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Unforgettable Iceland Wedding & Elopement Photography

Iceland is one of the most scenic and breath-taking countries in the world. From the snow-capped peaks to the expansive 360 views, Iceland offers an unforgettable backdrop for any adventure wedding or destination elopement!

If you’ve chosen Iceland as the preferred locale for your special day, you’ll want photography that captures the country’s natural beauty as well as the memories you make on your wedding or elopement day.

Work with Iceland wedding photographer, Ann Peters, and the rest of our team at Iceland Wedding Planner to not only plan your Iceland wedding, but capture those intimate moments with stunning photography.

About “Miss Ann” – Iceland-Based Destination Wedding Photographer

Ann Peters (aka “Miss Ann”) has over 10 years of destination wedding photography and planning experience. Along with her team (based in Reykjavik, Iceland), she plans unique destination weddings and elopements, capturing beautiful photos along the way.

Ann Peters is based in Reykjavik, Iceland, and is available for worldwide travel.


Capture Your Iceland Wedding with Stunning Photography

Woohoo for choosing such an unforgettable locale as Iceland to get married with guests or elope!

Between planning your ceremony, choosing your attire, confirming travel plans, and planning your activities for the day, it may seem like you have a lot on your plate. Fortunately, we’re here to help. We are a team of wedding photographers in Iceland who have worked with countless adventurous couples to capture amazing wedding photography.

From secret caves, private waterfalls, blizzard or gale force wind elopements we’ve dared to venture where few couples (and photographers) have ventured before. Go off-the-beaten-path on your wedding day, and let us snap some iconic photos along the way!


Need a Photographer for Your Icelandic Wedding or Elopement?

You’ve chosen the locations – now it’s time to find a photographer to tie it all together!

At Iceland Wedding Planner, we’re a team of adventure seekers that help couples plan and photograph their unique weddings and elopements abroad.

Our team consists of Iceland-based wedding photographer who know the ins-and-outs of the country – including which touristy spots to avoid.   We’ll help you capture iconic wedding or elopement photos in the offbeat location of your choice. Non-traditional and adventurous couples, only!

Book Us for Your Iceland Wedding!

Meet Our Team – Best Wedding Photographers in Iceland

Just like you – we’re adventure-seekers who know that your adventure destination wedding is about more than a ceremony and sightseeing. It’s about sharing an intimate experience with your partner in the locale of your dreams!

That’s why our team doesn’t plan weddings at the typical tourist locations. We’d rather focus on providing you as intimate of an experience with Iceland as possible.

Our team is a mix of Icelanders and Americans who are dedicated to providing our clients with timeless Iceland wedding photography. We’re energetic, high energy, detail-oriented storytellers who thrive on adventure and love!


  • Hiking
  • Ice Climbing
  • Big Ass Trucks!
  • Rolling 360 landscapes
  • Private Waterfalls
  • Little People Big Landscapes focused photography
  • Sour Patch Kids
  • Vintage Champagne
  • Nutter Butters



  • Tourist hot-spots
  • Cheesy photography
  • Cliches
  • Bad Attitudes
  • Low Energy
  • Letting rogue weather get you down!

Sound like you? Contact our Iceland wedding photography team today.


Feel Comfortable on Your Wedding Day

Taking photos can be a little… awkward… especially if you’re not used to being done-up and on display. We aim to make you and your partner feel as comfortable and natural as possible – you won’t even know we’re there!

This day is about YOU and your love. Focus on each other while we snap covert photos of those intimate memories, looks, and moments.

We even come equipped with an endless “go bag” to ensure everyone in your party is warm, safe, and comfortable. (Most times in that token “go bag” there are hand warmers, clear umbrellas, and Cliff bars to stop any crankiness that could ensue if the weather goes rogue.)

We’ll Brave the Weather and Snap the Perfect Photo

On your quest to find an Iceland wedding photographer, you’ll realize that a passion for adventure is the #1 requirement. That includes being able to brave all kinds of weather!

Our adventure wedding photographers are people who are able to scale mountains and make magic in all weather conditions.

Seriously, all weather conditions… Like gale force winds, sandstorms, blizzards, horizontal rain, and even blazing blue skies! No matter the challenge, our adventure wedding photographers in Iceland are ready for it!

It’s also not unusual for our team to put on crampons, ice climb, or repel off a mountain (safely) to get the right shot!

Wind challenges Iceland elopement adventure

Our Photography Style – Detailed & Daring!

Let us turn your unforgettable day into an Icelandic piece of art!

Our lighting and post process editing techniques are clean, light, bright, modern, and fun! …and we also shoot Iceland wedding photos on our drone as well (weather permitting)!

We are firm believers in portraying Iceland as you saw it.  It’s our objective to ensure your Iceland wedding photos are timeless now and 25+ years from now when you look back on them.

Iceland is magical and your love brings even more magic to the landscape, so less is more as far as editing is concerned!

Our Iceland-based wedding photographers approach each wedding with fresh eyes and strive to find different take-your-breath-away angles, and off-the-beaten-path locations. We’ll make sure your Iceland wedding photos are unforgettably AMAZING!


We’ve Photographed Weddings All Across Iceland

Our team does not focus on visiting touristy locations on wedding days. Rather, we like to explore unique destinations and sites. Here are just a few of the beautiful Iceland locations we’ve been fortunate enough to photograph:

Private Waterfalls

Exclusive Caves

Secret Canyons

Hidden Black Sand Beaches

Isolated Ice Caves

Majestic Cliff Tops

Desolate Areas (that look like Mars!)

Lovely Lava Rocks

Offbeat Glacier Lagoons

Crazy Green Mountains


What type of Iceland wedding location speaks to you?

We’d love to fill up a day exploring with you in these private places!  Check out our post, 32 Iceland Wedding Locations That Will Leave You Speechless, for even more ideas.


Custom Iceland Wedding Photography Packages

  • (1) Iceland wedding photographer (based on our typical full day 12-18 hour wedding days)
  • Unlimited Images Taken
  • High-Resolution Digital Download or USB (edited, post processed in JPeg format)
  •  Online viewing/ordering


Iceland Wedding Photographer Prices

Our Iceland Wedding Photography team has 2 starting prices: One for luxury elopements in Iceland and one for adventure weddings with guests in Iceland.

The basic package is based on our adventure wedding style schedules, which range from photography coverage between 12-18 hours (not the usual 6-8 as most cover).

Please contact us for more information!

Testimonials from Our Happy Clients

See why adventurous couples have selected us – Iceland Wedding Planner – as their chosen Iceland wedding photography team! (And thank you to our amazing couples for being such a joy to work with!)

“Ann and her team gave me and my wife the best adventure wedding ever! After scouring the internet for months to try and find a suitable elopement package, Lauren came across ‘Your Adventure Wedding’ and I can’t imagine a more incredible day with anyone as amazing as Ann and her team. There was something different about her photos that really stood out and it was love at first Skype!” – Billy B (East Iceland Hiking Elopement)

“With so many positive things to say about Ann and her team it’s difficult to know where to begin. We first contacted Ann two years prior to our wedding date and weren’t sure about hiring a wedding planner. BEST DECISION EVER! Ann’s attention to detail was above and beyond our expectations and with the many questions that came up along the way she was always prompt to reply. We could not have asked for a more perfect day that played out seamlessly. “ – Josalyn J (Iceland August Elopement)

Feel free to check out more reviews from previous clients on Google, Wedding Wire and The Knot


Plan Your Iceland Wedding with Us!

Our Iceland Wedding Planner and Your Adventure Wedding duo team offers you the best of both worlds: wedding planning and wedding photographers combined!   Please contact us for more information on how our team will forever pause that amazing adventure wedding forever in time for you!  We cannot wait to learn more about the two of you!

Hiring a Wedding Photographer in Iceland – FAQs

Looking to hire a photographer for your Iceland adventure wedding or elopement?

Get all of your questions answered in our Frequently Asked Questions section below!


What is our Iceland adventure wedding photography turnaround time?

Contractually we agree to ensure delivery of your lovely gallery of images 90 days or less.  But our usual turnaround and process goes like this… Previews shared from wedding day to 3 weeks after.  3-4 weeks after you get a super cool email from us with a link to a fun slideshow (a highlight reel with a fun song) or the full gallery.  Worst case, 4-6 weeks after your fantastic wedding day you will receive your gorgeous Iceland wedding photo gallery.  At the time the gallery is release we give you the option on how you would like to receive your images (digital download or mailed USB).  In either avenue they will be high resolution Jpegs and a personal “print release” will be emailed.


What gear does our Iceland wedding photography team use?

Our team only shoots with Nikon professional gear (D5’s, professional grade lenses, and SB-5000 creative lighting system) and at times a drone.  It’s the most rugged professional gear in the market.  It handles well in all temperatures, being bashed around as they hike, and when flashes fall down in the Icelandic wind.  Many of our team members have a background as adventure / travel photographers (Specifically skydiving, high altitude, and scuba diving photography) so they know and understand how to operate their gear in low and high pressure situations flawlessly.  They shoot in RAW and post process in high resolution Jpegs.


Does our Iceland wedding team offer other types of photography?

Heck yes! They are super excited to capture…

Iceland Proposals

Iceland Engagement Sessions // Iceland Pre-Wedding

Iceland Vow Renewals

Honeymoon Sessions in Iceland

Iceland Post Wedding Photo Sessions

Iceland Wedding Anniversary’s


Who are our favorite type of wedding clients?

Adventure seekers that collect experiences, not things. Couples who will run around in the pouring rain or crazy winds and freaking laugh and hold each other tight through it!  Brides and grooms who are not afraid to get their wedding attire wet, dirty or muddy and view it as more of a “medal of honor” or surviving their wedding day versus being devastated by it.

You want to be “art” on your walls (Think: Little people is a big dynamic landscape).  You both want to journey to places that very few people in the world have had the opportunity to see.  More about what an adventure destination wedding is can be found on our Your Adventure Wedding site.

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