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For those of you that love listening to podcasts, do I have news for you!  Ann and Vanessa have teamed up to create a podcast that talks all about the dark sides of Iceland!  It’s called, Eerie Iceland Podcast.  You can dive by searching for it on any podcast platform you use.  For example, Spotify or on Apple Podcast.  Episodes drop weekly and they are already over 25 so you can go back and binge listen too!

Likely you curious about what topics are covered?  Happy to share with you…

Icelandic Ghost Stories

Who doesn’t love a good ghost story?!  Especially when it is about an area of Iceland you’ve visited, heard or are curious about!  Eerie Iceland Podcast Episodes that will leave you in chills and wondering are sprinkled in so you’re never listening to the same type of story week after week.

Life Lessons from the Hidden People

Part of Icelandic culture is respecting and learning from the Huldufólk.  These hidden people or elves depending on who you speak to were here long before we were.  Therefore, there is much to learn from them.  Countless stories are told and will continue to be throughout all regions of Iceland.  The Eerie Iceland Podcast intends on telling them all!  Maybe even start at Episode #5 and learn the history first!

Spooky History Lessons

Being a tiny volcanic island in the North Atlantic, there have been more eruptions than most can keep track of.  On the Eerie Iceland Podcast you’ll learn about crazy things that have happened alongside of these dramatic natural disasters.  After all, what do you know about the Laki Eruption?  Episode #8 you’ll learn about the Laki Volcano and the Famed Fire Priest!

Haunted Places & Visits

So let’s take ghost stories up a notch and enter into the realm of haunted places!  A place like Episode #14 which talks all about the spooky happenings of Skálholt.  Meanwhile, be on the lookout for Episode #23 about the Hafursey Rescue Hut Visit & Myrdalssandur Ghost Car.  As this is the episode where Vanessa and Ann do their first overnight ghost hunt.

Folklore in Iceland

Forever engrained in the Icelandic culture is folklore stories.  To illustrate, they have served as entertainment in the dark winter days and been a catalyst for life lessons for generations.  In fact, a few of our favorite stories follow so you can check them out:

Paranormal Events

Vanessa’s favorite topic is uncovering and experiencing paranormal events.  Whether they happened historically or she experiences them firsthand, it doesn’t matter!  Tune in their Eerie Iceland Podcast to learn more about occurrences specific to Iceland!  For instance, Episode #22: Hauntings at Meðallandi is chockful of these types of moments!


Trolls are cave dwelling tricksters that may or may not eat people.  Learn their history in Episode #12: Icelandic Rock Trolls.  Next, make sure you don’t miss Episode #16: Gilitrutt which is all about the Icelandic Rumpelstiltskin.

Real Life WTF Moments

Ann and Vanessa have been on a lot of highland trips together and had more crazy moments than they would like to admit.  They dot in several real life moments that they have encountered but also other locals.  Spooky, creepy, strange or explainable, the pair welcome it all!

Go Listen to Eerie Iceland, Now!

Lastly, the Eerie Iceland Podcast is found on every podcast platform out there so make sure you tune in!  Also, they welcome you to write in to share your own eerie experiences.  Dare you to listen and enjoy!

Eerie Iceland Podcast

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