Fairytale Frozen Glacier Lake Elopement: Kristina + Ben

True love transcends time, space, and leaves you with an endless flow of moments that make you smile.  In fact, some may even compare true love as a living fairytale!  Likely when you begin dreaming of wedding locations it could be difficult to find a place that is as life changing as your love.  Maybe eloping on another planet could do it justice?  For Kristina and Ben, having a frozen glacier lake elopement inside of a floating iceberg felt like their very own ice planet!

Could you imagine getting married in a once in a lifetime location?  Literally a place where all the stars, temperatures, and conditions all have to align in order to make it happen.  But then again that’s exactly what our team specializes in… making your adventurous wedding dreams come true!  Come along with us today as we share such an incredible moment in time!

Kristina and Ben

Meeting as co-workers in early 2015, Kristina and Ben found their way into an relationship together!  Finding common ground whilst hanging out, foodie experiences, working out, playing games, traveling, and hiking together.  As time went on, they even formed a little trifecta with their Rottweiler, Briggs!

Years later, a surprise proposal follows while tailgating at a University of Florida football game.  Everyone knew about it except our lovely bride to be Kristina…  High five Ben for keeping the element of surprise strong!  Shortly after, these two decided to forego a traditional wedding in the USA, for the opportunity to travel.  Frankly, they were seeking a wedding location that looked and felt like another “planet.”

Therefore, Iceland was the answer for the variety of landscapes, textures, and tones.   Furthermore, seeing that our Iceland Wedding Planner team are experts in planning and photographing ice cave elopements, they had to contact us.  Specifically, they loved the idea of being married inside of a crystal blue ice cave.  The best chance is planning a February elopement in Iceland so that is exactly what they did and here is their frozen glacier lake elopement story…

Eloping During Winter in Iceland

You’ve heard us say this before, but winter weather in Iceland can be unforgiving and brutal in every way possible.  To illustrate, on February 19th, the day before Kristina and Ben were set to elope in Iceland, there was a crazy storm that closed all of the roads in the south.  For real, like from Seljalandsfoss Waterfall to Hofn.  But, the storm was going to subside around 10pm and the roads were anticipated to open then.

Firstly, turns out only part of our team (hair and makeup) had made it to the hotel before all of the roads closed.  Secondly, the rest (Iceland elopement photographer, video, Pastor, and super jeep team) and even the bride and groom were all stuck behind different areas of the road closures!  Which then turned into phone and email cheer sessions, status updates, hilarious joke telling, horn honking, and like 5 worst case scenario planning depending on the arrival time to the hotel for everyone!  Thirdly, thankfully the roads began opening at further west sections around 6pm, allowing our bride and groom to play catch to the rest.  By 11pm the main road closure keeping everyone from the final stretch of the hotel opened!

Upon arriving to the Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon around 1:30am, everyone high fived and laughed at surviving the storm!!  Eloping during winter in Iceland as we said can be challenging, but the morning of February 20th 2020 was BEAUTIFUL, only wind needed to be battled 😉  All aspects of our team were hard at work making magic happen before loading into the super jeep for the day.

Adventurous Hiking Elopement Begins

 One of the coolest things about Kristina and Ben was that during our Skype call they flat out said, “We’re all in.  Not going all the way there, to b*tch out!”  In other words, they wanted the full experience driven elopement no matter the weather or crazy conditions!  They easily rated themselves a 10 out of 10 on our adventure scale and it was 100% the truth!  Which is exactly why we pitched them more challenging Iceland elopement itineraries.

Leading up to their elopement adventure, we could not say for sure what blue ice cave would be an option for them.  Usually not until the week of are we able to know what ice caves will be viable options and what the conditions could look like (IE, glacier walking crampons versus ice climbing ones, etc).  However, all of the plans included some sort of blue ice cave.  Meanwhile, one of our plans for the day included a frozen lake hiking elopement!  For example, the morning brought cold enough temperatures to make the magical fairytale frozen glacier lake elopement and ceremony inside of a floating iceberg reality.

Jumping out of the super jeep and gearing up the hike across the lake to the floating iceberg began… And it truly was unreal as soon as the iceberg was in our eyesight!  Truly it felt like we had landed on the ice planet from Christopher Nolan’s InterstellerSpecial Note: Our team takes great care in scouting and preparing for situations before we take our couples into areas to ensure safety at all times.

Iceberg Ice Cave Ceremony

Additionally, as we alluded to earlier these two were also seeking a Iceland wedding ceremony location which looked and felt like another planet.  So when the arrived, they were speechless!!  The wind whirled through the cave but these two held such an intimate inspiring frozen glacier lake elopement ceremony inside of that very blue ice cave!

Exploring Inside a Floating Iceberg Ice Cave

Have you ever explored the inside of a floating ice cave on a frozen glacier lake?  Umm, yeah it was a first for us too!  Likely, to ever replicate something like this again you’d need all the stars and temperatures to align again.  Ben and Kristina savored every single second discovering all of the textures and tones of this extremely special place!

Frozen Glacier Lake Elopement Photo Adventure

After fully trekking around one side of the iceberg it was time for Kristina and Ben to explore the outside!  Our Iceland elopement photographer and video team captured the most INSANE elopement photos and footage… See for yourself below!  I mean after seeing these wouldn’t you want to plan a frozen glacier lake elopement too?

Offbeat Roads and Mountain Views

Hiking about an hour after the frozen glacier lake elopement, back to the super jeep, it was time to warm up and continue on with their adventurous day.  Did you know East Iceland is known for having Iceland’s tallest mountain and reindeer?  It just so happened Kristina and Ben experienced both!  Further, the schedule continues on with gorgeous warm sunlight on an offbeat black beach road which had the most incredible mountain view…  Kristina busted out her veil for a few Iceland elopement photos and they shared some super fun dance moves!

Romantic Moments on Diamond Beach

Although Diamond Beach (across the street from Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon) is not a location our team frequents because it is heavily populated with visitors we made an exception for these two!  Therefore, from the first moment Kristina and Ben reached out to us, it was on their “must do” list for their frozen glacier lake elopement adventure.

Due to the storm the previous night, the beach was full of chunks of ice (more than usual everywhere!).  For instance, that partnered with the glorious evening light, made it such a romantic scene for Iceland elopement photos!  Moreover, the drive back to the hotel brought a perfect sunset view of the kissing trolls!

Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon Elopement Dinner

What could be better than a cozy warm dinner after a adventurous day hiking in Iceland?  Well, we think having a styled dinner table after your frozen glacier lake ice cave elopement could top it!  Likely, Kristina and Ben would agree.  A delicious and traditional Iceland wedding cake for two adorned their sweetheart table too!  Believe it or not, their night ended with experiencing the Northern Lights (no shame in not having photos and staying bundled up!)!

In conclusion, are you in awe and oh-so inspired after witnessing Kristina and Ben’s frozen glacier lake elopement?  If so, we would love to help you plan and forever document your very own unique Iceland wedding adventure!  Feel free to contact us for more information.

And check back in a week or two for their Iceland wedding video and their incredible Iceland honeymoon adventure session!

Iceland Wedding Video

A local Icelandic wedding video team captured Ben and Kristina’s stunning ice cave elopement expedition, so be sure to check it out!

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