Experiencing Hvammsvik Hot Springs

If you’re a couple visiting Iceland who is driven by unconventional experiences then do not miss Hvammsvik hot springs.  Everything about this place is magical, seriously!  Come along with us today as we share our discovery of it…


Less than 1 hour from downtown Reykjavik, is a peninsula named Hvalfjörður.  In fact, it directly translates to “whale fjord.”  Likely, the name is derived because the area housed the one and only whaling station Iceland ever had.  Furthermore, the fjord is approximately 18 miles long and 3 miles wide.  Also, this peninsula houses one of our tallest waterfalls named Glymur, Hotel Glymur, and today’s fabulous featured hot spring, Hvammsvik!

Hvammsvik Hot Springs

So now that we know Hvammsvik is in Hvalfjörður what next?  Here are driving distances and directions so you can work it into your Iceland self-drive itinerary:

The travel time from downtown Reykjavik to Hvammsvik is around 50 minutes one way.  Firstly, you will find your way to Route 49 which then turns into Route 1 (Ring Road / Hringbraut).  Secondly, you’ll be on this road for about 30 minutes or 19 miles until you see a turn off towards Hvalfjarðarvegur (Route 47).  Thirdly, continue on for 13 miles or 20 minutes and you’ll see a sign and gate on the left hand side to enter into the Hvammsvik Nature Resort and Hot Springs.

Fourth, this hot spring and estate requires in advance booking to enter into the complex.  Therefore please ensure your reservations are completed in advance.  Fifth, once you scan your code the gate will open and you’ll continue to drive back veering to the right always.  Sixth, you park your vehicle in the parking lot and take a short walk from there (photos below for ease of referencing).  Also feel free to use this Google Map link to find yourself there!

Drive times to Iceland Hot Springs:

  • Keflavik International Airport (KEF): 1 hour 20 minutes.
  • Vik (South): 3 hours.
  • Akureyri (North): 4 hours 30 minutes.

The Experience

Our Iceland Wedding Planner team visited Hvammsvik at the beginning of October 2022.  However, it opened earlier this past summer.  Next, after a short walk from the parking lot, you’ll be greeted with a view of the outdoor area.  Then you’ll enter the main building which duels as the restaurant.  Furthermore, you’ll check-in at the reception desk for your pre-booked reservation.  There you will either go back outside (if you booked the outdoor changing area) or stay inside to enter the indoor changing rooms.

Additionally, if you choose the indoor changing rooms, you’ll immediately notice the attention to detail at Hvammsvik hot springs is at the highest level.  From the Nordic elegance to the copper details and the thought put into each pool it will leave you impressed!  However, as per Icelandic pool etiquette, you need to shower naked and rinse your bathing suit before heading into the whale fjord hot springs.  Further, get ready to experience 8 hot springs!  Which one will you choose first?  For example, you’ll find the ranges shared below in the map.  Temperatures are between 50°F to 107.6°F.

Hvammsvik Specs (as of when this Iceland Wedding Planner blog post was published):

  • Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm
  • Admission: 7,900 ISK per
  • Inclusions with Admission: Access to 8 hot springs; steam bath; outdoor / indoor facilities; ocean access (hello ocean swimming!); usage of paddle boards (as available and weather permitting); and hiking around the estate.
  • Note: Pre-booking is required and you can do so HERE.  And children must be 12 years or older and accompanied by adults.
  • Additional Items available for Rent:
    • Swimsuits: 900 ISK per
    • Towels: 900 ISK per
    • Wading Shoes: 500 ISK per

You’ll notice the temperatures range depending on the pool you go into.  For instance, the one closest to the ocean gets enveloped by the tide (fun experience if you come doing high tide) so it is cooler than the rest.  Secondly, the pool that is attached to the Stormur Bistro & Bar and alongside of the indoor changing rooms has a swim-up bar where you can order and pay via your admission bracelet.  Thirdly, there is an extraordinary selection so indulge yourself!!  It may have been the highest price we’ve ever paid for a Moët & Chandon champagne split but it was 100% worth every single krona for the experience of sipping it with this epic view!  Lastly, before you leave the estate, have a snack at the trendy bistro!!

Iceland Nature Resort & Hot Springs

In conclusion, the hot springs are available for private rental for groups but requires in advance booking.  But how flipping sweet would it be to treat your guests to this grand experience following your adventure wedding in Iceland?!  Badass!!  But, beyond the hot springs, there is an actual estate you can choose to stay at too!  To illustrate, you can rent 1 of the 4 private houses within the Hvammsvik Nature Resort!  Further, they range in accommodating 4 people up to 9.  Lastly, do not miss this fabulous place, you will not regret it!  And if you want to first plan a Southern Iceland elopement or experience driven wedding, feel free to contact our Iceland Wedding Planner team to get this conversation started!

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