Centerpieces can often be a crown gem of any event.  They often express color, theme, and add to the energy/conversation of the night.  The usual routes for American-style  weddings, couples typically flock towards are flowers or candles (or a nice mix of both).  But if having a wedding in Iceland, why not try to draw in the natural elements of the landscape too?  IE, Incorporating moss or driftwood into your centerpiece designs.  Bring the outside in!  We are delighted to share with you some pieces available for rental for your Iceland wedding.  Please contact us for more details on specific items!


Silver Reindeer Horn Candelabras (can be used with tealights or candlesticks): 

Silver Reindeer Statue (can be used with tealights or candlesticks):

Silver Low Tealight Reindeer Horns:

Loose Moss Pieces:

Basalt Rock Table Runner (basalt candles shown rented separate):

Astrology Centerpiece:


Driftwood Pieces:


High and Low Candles (Clear Bottom or Silver Bottom Candles additional cost):



Antler Circles:



Rock Candelabra Votives:


Hanging Votive Centerpieces (greenery not included):



3 Sizes of Cylinders (greenery not included): 


Wood Slices and Trays:


Silver Buckets (medium size):



Rustic Candle Holders:



Silver Candelabras: 



Rose Gold Candlestick Holders:



Abstract Candlestick Holders:



Moss Squares: 


Hanging Glass Jars within wood structure: