Reykjanes Hot Spring for Two: Skatalaug

Are you seeking an intimate experience for two during your vacation to Iceland?  Well good news!  If you’re staying outside of Reykjavik or in the Reykjanes Peninsula, there is an offbeat hidden gem that awaits you.  Allow us to introduce you to Skatalaug Hot Spring!  Today our Iceland Wedding Planner team will give you all of the amazing details so you can find yourself there relaxing with your favorite person…

Hot Springs in Iceland

When you’re self-driving around Iceland as a couple you may want to find some romantic things to do!  And could there be anything more romantic than taking a hike with a bottle of champagne and relaxing in a hot spring?!  Some of the best hot springs in the world are in Iceland.  Add in a phenomenal view and you have a moment in time you’ll never ever forget.  …Now back to Skatalaug!

Reykjanes Peninsula

As you may know, the Reykjanes Peninsula is steeped in geology.  After all, our last 7 volcano eruptions have all happened in this region in Iceland.  In fact, some day that when this area erupts according to history, it begins decades of volcanic unrest.  Therefore, it’s fair to say the Reykjanes Peninsula is full of incredible natural mind-blowing wonders and history.  Likely why the Skatalaug hot spring has a home within too!

The direction translation of Skatalaug is boy scout pool.  Not only is this spot for two within the amazing Reykjanes Peninsula, but it’s nested within the beautiful Sveifluháls ridge (Translation: Swing Mountains).  So the views you see are of the mountains and the famed Kleifarvatn Lake.  Very picturesque!

But a little word of warning… As you’ll see below, it is a VERY EARTHY hot spring with zero infrastructure.  So expect to be covered in mud and minerals when you get out.  Maybe make a day out of exploring this area too!  For example, before or after you can check out Seltun Geothermal, the heart shaped mountain, the lake, and Krýsuvíkurkirkja.

How to Find Skatalaug

Now next obvious question is how the heck do you get to Skatalaug hot spring?  Follow the specs and step by step directions below to get yourself there…


  • Distance: ~0.25 miles round trip (~200 meters one way).
  • Hike Time: 5-10 minutes round trip plus time spent in the Skatalaug hot springs.
  • Path: No markers, follow the small river up from the parking lot.
  • Terrain:  Dirt/mud, grass, marsh or swamp.
  • Elevation Gain: 0
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Skatalaug Parking Lot: Google Map
  • GPS Coordinates for Parking: 63°54’17.2″N 22°02’20.4″W
  • Best Time to Hike: All Year (however the road can be challenging if snow or ice)
  • Water Temperature: ~95 °F or 35 °C
  • Note: There are no changing rooms, bathrooms, or trashcans.  Therefore, please be respectful and LEAVE NO TRACE!

Skatalaug Hot Spring Hiking Directions:

Skatalaug: Perfect Hot Spring for Two!

Bravo for choosing to embark on a very local experience when you visit Iceland, you will not regret it!  The peace and quite you’ll have at Skatalaug hot spring will settle your soul.  And if you decide to make Iceland your wedding destination, our team would love to chat with you.  Feel free to contact us for more information!

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