Iceland Wedding Photographer: Bethany + Richard’s Southern Iceland Adventure Wedding

When my couples find me, they are in search of something… Distinctively different. They understand my mission and that I plan and photograph adventure weddings. My Iceland destination wedding couples, are not worried about getting their wedding attire dirty, in fact they look at it as if it’s a medal proving their wedding day fearlessness! They climb, hike, traverse, and withstand the moody unpredictable conditions this epic country exudes and tackle it with a great big excited smile. My clients crave a long awesome adventure filled day that will be chock-full of stunning locations that are super-secret.

Bethany and Richard from Chicago, Illinois embraced these ideals from the very beginning of their Iceland wedding planning escapades. When Bethany first emailed me she said, “The thing that struck me was how much the ruggedness and sheer beauty of the landscape complemented the couples in your photos.  We want to have a strong sense of place in our wedding and be surrounded by nature.” Then we Skyped… Um yeahhhhhh no brainer, I want you as my clients! Your wish is my command my dear!

When we set out to plan their fabulous wedding day in Iceland we had the opportunity to incorporate some ethnic dynamics such as a Chinese Tea Ceremony, family style story-telling, and Iceland inspired party favors at their wedding reception.

Bethany and Richard fell in love with holding their Iceland wedding ceremony at the legendary Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon and so we did… Around 9am on a fabulous April morning, all of the guests began their Icelandic adventure wedding day from Vik and headed east for a thrill-seeking day of sunshine, hiking, and being awed by the vivid landscapes! Upon arrival to the lagoon, the excitement between the bride and groom was infectious and you could not keep your eyes off of them! They delighted in a beautiful Iceland Humanist wedding ceremony where they spoke their own vows to each other, ended with a sweet kiss in front of the floating icebergs and a rose petal toss in celebration!

Two super-secret waterfalls were next on their Iceland wedding adventure agenda and they were stunning as you will see from the gorgeous images from Photos by Miss Ann, below. The travel part of journey ended at the dramatic Reynisfjara black sand beach basalt columns and boy was it a lovely wave-crashing snow filled ending! After arriving back to the hotel, the guests freshened up and came downstairs to Richard and Bethany’s exquisitely set Iceland wedding reception! Oh la la and make sure you check out their Iceland wedding centerpieces, wedding favors, and menus, you’ll swoon I’m sure of it. Enjoy these Iceland wedding images below and as a side note folks – Did you see their impromptu Iceland Pre Wedding Session at Seljalandsfoss Waterfall? If not, go back here to view.

Bethany + Richard,

You two!!!!! Your wedding day was so much fun, can we do it all again like ASAP? You guys will go down in my Iceland wedding day history books as the couple who never said no =) I think seriously everything I suggested you both looked at me in unison and said YES! One of my favorite parts of the day was when Bethany hiked up her fabulous couture dress and scaled a fence, ladder, and went mountainside barefoot! A day full of amazing surprises, endless blue skies (until our snowy black sand beach photos), and spectacular Iceland wedding portraits! Thank you for the chance to be part of your epic day!

Lots of love, hugs, and smiles, Ann Peters (Iceland Wedding Photographer and Planner)

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