can provide any and all types of services:

  • Open Q + A
  • Hotel Recommendations / Support
  • Venue Recommendations / Support
  • Assisting with Securing Private Property and Highland Locations
  • Itineraries for private super jeep adventures
  • Restaurants with private rooms
  • Décor
  • Lighting
  • Sound Systems
  • Seating
  • Catering Companies
  • Iceland Florists
  • Unique Lunch Experiences
  • Lighting
  • Porta Potties (on highland trailers)
  • Transportation (super jeeps, bus, 4×4’s, etc)
  • Entertainment (bands, performers, comedians, dj, etc)
  • Party Favors
  • Menus
  • Place Cards
  • Iceland Videographers
  • Day of Event Planner
  • Iceland Event Photographers (as long as the event is not wedding related).
  • Anything else your heart or mind desires!

Iceland Team Building

If you’re a company who values your employees the booking a team building experience in Iceland is where it’s at!  In fact, it can be a game changer for morale.  Our  Iceland Event Planning team can design all sorts of options for your group to bond.  For example, scavenger hunts, glacier activities, ropes course, or unique hiking adventures that will test limits and allow the group to come together!

Celebrating Lifetime Milestones in Iceland

Iceland is often a once in a lifetime trip for folks.  After all, who doesn’t want to experience a country that basically feels like another freaking planet?!  Additionally, if you’re traveling to Iceland to celebrate something let’s make it big and forever memorable!  Maybe it’s a milestone birthday, anniversary, graduation present, or celebrating some other huge moment in your life!  For example, let’s spend a day exploring places with no tourists and be treated to a luxury picnic in route.  Because who freaking does that?!  YOU!

Iceland Event Planning Next Steps

Ready to learn more about Iceland event planning?  Feel free to contact us!  In conclusion, we would also like to bring your attention to the fact, we offer planning only packages for businesses and groups not related to wedding adventures.  Lastly, we also take time to secure all of the special permissions and permits with all of the Icelandic authorities.  Whether it be landowners, local municipalities, or agencies we have you covered!

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