Iceland March Wedding turns Blizzard Adventure!

Imagine bringing 25 of your favorite people to not only explore Iceland, but to be witness to the start of your lifetime adventure together, marriage!  Everyone gathers at sunrise in the hotel lobby having no idea where they will be going.  You two walk in like super stars beaming in the fact all get to experience the carefully crafted plans!   The group loads into super jeeps for the 10 hour Iceland March wedding and the adventure begins…

From Meeting in California to Getting Married in Iceland

Before we get to the daring Iceland March wedding we need to know the roots of these two lovers!  Meet Francisco and Beth.  Originally both hailing from different places in the world, they meet over 5 years ago in California.

Firstly, who knew answering a Craigslist shared house advertisement could lead to meeting your soulmate?  Secondly, good thing Beth did because that is where she meets Francisco.  Connecting over things like rock climbing, slacklining, traveling, road tripping, and volunteer work at a horse farm built their bond up to an immeasurable level.

As time continues they realize they are destined to be together, forever.  He travels to meet Beth while she is on a 6-month assignment on the gulf coast.  Spending a few days discovering New Orleans together and in the famed City Park, Francisco proposes a lifetime of adventures together to Beth.  She said yes and Iceland March wedding planning begins!

March Wedding in Iceland

Being traveling adventure seekers, they knew right away that somewhere in Nordic countries called to them for a destination wedding.  Following their adventure wedding, they intended to take a road trip around the country of choice.  Since the traditional route never really got them excited, when they found our team’s experience driven adventure wedding concept, they were hooked!

Beth and Francisco came to us wanting to plan a full day adventurous Iceland March wedding that was completely exclusive to their group only.  Easy for us as this is what our Iceland Wedding Planner team specializes in!  Come along with us today as you share in their unforgettable adventure wedding in Iceland!

Waking up in Iceland to get married is pretty darn thrilling!  Likewise, staying at Icelandair Vik and opening the curtains in your room to see the famous Reynisdrangar is really freaking special!!  Therefore, when our Iceland elopement photographer arrived, it was around 5:30am and Beth was working on her hair and makeup.  While having one dress for the day is great, having two Iceland wedding dresses is smart!  Why?  Because that way you can go all day hardcore and know you have a fresh DRY dress to slip into for your reception!

Gathering down in the lobby space at 8am, you could feel the excitement among the guests!  Each person was ready with “go bag” in hand and big ass smiles plastered on their faces.  Finally after a briefing and introduction from our Iceland Wedding Planner and super jeep team, the Iceland March wedding was on its way!

Private Property Waterfall Iceland Wedding Ceremony

Being able to have an Iceland wedding location free from tourists can be hard to do if planning by yourself or if you have chosen another team outside of ours.  For example, our Iceland Wedding Planner team gets permits / permissions to close the roads (if the location is just off the main road) or the private property locations to make sure if a random self driver arrives, they are told they must come back at a later time.  Think of our team as your personal “bouncers” in a way 😉

A short hike awaited the guests who then found their seats moments before the Iceland March wedding ceremony would begin.  Next, our exclusive pastor, Egill performed a truly inspiring ceremony connecting these two and their guests to the Icelandic nature!  Fair to say that the guests were in utter awe of the surroundings and their heartfelt personal vows!!

Romance Conquers a Blizzard

March in Iceland is month that is the definition of unpredictable.  Furthermore, any month in Iceland can carry this trait, but March can easily come as snow, wind or rain storm, more often than not.  As a result, after the ceremony concluded a blizzard decided to come in while the newlyweds and their guests explored this private waterfall in Iceland.  Seems like it just added to the romance of the day!  Honestly, the photos really sell you on having an Iceland March wedding!!  I mean who doesn’t want to frolic around in a snow globe?!

Exploring Iceland’s 4th Largest Glacier

There is a level of extraordinary that goes along with planning an adventure wedding in Iceland with guests.  On that same note, you are gifting your guests with an unforgettable EXPERIENCE.  Taking them into the untouched private sides of Iceland that few people in the world get to lay their eyes on.  Did someone say “Wedding of the Decade?!”

Probably one of the more attractive things about our private Iceland wedding locations is that they offer amazing variety.  For the reason that our clients usually want to share all sorts of different types of landscapes with their guests.  To illustrate, high on Beth and Francisco’s list was conquering a glacier during their Iceland March wedding adventure.  Ask and you shall receive!

Just so happened our Iceland wedding photographer had recently scouted an ice cave in a private area too!  The newlyweds happily explored it together hand in hand.  Sometimes it’s nice to steal moments away from your guests too.  No shame in that!  Kinda like an Iceland elopement within your adventure wedding day.

Himalayas Wedding or Iceland Adventure Wedding?

Personally, I’ve caught myself sometimes staring in awe of Icelandic glaciers.  Specifically the one our team has access to privately.  Often it reminds me of photos from the Khumbu Icefall in Nepal.  The tones, textures, and shapes really leave you speechless.  Fitting that this adventurous wedding duo was game for a hiking elopement style trekking while their guests delighted in a traditional hot dog BBQ!  Our local Iceland wedding photographers crafted some MAGIC, truly!!  Don’t you think?

Ice Cave Wedding Photos

Now that the newlyweds rejoined the group, it was time to head to another area of this huge amazing glacier.  Because it was time to adventure together to explore a private ice cave during this Iceland March wedding!  And oh la la our team took time to scout and make safe one of the coolest ones we’ve had!!

A Word of Warning: Our planning and super jeep team are experienced professionals.  Please do not venture to any glacier by yourself or with teams that are unfamiliar with that specific glacier.  Why?  Glacier quick sand is REAL and will totally ruin your day (if you or your super jeep ends up in it).  Further, our team are trained glacier guides and in first aid, making them confident in being able to handle anything that happens.  We also provide safety gear (helmets, crampons, headlamps, etc).  Also in advance setup safety precautions (IE, ropes, harnesses, bridges, stairs, etc).

Seeking Shelter inside of a Natural Cave

Luckily as a snow storm came further upon us, we retreated to the next stop on the Iceland adventure wedding timeline, a natural cave!  Ya’ll know we absolutely LOVE caves and this one is a total FAVORITE.  During an Iceland March wedding, it’s likely you’ll be graced with crazy cool icicles too!  The newlyweds may or may not have had their first dance at the opening after all of their guests came exploring 😉

Iceland Wedding Champagne Toast

How is it that bubbles always taste better when chilled naturally in snow?!  While the wind was whipping and snow was falling Beth and Francisco invited their loved ones to offer a toast!  And by the time we were leaving the Iceland wedding cave, the run emerged and blue skies appeared!

Activity Driven Wedding Adventure: Slacklining

There are a lot of activities and unique things to do we pitch to our Iceland wedding couples.  But I gotta say organizing a couple to slackline between 2 super jeeps was a welcomed first!  Slacklining during their Iceland March wedding was an important must do and we left the best for last I think!  Their guests were super surprised and totally impressed!  Plus who doesn’t want to slackline in front of a moody Mars looking landscape?!

Special Note: Our team takes great care in asking for in advance permission when on private property, following paths, roads, and not disturbing the ground creating new paths.  In setting up the scene below we followed a path and did not off road.

Semi-Private Iceland Wedding Reception

After returning to the hotel, the Iceland wedding with guests took time to warm up and refresh.  The Berg welcomed the group for semi-private dining that evening.  Mercury glass tealights donned the semi-private reception table from our teams Iceland wedding rentals along side of handmade party favors.  So now it was time for the group to delight in a 4 course wedding menu, including a traditional Iceland wedding cake!

Iceland March Wedding Nighttime Photos

Ending a winter adventure wedding in Iceland chasing Northern Lights is totally ideal, right?  Sadly, that is not always an option, so our team likes to always have a plan “b” ready for you if you still have energy!  In conclusion, our Iceland elopement photographer team grabbed our the newlyweds, a cliff wall and ground fireworks to create nighttime wedding photo MAGIC!

Lastly, are you leaving inspired after witnessing this amazing Iceland March wedding?  Crafting your own adventurous wedding in Iceland begins with contacting us for more information!  We are super EXCITED to hear from you!!

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