Why You Should Hire a Photographer to Capture Your Iceland Honeymoon Adventures

Heading to Iceland for your honeymoon is an easy decision for adventure seekers and nature lovers.  After all there is a never ending display of different types of unique landscapes that await you.  Often couples feel empowered to rent their own car and find their own way around the island.  But one thing those couples forget to do is book an Iceland honeymoon photographer!  Read more today on why this should be a priority…

Why You Need a Photographer for Your Honeymoon

Just like life, your honeymoon will happen in a blink of an eye.  10 days turns into ten seconds, especially when you’re having fun!  So why not have at least one day of it forever documented by an Iceland honeymoon photographer?  That way, you’ll go home with the most amazing souvenir… You two exploring what will soon be your favorite place in the world!

Want to Hire a Photographer on Your Iceland Honeymoon?

Ideally if you are looking for an Iceland honeymoon photographer, you find one that is a local.  For example, the photographer will be able to suggest amazing offbeat locations for you to discover!

The Benefits of Having a Honeymoon Photographer

Certainly, as you embark on your self-drive Iceland honeymoon adventure you are going to be taking all kinds of photos!  However, do yourself a favor and book a session with a professional photographer!  You won’t regret it.  Oodles of benefits come along with doing so too!  Although, we can only speak to the benefits of hiring our local Iceland honeymoon photographer… So we will highlight a few today!


  1. Forever Pause this Lifetime Moment!
    • Your honeymoon is a big deal.  Maybe you even had to please everyone else for your wedding day… Therefore your honeymoon is finally all about YOU TWO and what you guys want to do!  I bet, your wedding photos will be jealous of your honeymoon images 😉
  2. Celebrate How Amazing You Guys Look & Feel!
    • Hell, you may not look this damn good again so somebody better capture it, lol!  Before life and time get in the way, get as many professional photos done together as possible!  Because you may not celebrate every anniversary with a photo session.
  3. Leave Your Phone Behind!
    • You’ll feel relieved a bit getting off social media, putting down the selfie stick, and allowing our Iceland honeymoon photographer to do the work!
  4. Adventure Together!
    • Be yourselves, savor your connection and newlywed bliss!  For instance, the photographer will lead you guys to the sweetest spots and give you loose direction on fun things to do / pose.  Twirl! Embrace! And more importantly laugh your heads off!
  5. Quality Beats Quantity!
    • No matter how many selfie or self-timed shots you anticipate taking… Likely they will not match up to what a Iceland honeymoon photographer can create for you!
  6. Let the Local Lead…
    • Our local photographer will share with you in advance a huge list of offbeat Iceland honeymoon locations to consider.  Also, she / he will further dialogue about the pros / cons and come up with the perfect timeline for the day.  Meanwhile, you’ll feel taken care of and total VIP’s!
  7. Discover Untouched Iceland!
    • Our Iceland Wedding Planner teams offbeat and private property locations do not have ropers, barriers, or signs. Rather, you will experience a side of Iceland many have not.  Allow your five senses to thrive and see the pure side of the Iceland landscapes during your honeymoon!
  8. Say Personal Vows!
    • Many times during local (church) weddings you cannot say the vows you would like to.  Therefore, write personal vows to each other and say them during your honeymoon session.  Who wouldn’t want to do that in front of an epic waterfall or other perfect landscape?!
  9. Hello Christmas Cards!
    • Craft your unforgettable holiday cards with stunning images of you two adventuring together on your honeymoon… Everyone will be green with envy!

Honeymoon Regret

Not convinced to booking an Iceland honeymoon photographer, yet?  From personal experience, I’ll tell you that having a honeymoon photographer wasn’t important to us at the time and I regret it.  In fact, we thought after having a Lofoten Islands elopement, we felt like we could do our honeymoon session in the Maldives.  After all we had a beautiful over the water villa, 10 days, and both experience professional photographers…

However, when it came down to it, it was awkward, frustrating, and I only have like 5 images I’m happy about.  Therefore, in hindsight, we both agree we wish we would have hired a pro to create our Maldives honeymoon photos on Meeru Island.

So don’t go home with honeymoon regret!

Why Couples Loved Having a Honeymoon Photoshoot

Throughout the last decade, we have had couples from around the world come to us for all sorts of reasons why they want to book an Iceland honeymoon photoshoot with us.  Whether it be the reasons we shared above or others, we embrace all the reasons!  As a matter of fact, we will share two which we freaking LOVE!!

Kristina + Ben (Florida, USA)

Firstly, Kristina and Ben booked our Iceland Wedding Planner team knowing they wanted fully private adventure wedding.  However, when they were looking through the custom proposals we sent them, they fell in love with multiple!  Secondly, they were in different areas of Iceland, so combining their faves sadly was not an option.  Thirdly, this created the lovely opportunity for them to book our Iceland honeymoon photographer and adventure together for a second day!

Following their frozen lake ice cave wedding, they embarked a day later on their Iceland adventurous honeymoon!  Truly combined the best of both worlds for them and celebrated their wedding escapades in an even bigger way.  Kristina even said, donning her wedding attire on the second day, made it feel like one long EPIC day!!

Kelly & Sean (Texas, USA)

Years ago, Kelly and Sean contacted us wanting to plan an exciting Iceland or Norway elopement.  Therefore, our talented team crafted options in both.  But not being able to choose between their favorite Norway and Iceland itinerary, they chose both!  Wait, what?  You read that right… They were married in the Lofoten Islands first then hopped on another airplane.  Furthermore, their winter honeymoon in Iceland was crazy inspiring, despite an insane snow storm!  Even now, these two are so happy they hired a Iceland honeymoon photographer!

How to Plan a Honeymoon Photoshoot

Likely, if you’re coming from planning a local wedding to planning a honeymoon in Iceland, the latter will be much more fun!  For this reason, you may wonder how to begin planning your honeymoon photo session, right?  Here is a short list of how to get started…

  1. Find an Iceland Honeymoon Photographer you love!
  2. Browse their location list or portfolio.
  3. Ask questions!  Pros, cons, etc of locations and when best light is for those locations you like.
  4. Finalize a timeline for the day(s).
  5. Decide what you will both wear…
  6. Plan for any accessories… For example, flowers, a luxury picnic, champagne toast, outfit change, etc.
  7. Meet your photographer!
  8. Be vocal… If you have an idea why not suggest it!  It’s your lifetime moment after all!
  9. Once you get your gorgeous photos back… relive the experience!

What to Wear for Your Photoshoot

The beauty of booking an Iceland wedding photographer is the person can offer suggestions and be an idea bouncing board.  For instance, if you do not want to wear your wedding attire, then don’t!  Choose something simple, comfy, lavish, sexy, or colorful!  To illustrate, we have had couples choose Icelandic sweaters to colorful dresses and suits.  Truly, the choice is yours!!

Amazing Places for Honeymoon Photoshoots in Iceland

Oh la la so many locations throughout Iceland await your discovery.  Nevertheless, to get you started here is a quick list of some beautiful options to consider with your Iceland honeymoon photographer…

How We Can Help Plan Your Perfect Honeymoon Photoshoot in Iceland

In conclusion, our Iceland Wedding Planner team, would be thrilled to help you plan an unforgettable honeymoon adventure.  With decades of experiences and over 10 years of experience here in Iceland we can craft ideal options for you!  Lastly, if you need more proof, check out our reviews on GoogleWedding Wire, and The Knot

Anyhow, feel free to contact us for more information on getting that Iceland honeymoon photographer conversation started!

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