Iceland Elopement Photographer: Why You Need to Hire a Local

Adventurous elopements allow you to experience, feel, and be in the moment all freaking day with your favorite person!  Sounds like THE BEST DAY ever, right?  Our Iceland Wedding Planner team totally agrees!  But wait, then it’s over in a blink of an eye… The photographs and the memories is all you will be left with once your Iceland adventure wedding day is said and done.  You’ll look back through those images and relive your adventure.  I dare to say there may be even times you NEED to remember those feelings you had that day.  All that said, choosing an Iceland Elopement Photographer then becomes even more important!

Should you book a local photographer for your Iceland elopement?

As we alluded to above, your Iceland elopement photographer is not just creating those images for you for now but for 5, 10, 25, 40 years from now.  Certainly it is important that they capture that exciting time in your life by forever pausing and documenting it.

On the other hand, you may need those images to bring back feelings of that day and leading up to.  Maybe to even remember exactly why you continue to choose your partner every day.  Just as we shared with you 10 reasons why you need an Iceland wedding video, booking a LOCAL Iceland elopement photographer should be high on your list too!

Should you book a local photographer for your Iceland elopement?  In short, the answer is yes! Therefore, we would like to share with you 7 reasons why booking specifically our local Iceland elopement photographer team is beneficial.


7 Reasons to Book a Local Iceland Elopement Photographer

1- Hiring 1 Team

When hiring our Iceland Wedding Planner team, you are getting many teams within one.  Specifically 1 team to handle the 2 most important aspects of your planning logistics (hello custom Iceland elopement package) and adventure wedding photography.  Basically you’re booking an Iceland elopement photographer and guide(s) on the day.  Our super jeep team is an extension of our team who will drive you, keep you safe, gear you up, educate and entertain you throughout the day.  And sometimes our Iceland elopement photographer does part of that too!


2- Quality of Iceland Wedding Locations

A local Iceland Elopement Photographer does not take you to tourist locations.  Well, in our opinion, they shouldn’t but we cannot speak for the companies outside of our Iceland Wedding Planner team.

In the same vein, our team scouts Iceland wedding locations WEEKLY with both our planners and photographers.  For example, the mission of our company is to get you away from the tourist locations and up into the more pure, private and untouched sides of Iceland.  Furthermore, our team also does the leg work of getting in advance permissions, permits, and paying or bartering land owners for exclusive private use.  I mean come on, who wants 100’s of people Instagram-ing your badass moments?  #SaidNoOneEVER

Overall I’m sure you’ll agree as you review our site, the quality and uniqueness of our Iceland elopement locations speak for themselves.


3- Iceland Elopement Plan A, B, C, D, and E

Wedding locations come way easier to a local Iceland elopement photographer than a visiting one.  To sum it up, WE LIVE HERE (like permanently and legally) we thrive on constantly finding new locations and plan “b’s” for when we need them.  For instance, what if the weather turns, the road closes for gale force winds (or an accident), a tour bus of 100 people or 300 person film crew shows up at your location?  Local Iceland wedding photographers can quickly plan b, c, d, or e far easier than someone who is not local to Iceland and just visiting.

Most noteworthy for us, we recall the intimate adventure wedding back in Summer of 2017 where we had to plan “b” the entire day because the main road closed towards where we were originally going because of extreme winds.  That group actually got to be the first at 3 places we had only scouted too!  Similarly, this happened with a recent November gale force wind elopement too where after the ceremony they were all locations we hadn’t taken anyone to.

Even if working with our team is out of your Iceland wedding budget, choose to hire a local.  Most importantly, don’t take a chance with those “wanderlist” photographers offering their services for free in trade for you taking them here (see more in our FAQ’s).  Frankly, most times you get what you pay for and who wants a panicked photographer who doesn’t know the area or takes countless months to return your Iceland wedding photos because they have to Photoshop out hundreds of people?!


4- Knows and Prepared for the Icelandic Weather

Above all, a local Iceland elopement photographer is going to be use to shooting in extreme weather and get you amped-up to adventure in it!  Firstly, if you’ve hired our team, our Iceland elopement photographers shoot with the most rugged Nikon gear on the planet (after all they shoot in other areas like Greenland; Lapland; Antarctica; and Svalbard!) which is rated for sub-zero temps and practically waterproof!

Secondly, they come with a hearty adventure wedding “go bag” in tow specifically with clear umbrellas, hot hands, hot water bottle, and steaming coffee!  After all the weather Iceland gives you becomes part of your story.  Whereas, a visiting photographer may want you to reschedule for another day with better weather.

Lastly on this topic is the local photographer knowing how and when the light hits the mountains because they’ve been there countless times!  He or she will know also how quickly the light drops when you’re in the middle of the highlands or mountains.  A sunrise and sunset time is way different when you want or need mountain light for your Iceland elopement photos.  Our Iceland elopement planning and photography team are experts on this topic!


5- Accessories!

Being local, our Iceland elopement photographer brings the needed shooting accessories versus a visiting photographer wouldn’t know to bring or have room to pack… For example a few things like a DRONE (yes our team does drone Iceland wedding photos), a ladder, fancy hanger (in case you’ve left the dress on a plastic hanger) and a elegant ring box!


6- Support Iceland

Iceland only has a population of 330,000 people, like in the ENTIRE country.  Hopefully you understand the need to support the professionals living here and their livelihood (cost of living here is more than NYC and we don’t have dollar menus).

Not only that but business taxes are outrageous and sometimes crippling compared to the USA.  Our personal and professional taxes also go towards building you a better Iceland (hello infrastructure and countryside bathrooms) too for your future trips here!  Support the locals by hiring talented locals like your Iceland elopement photographer!


7- Tried and True

Hiring a local Iceland elopement photographer means they are likely tried and true.  To illustrate checkout our reviews on GoogleWedding Wire, and The Knot!

Picking a local photographer gives you access to tried and true vendors if you just needed 1-2 vendors.  I cringe at using the words Iceland wedding vendors, mainly because our team hand picks the folks we work with because of talent and attitude, not price.  We even go the length of sharing our interview and meeting notes so they know who you are in advance!  To illustrate, when our “A-Team” shows up on your Iceland elopement adventure day, it will feel like everyone  is a bunch of talented friends making it happen for you, not starchy “vendors.”

Iceland Wedding Photography Style

In Googling around for Iceland wedding photos, what type of photos jumped out at you the most?  You’re here… So maybe our style of “small people big landscape” connected you to having the idea for an adventurous elopement in Iceland?  As a result, you likely adore the idea of literally being captured in the dynamic landscape EXPLORING with the one you love with sweet cuddles in-between to stay warm…

That is our Iceland photography style in a nut shell.  We craft a real EXPERIENCE and have real-life photos to come along with it.  Our Iceland elopement photographer does not apply some heavy “film-like” overlay or preset to make it darker and moodier than it actually was.  Hence our more brighter “that’s how you remember it” approach.  Our team has a talented photo editor on staff which ensures all of the photos are processed the same way and to the style you see throughout our website.  Consistency is important when you look to hiring an Iceland elopement photographer.

Communicating with your Iceland Elopement Photographer

Communication is key to every successful relationship or partnership.  Hiring an Iceland wedding photographer is no different!  Initially our Skype call interviews with you are between 90-120 minutes to ensure we all would be a good fit for each other and vibe right.  Understanding your loves, hates, and must have’s is important to us.

As a matter of fact, it may be helpful to review the list of questions to ask your Iceland wedding photographer we crafted way back in 2012!  So you don’t end up disappointed like our owner Ann did during her very own first wedding in Iceland.  Also check out more info on our About and FAQ pages!

After Your Iceland Elopement- Getting the Goods!

Make sure as you review the Iceland elopement photographer’s contract that it is clearly stated what is the timeline of receiving your finished images.  That way, you know you won’t be waiting 6+ months!

For instance, our teams process is contractually we say you will not wait longer than 90 days even in our busiest season.  Reality though is previews between wedding day and two weeks and finished gallery between 2-5 weeks.  Afterwards you decide if you wish to add on cool things like albums, prints or craft your own from the high resolution files and personal print release that comes with your Iceland wedding photography package.

Best Time of Year to Elope in Iceland for Amazing Wedding Photos

If you’re waiting for that perfect moment and perfect time to begin planning your elopement adventure, it doesn’t come.  Start here.  Start now.  So together, let’s create the perfect time and situation for you!  Firstly, our Iceland elopement photography and guide team would love to love to educate you a little bit.  Often a hot topic to discuss is the best time of year to elope in Iceland.

Come along with us as we explore visiting Iceland month by month, beginning with winter!

Eloping in Iceland in November:

November elopements in Iceland can expect snow capped mountains, grass and moss looking more brown-green.  Daylight hours vary from 8 hours in the beginning of the month to a mere 5 hours at the end.  Likely there will not be snow on the ground in the South of Iceland but could be possible in the West Fjords, Snaefellsness, North or East Fjords.

Be prepared for extreme weather conditions being gale force winds, sideways rain, and temperatures that are between 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit.  Having a gale force wind elopement is a real thing, so be prepared!  A super exciting bonus though of a November elopement in Iceland is that if the sun does come out it looks like sunrise or sunset the whole day!  Soft amazing light for your Iceland elopement photographer to shoot you in!!

Iceland December Weddings:

Elopements in December in Iceland are tricky in regards to weather.  Days are windy, cold, likely more wet with rain than snowy, but the mountains should be covered, but the nights are long.  The good news is though Northern Lights can be dancing!  Similar to November, the day offers only 4-5 hours of daylight and temps between 28-38 degrees Fahrenheit.  The good news about planning an Iceland hiking elopement in December is that you’ll have the trails to yourself!

January Elopement in Iceland:

Eloping in January in Iceland is a no go for our daring Iceland Wedding Planner and Iceland Elopement Photographer team.  We advise you to not put yourself through the extremeness of weather (wind, snow, rain, crazy cold temps), road closures, and the darkness.  Rather, let’s plan an elopement in Patagonia as an adventure instead!

Iceland Elopements in February:

Ice cave season is full on during the month of February.  And to get to one, you’ll need an experienced super jeep team.  Lucky you that we use the best super jeep team in Iceland!  Checkout one of our beautiful February ice cave elopement that was followed by Northern Lights hunting!  Plus if you love cold and want to have a snowy winter wonderland Iceland wedding we urge you to come mid February.

Getting Married in March in Iceland:

March is our favorite winter month in Iceland for weddings!  Daylight hours are abundant (10+ hours), the air is crisp, Northern Lights are often the strongest, and it can be 50/50 chance of snow and crazy icicles!  For example, one of our lakeside March elopements in Iceland only had a dusting of snow.  In contrast though often our ice cave elopements in March are full of snowy features!

Iceland April Elopements:

Spring arrives in April and it’s exciting!  The snow melts uncovering everything and there is soooo much DAYLIGHT!  However, at least twice during this month winter prevails again and sometimes we have blizzard elopements happen in April in Iceland!  #truestory  Similarly, April elopements in Iceland are like November where the grass and moss are more brown green.

Eloping in May in Iceland:

Planning a May elopement in Iceland and heading into the lower Icelandic Highlands means the area will likely be still snow spotted.  One of our favorite adventurous May elopements was at a hidden waterfall elopement in Iceland and the spots of snow made it dreamy!  Moreover, May tends to be more cold and clear but that doesn’t mean you won’t have a gorgeous rainy wedding ceremony or May elopement!

Iceland June Weddings:

June is officially summertime in Iceland and also happens to be the month with 24 hours of daylight, woohoo!  Lots of time to adventure together!  Also this is the time when all of the big highland roads open if you’re looking for amazing Iceland honeymoon options too!  Our Iceland elopement photographers loved forever documenting a highland waterfall elopement adventure last summer.  And in June you can catch the Alaskan lupines blooming EVERYWHERE (they typically bloom strongest from June 10 – July 10th).

Eloping in July in Iceland:

Oh la la, July!  Green in Iceland becomes a different color in July and August, for real!  This month is our warmest with temperatures between 45-55 degrees and most times a month with less rain.  Many times if the sun is out you could have a “feel like” temperature of like 65-70 degrees!  Wow-wee!!

Reminds us of one of our all time favorite July elopement in Iceland where the couple married at the base of a glacier and then went highland waterfall hunting, bounced around on top of a cliff, discovered a secret canyon and ended the day exploring a private black sand beach with sea arch!  What a freaking incredible adventurous day for both the newlyweds and the Iceland elopement photographer!

Iceland August Elopements:

Personally our favorite summer month is August!  It’s a month where the weather is the nicest, warm just like July, super green, and we finally start getting darkness back.  One time we even photographed the Northern Lights with Iceland newlyweds on the last day of the month!  Want to see a gorgeous Iceland wedding video in August?  It really shows the EXPERIENCE driven adventure weddings we craft.  Or how about experience an adventurous full day Iceland elopement in August with countless locations!

Elopement Adventures in Iceland in September:

Fall comes to Iceland at the start of September.  Weather begins to become a bit more unpredictable and temperatures drop to 38-48 degrees and even towards the end of the month a tiny bit of snow shows up in the Highlands and Southern coast mountains.  Still plenty of daylight (11.5-14.5 hours) to explore though!  September waterfall elopements are ideal during this time even when it rains!  But you can always opt for a venue change to elope in a cave too!

Iceland October Elopements:

October is a dynamic month to get married in here in Iceland.  Why?  Just like the USA, the colors!  The ground cover begins to change from green to yellow, orange, and sometimes red!  Plus the air is crisp again and usually between 34-41 degrees.  Beware though the daylight hours DROP quickly this month as we begin the month with 11 hours and end it with only 8 hours.  And I feel like after the 17th of October the weather changes significantly… more rain and crazy winds from our experience.

Probably one of the prettiest October elopements our team has planned and documented was an East Iceland hiking elopement last year.  Although having an Iceland mountaintop elopement in October easily revivals it!

Iceland Elopement Photographer & Guides

After reading all this awesomeness are you pumped up?!  Way more excited to have a custom Iceland elopement package made for specifically for you?  Feeling totally educated on finding the right Iceland Elopement Photographer too?  Keep the energy flowing and contact us for more information on our team being both your Iceland Elopement Photographer & Guides!

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