Summer Waterfall Wedding: Erin + Ben

Waterfalls in Iceland are abundant.  Likely you also know that they come in various colors, shapes, and sizes.  Part of the beauty of discovering as many as you can in one day, right?!  And the perfect time in our opinion to do it is planning a  Summer Waterfall Wedding!  Intrigued?  Follow along in Erin and Ben’s footsteps today…

Erin + Ben

Shall we journey back in time to the Summer of 2010?  Heck yes!  Because that is when Erin and Ben’s love story begins… Thanks to Chick’s Oyster Bar they met!  Very quickly into their relationship they realized both thrive on traveling and on embarking on unconventional experiences.

Then fast forward to April 2022 when they took an adventurous trip to Portugal.  Ben proposes in natural cave with a stunning black diamond ring!  Additionally, when the pair went to start wedding planning, they consulted their bucket list!  Iceland was at the top and Google introduced them to our experience driven wedding adventures so it was a perfect match.  So bring on the Summer waterfall wedding!

July 4th 2023

The morning of July 4th 2023 began in the small Southern town or Vik with lots of sunshine and good vibes!  Ben and Erin got ready together while our Iceland wedding hair and makeup team got to work!  Once the super jeeps pulled up it was time to grab “go bags” and load in to embark on the Summer waterfall wedding adventure!!!  Woohoo!!

Summer Waterfall Wedding Ceremony

Next, the group ventured into the Iceland highlands for an exciting drive to the Summer waterfall wedding ceremony location!  On arrival, the group was in complete awe over the beauty of the waterfall.  After our Iceland Wedding Planner team setup the ceremony the guests took their seats.

Erin and Ben decided to handle their Iceland Marriage Paperwork in the USA before they came.  Therefore, one of their fabulous guests performed their symbolic ceremony.  To illustrate, it was a heartfelt ceremony which included vows, a handfasting, exchange of rings, and a kiss to kick off the celebration!

Bubbles and Babbling Brooks

Following the ceremony, bubbles were shared with a sweet toast to the newlyweds.  Our Iceland wedding photographer captured all of the family and friends compositions.  After, the newlyweds enjoyed a tiny bit of alone time by exploring the waterfall all around it.  And how stunning are their Summer waterfall wedding photos?!

Magnificent Mountain & Glacier Views

Seeing a variety of iconic landscapes is always high priority for our Iceland Wedding Planner couples.  For instance, the vast majority value experiences and having the opportunity to be introduced to landscapes that most locals do not even get the chance to see!  So on with the dynamic Summer waterfall wedding schedule… Next, the group went through more highland landscapes to discover more…

Cliff Exploring and Puffin Searching

After the Summer waterfall wedding highland journey, it was time to head up to the top of an iconic mountain!  There the group searched for puffins and hiked along the cliffs.  July is a ideal month to spot puffins along these cliffs.  Adding a few fabulous Iceland wedding photos along the way was the cherry on top too!

Highland Waterfall Surrounded by Green

Don’t worry these two and their guests weren’t done in the highlands yet!  In fact, they ventured into another section which offered another fantastic opportunity for Summer waterfall wedding photos!  Oh la la and this canyon is a stunner and experience driven… First, you hike.  Second, you cross rivers by foot.  Third, you can take a break and refill your water bottles in any stream or waterfall here as it is all fresh water!  Fourth, a slightly sketchy hike will lead you closer to the waterfall and take your breath away in the process.

Iceland Basalt Beach

Black sand beaches in Iceland are almost as abundant as the waterfalls.  Meanwhile, it was important to Erin and Ben they experience this iconic sea arch beach which is on private property.  And we cannot blame them as it is incredibly lovely!!

Small Wedding Group Dinner in Iceland

Once the experience portion of the day was complete the Summer waterfall wedding group had a chance to rest and fresh before they gathered for a low key dinner.  They were tucked away in a semi-private area of a local restaurant in Vik and delighted in a 3 course meal which included a traditional Iceland wedding cake too!  But wait folks that’s not all…

Sunset Exploration on the edge of the Highlands

Since planning a Summer waterfall wedding in Iceland means lots of daylight… That means going back out after dinner for sunset wedding photos is 100% a thing!  Ben and Erin still had energy left to head back our with our Iceland elopement photographer and the photos are so inspiring!

Are you curious about potentially planning your own unique adventure in Iceland?  Contact us to find out more information on what that could look like for you!

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