Place Card Holders + Table Numbers

Having small little details like place cards or table numbers (if having a larger Iceland wedding) connects your guests to the event even further enriching their overall experience!  Although, most people use the place cards as a giveaway “keepsake” we do offer rentals of a few types!  Please contact us for more information on availability and quantity.

Iceland Map and Basalt Rock Table Numbers:

“Bloom” Place Card Holders (Can be filled with basalt stones as shown or with water/small flower / Place cards not included):

Moss and Metal Place Card Holder (or Menu Holder or Table Number Holder):


Basalt Rock Place Card Holders (place cards not included):

Moss Ball Place Card Holders (place cards not included):



Reindeer Antler Place Cards (place cards not included):



Birch Wood Place Card Holders (place cards not included):



Chalkboard Place Cards:



Wood Slices for Place Cards or Table Numbers: