Wild Elopement in an Ice Cave

Eloping in the wild is appealing to many adventurous souls.  Those who love to travel, embrace the rawness and realness of desolate unpredictable landscapes.  At every turn, Iceland exudes this ruggedness.  So it is not surprising that this thrilling country is a popular place to hold a wild elopement!

Kindred Souls

Sometimes our stories need to happen the way they do.  Because we find our way to the right people who will forever change our lives.  Therefore, we endure the challenging life moments all knowing there is something greater on the way.  No one knows this better than Danish couple, Camilla and Anders!

After first meeting as colleagues, Camilla and Anders quickly realized they had way more in common than just being in the tech industry.  For instance, they enjoy working on their new home together, working out, weaponry, camping, and discovering together.  Plus delighting in foodie experiences, traveling, and walking their their sweet English Bull Dog Gin Tonic!

Certainly, it was clear to see from the moment our Iceland Wedding Planner team Skyped with these two that they are truly kindred souls meant to adventure together.  Really freaking amazing to find your person who makes whole and who you’d be lost without.  Once in a lifetime kinda of love, you know?  Love oozes from these two, you’ll see.  And it frankly will leave you inspired to hug the one you adore, HARD!

Danish Couple Chooses to Elope in Iceland

Being from a fellow stunning Nordic country, Danish couple Camilla and Anders love cooler temperatures and all the grandeur nature has to offer.  Although, Iceland easily offers more mountain views, caves, and countless other varieties of dynamic landscapes to discover.  Originally they were looking to wed inside of a granite cave in the UK, Canada, or the Mediterranean when they stumbled upon one of our Iceland elopement photographers images.  As a result, they decided to forgo their March travel plans to Egypt to plan a wild elopement in Iceland!

Inspired by Previous Iceland Elopements

Firstly, in reaching out to our Iceland wedding planning team, Anders and Camilla wanted to be married in the rough and harsh nature regardless of the weather.  Crazy weather would just add to the excitement of their story and be symbolic of “weathering storms together” just as they do every day.

Secondly, at some point during the conversation, pretty sure Camilla candidly said they wanted to get married in Iceland in a “hole in the ground.”  Hello wild elopement inside of an ice cave!  In fact, an Iceland ice cave elopement from early 2017 and an adventurous March elopement in Iceland from last year inspired these two.  Now onto planning their very own March Iceland wedding ceremony!

March Elopement in Iceland

Choosing March 3rd 2019 as your elopement date is like rolling the dice when it comes to weather.  To illustrate, there could be snow, rain, hail, sleet, crazy fog, extreme wind, or blazing sunshine who knows!  But what we do know is early March is one of our favorite times of the year for a wild elopement in an ice cave.

Camilla and Anders Iceland elopement adventure began well before sunrise with Camilla doing her own hair, our fabulous makeup artist and Iceland elopement photographer arriving.  Seeing all of the unique details our couples bring is one of our favorite things.  Especially when our bride dons a handmade Iceland wedding dress!  Camilla had a original design by Copenhagen Couture.

Ice Cave Wedding Ceremony

When you are an adventure wedding planner and Iceland elopement photographer, you quickly realize that a plan B, C, and D are needed regardless of the time of year.  More often than not, weather wins and you need to adapt to the conditions.  For example, it was originally our plan to have Camilla and Anders get married in an EPIC sinkhole ice cave our team scouted a week earlier.

However, leading up to the wild elopement day, the Icelandic winter weather had been unseasonably warm.  Which means we would have been hiking for 60 minutes in thigh high slush mixed with glacier quick sand (totally a thing here).  Our plan “B” was to ice climb up on a different glacier face and rappel down into the ice canyon to make another ice cave happen.  Despite the fact these two would have been game to do it, it was going to cut a huge chunk into the Iceland wedding itinerary.

Enter in plan “C!”  While this Iceland ice cave is not a secret anymore, it can be made private.  Fun Fact: Our Iceland Wedding Planner team member Davíð Geir Jónasson, trail-blazed by making this ice cave safe and accessible for year round use over 2 years ago.  Meanwhile, after strapping on crampons, Anders and Camilla held a BEAUTIFUL ice cave wedding ceremony shortly before sunrise.  I think stealing kisses during their wild elopement was their favorite thing to do!

Adventuring Together Around a Black Glacier

Black glaciers are not super common.  Maybe in Iceland though, they are a bit more.  Due to the fact that the entire island is volcanic often the sand during storms strikes the glacier and for lack of better words, paints and insulates it.  Exploring Iceland’s forth largest glacier, Mýrdalsjökull will bring you closer to white, blue, and black ice textures.  The newlyweds loved exploring this unique landscape with their local Iceland elopement photographer with drone in tow!

Rugged and Wild Elopement:

Traveling to Iceland will easily leave you renewed and inspired, that simple.  Adding in the fact you may be embarking on a wild elopement too is like the icing on the cake!  Iceland Wedding Planning Tip: We dare you to get lost together in the raw and pure nature Iceland has to offer.  Explore hand in hand, make those memories and laugh your freaking heads off!  Maybe even pretend to be on another planet together!!

Disclaimer: Do not cross rivers in Iceland without the right truck and a local professional.

Conquering Mountains and Cliffs

Thriving on adventure and love is where it’s at.  You feed your soul by discovering new places and maybe even conquering fears or uncharted territory, TOGETHER.  Anders and Camilla trekked to the top of Reynisfjall Mountain for unforgettable views during their wild elopement in Iceland.  Even though it was March there was plenty of bird watching too!

Adventurous Iceland Hiking Elopement

To plan a hiking elopement in Iceland, does not mean you have to do a several hour hike to just one location.  In contrast, it could actually mean your super jeep takes you as close as possible (with permission) and then you hike for only 10-20 minutes to an epic canyon, private waterfall or secret hideaway that just exists for you two that day.  Sound like fun?!  Yup, Camilla and Anders thought so too!

Discovering Remote Waterfalls

Chasing waterfalls is easy to do during a wild elopement in Iceland!  A super special one was next to discover on Camilla and Anders’ Iceland wedding schedule.  What makes it so special?  It’s incredibly remote, on private property, feels magical, and you must have a super jeep to get there safely.  So who’s in for this badass adventure wedding location?!

Vik Elopement Reception for Two

Most of the year, you’ll find our team in Vik Iceland, on and off the clock adventuring.  The list of things to do are endless and there are countless mountains and glacier outlets to climb.  Ending Camilla and Anders’ wild elopement in the town of Vik was magical.  As the sun dropped, so did the temperature making it cuddle worthy weather, just how these two like it!

Getting back to the hotel after a full 10 hour adventure wedding day and having a rest was BLISS!  Afterwards, they made their way to The Berg for a memorable Iceland wedding reception for two!  For real, who doesn’t want to end the night with a bottle of vintage Cristal Champagne if there are no Northern Lights?!

Eloping inside of an ice cave within a black glacier in Iceland might be the definition of a wild elopement, right?!  We’d love to custom craft an adventurous Iceland elopement package that is soooo YOU TWO!!  Feel free to contact us for more information!

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