Iceland Honeymoon Adventures: Best Iceland Hot Springs

Iceland is one of ten geothermal countries in the entire world.  Coming with that fun fact, is a plethora of natural hot springs!  What better way to relax before or after your Iceland wedding than finding your way to one of Iceland’s many natural hot springs.  Hello Perfect Iceland Honeymoon!  Today I’d like to bring your attention to the Best Iceland Hot Springs!  Therefore, I encourage you to delight in our top Iceland hot spring locations (Note: Locations 2-6 are free as of when this Iceland wedding planning blog post was written).

Best Iceland Hot Springs

  1. Sky Lagoon: My personal favorite! Plus you can purchase beer, juices, wine, and decent champagne to enjoy too! Worth every penny of the admission fee, I promise!
  2. Hvammsvik: This place is magical!
  3. Vök Baths: Floating Pools!
  4. Kerlingarfjöll Hot Spring
  5. Grettislaug Hot Spring
  6. Forest Lagoon
  7. The Secret Lagoon in Fludir
  8. Reykjadalur River (45-90 minute hike depending on weather/snow level. It’s super close to the quaint of town Hveragerdi).
  9. Landmannalaugar (within the Icelandic Highlands)
  10. Geosea Geothermal Sea Baths
  11. Fontana
  12. Fosslaug Hot Springs
  13. Hveravellir Highland Hot Spring
  14. Grjótagjá (Northern Iceland – Be careful the rocks have been shifting and the water is hotter than a typical hot tub)
  15. Landbrotalaug (Snaefellsness Peninsula)
  16. Seljavallalaug (Southern Iceland -Man made but a super cool mountain pool 20 minute hike and the water is from a natural mountain source).
  17. Want something now and near the area to you? Iceland has over 100+ country-wide public Swimming Pools (Note: They have seriously strict rules like showering naked before and after your swim, so don’t be modest and follow/respect the rules)!
  18. …there are many other super secret ones too, we’d love to share but those are reserved for our hardcore super cool clients <3

Note: The overrated Blue Lagoon did not make our list for 3 Reasons: A.) It’s man made.  B.) The water that fills it is runoff from the nearby power treatment plant.  C.) It’s a tourist trap, save your money!  …no joke folks when I first went in 2011, I was immediately disappointed (being the offbeat lover I am).

Anyhow, we’d love to put together an unforgettable Iceland Honeymoon Adventure for you, so please contact us for more information!

With a smile, Ann Peters + Team (Iceland Wedding Photographers and Iceland Adventure Wedding Planners)

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