Heartwarming Iceland Honeymoon Adventure Session

Planning your honeymoon is something super intimate between to the two of you.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!  No matter how you get married… Whether it be in a church with 100+ guests in your hometown, inside of an ice cave in Iceland, or the endless options in between the decision for your honeymoon is YOURS.  So why not be 100% authentic to what you love to see and do during it?  For many couples the choice for the honeymoon is Iceland.  A place that oozes beauty from every corner, has once-in-a-lifetime activities and areas to explore.  Maybe even the perfect souvenir is to hire a photographer for an Iceland Honeymoon Adventure Session too!

From Frozen Lake Elopement to Iceland Honeymoon Adventure

Wait a second… Do you recognize these two newlyweds?  Likely from their February AMAZEBALLS Frozen Glacier Lake Elopement, eh?  Indeed, you are correct!  Kristina and Ben loved the custom adventurous elopement itineraries our team crafted for them that they needed another epic full day with us!  I mean come on, there are a lot of DAMN GOOD ways to celebrate an Iceland honeymoon adventure and truly THIS IS ONE!  Ann and David were on their way to Antarctica for a wedding expedition, so Jean had the honors of rocking out this badass adventure!

Iceland Hiking Honeymoon

Having a hiking honeymoon is totally a thing and doing it during winter in Iceland gives you bragging rights, truly!  These two got all dolled up again, put on their GORGEOUS Iceland wedding dress and suit to hike to one of the most BEAUTIFUL ice caves we have ever found.  Well, I should rephrase and say second to their once-in-a-lifetime ice cave in an iceberg on a frozen lake, that is!  Kristina was so hardcore she didn’t even wear leggings under her dress!!  And your heart will melt when you see Ben helping her through the snow on the hike during their Iceland honeymoon adventure…

Romantic Moments at a Glacier

Fresh snow, crazy shaped mountains, and sunrise during February in Iceland really set the scene for the most magical Iceland honeymoon adventure photos!  Iceland Elopement Photographer Tip: Bringing along a veil can be good fun at the right moment!  For example, Ben and Kristina basked in every single romantic moment and savored it!

February Iceland Honeymoon Explores Private Waterfall

It’s not super often that you find a waterfall in Iceland fully frozen these days.  Therefore, it is more likely to have elements of icicles around it than to be fully frozen through.  During winter, this specific private property waterfall is a favorite!  Because usually regardless of the weather and snow levels, you still see the cliffs.  This feature offers a more layered 3D feel as you explore around too.  Further, all of these elements come together to create a perfect Iceland honeymoon adventure!

Cliffside Honeymoon Photos in Iceland

Feeling on top of the world is exactly how you want to feel on your Iceland honeymoon adventure, right?!  To illustrate, Ben and Kristina were marveled over discovering the cliffside 360 degree views!  Firstly, 1 side of the mountain showcases the town of Vik (try to find the hilltop church for reference!).  Secondly, you witness Reynisdrangar basalt sea stacks from a totally different vantage point!  Thirdly, you’ll experience Dyrhólaey Sea Arch from a distance.  Fourth, have views of Mýrdalsjökull Glacier (Iceland’s 4th largest) from a top if a clear day!!

Sunset on a Private Beach in Iceland!

What could be more powerful than experiencing an incredible winter sunset on a private black beach during your Iceland honeymoon adventure?  Ummm, nothing!  …Okay, so maybe their unforgettable elopement adventure!  This specific beach is wild, but seeing the waves like this swelling to an extraordinary height was NUTS!!  Honestly, even though these two were really cold, they hugged each other and laughed even harder through it!  After all, preparing for the weather in Iceland can be a challenge all in itself!  But oh so #worthit!

Why Book a Honeymoon Session in Iceland

If the images above didn’t sell you on having an Iceland honeymoon adventure session than allow these top 5 reasons to do so….

  1. Allows you to bring home the PERFECT souvenir of your trip to Iceland!  …and photo quality of a professional Iceland honeymoon photographer is going to be leaps and bounds above your phone or point and shoot camera!
  2. Provides you with a second chance to experience a crazy action packed day in a totally different area!
  3. Gives you the opportunity to get dressed back up and get the full use out of your wedding attire (worth every penny)!
  4. A perfect excuse to fall in love harder with your partner by adventuring together!  #forevernewlyweds  Let’s also not forget it allows you to be in the moment…
  5. YOU’RE MARRIED!!!  DOCUMENT the crap out of your adventure PLEASE!!  You’ll thank us later, promise =)  Oh oh, and please leave that selfie stick at home 😉


Okay okay, so now you’re sold on having an adventurous honeymoon session in Iceland… Feel free to contact us for more details!

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