Glymur Waterfall Trail Guide

Nothing compares to spending the morning hiking to a new place with the one you love and adore.  Especially if you get the opportunity to do it in Iceland.  Imagine, trekking through a small Icelandic forest, up a mountain with stunning fjord views, seeing the local birds nest, and experiencing one of the tallest waterfalls in Iceland…  Without a doubt, a hike to Glymur Waterfall will not disappoint!  Come along with us today as we share a step by step guide.

Tall Waterfalls in Iceland

When you make your travel plans to a new country, do you seek out the tallest waterfalls the place has to offer?  You’re in luck because Iceland has many tall waterfalls!  However, sadly you will not be available to view the tallest one which resides at a tricky side of one of Iceland’s 13 glaciers.  It’s name is Morsárfoss and it stands 787 feet tall.  But don’t fret, because the second tallest is ready for you to hike it!

Next, Glymur Waterfall is 643 feet tall.  The direct translation of the name, Glymur is “noisy / clang.”  And believe it or not there is a unique story that comes along with why the waterfall has that name.  To illustrate, it involves an elf woman, a baby, a curse that changes a man into a whale, a few deaths, a mountain lake, and an explosion!

Furthermore, as a bonus the third tallest waterfall (419 feet tall) is actually one we previously gave directions on how to hike… Remember Hengifoss Waterfall in East Iceland?

Glymur Waterfall Driving Directions

From the heart of downtown Reykjavík, you will need to drive a bit over an hour to Hvalfjörður (whale fjord).  Within this fjord village, you will find the hike starting point of Glymur Waterfall.  Be aware you will be hiking through private property so please be respectful and leave the area better than when you hiked through it.

While on the way to Glymur, you will pass by 2 waterfalls on the way.  Firstly, you’ll pass by Fossa and then very close to the turn off for the parking lot to the waterfall hike another unnamed one.  Worth a quick stop to stretch your legs before embarking on the hike.


  • Height of Glymur: 643 feet tall
  • Vehicle Needed: Any can get you to the carpark.
  • Directions to Parking Lot: Google Map
  • Hiking Distance: 4.5 – 5 mile Hike (loop)
  • Trekking Time: 3-6 hours (out and back) depending on pace, photo stops, and how close you want to get to Glymur Waterfall.
  • Skill Level: Moderate to Difficult in parts (straight up the mountain).
  • Elevation: 1,395 feet
  • Terrain: Stairs, loose gravel; dirt / mud (when wet); multiple river crossings by foot and small the large very rocky paths.
  • Special Note: It is a well marked trail and best done between mid May to mid September.
  • Leave No Trace Policy: Please explore new places responsibly (keep hold of your own trash and pick up any you find).

Prepare for your Trek

Any hike more than 30-60 minutes one way, it is advantageous to prepare for it.  Why?  Because who knows what could happen!  Firstly, check the weather before you venture out.  Secondly, here is a short list of things to consider bringing should you choose to embark on the hike to Glymur Waterfall.

  • Day Pack or Backpack.
  • Water Bottle (there are many places along the way to refill).
  • Dress in layers.
  • Have rain / wind gear with you.
  • Wear hiking boots if possible (grip can be challenging in parts).
  • Bring trekking poles if you’re an unsteady hiker.
  • Pack a lunch / dinner.  After all who doesn’t want to have a picnic at the top?!
  • Bring your camera and or drone!

Guide to Hiking to Glymur

Woot woot!  Are you ready to conquer Iceland’s 2nd tallest waterfall?  Let’s do this thing!!

First, please have a long look at the map to hiking Glymur Waterfall before you embark.  Second, we hiked Trail #1 up and Trail #3 down as a point of reference.  But doing the loop trails, you will need to do a river crossing fully by foot (no bridge, log, or rocks).  Third, most folks just hike the main trail (Trail #1) in and back out.  Fourth, you’ll see yellow circles below highlighting the important points on the main trail.  For example, their specific follow below for ease of reference:

Glymur Hiking Map Points:

  • Point #1: Parking lot.
  • Point #2: Þvottahellir Cave (multiple openings).
  • Point #3: River Crossing (where the log is during summertime).
  • Point #4: First Waterfall & 360 View Point Lookout.  Note- This is often the point people turn around if not going the full loop.
  • Point #5: Natural Platform Viewpoint.
  • Point #6: Final Waterfall Viewpoint.
  • Point #7: Open River Crossing to Continue the Loop Hike (to Trails #2 & 3).

Meanwhile, please follow this step by step guide and photo tour of the hike to Glymur Waterfall…

Hiking Directions to Glymur Waterfall:

Trail Marker #2: Þvottahellir Cave

Marker #3: Log River Crossing:

Welcome to Point #4: Glymur Waterfall Viewpoint!

View Point #5

Planning a Glymur Waterfall Wedding

Utterly inspired after this Iceland Wedding Planner monthly hiking post?  Maybe even want to elope at this super tall waterfall?!  Although it is totally possible, it does require getting in advance permission from the landowners and possibly paying a fee.  Which can easily be done through a local Iceland elopement planner.

In conclusion, our team does not plan elopements or adventure weddings at tourist locations like this.  As we would rather introduce you to places that will not have any tourists infringing on your once in a lifetime moment.  Sound like fun?  Lastly, please contact us to get that fabulous conversation started!

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