Iceland Wedding Video: 10 Reasons Why You Need One

One item of planning you might hum and haw over is whether or not to hire an Iceland wedding video team.  It’s for sure an investment, but one that will last throughout your lifetime.  It’s even likely you may have first experienced our adventure wedding style come to life through the eyes of one of those talented Iceland wedding videography teams, on YouTube.  All that said, today we would like to share with you 10 reasons why you need to hire one.

10 Reasons Why you should hire an Iceland wedding video team:

1 – It literally brings your wedding day back to life.

The day goes crazy fast and there is no getting away from that simple fact.  But if you hire a videographer, you have the best chance to relive it by re-watching your Iceland wedding or elopement video anytime you wish.  And for those of you that are planners, this can help you beat the post wedding blues!  Cannot tell you how many times I’ve watched my own Lofoton Islands elopement video 😉


2 – The emotion, movement, words and the weather are forever documented.

This is an area of your Iceland wedding that your photos will not due the day justice nor will your memory keep hold.  Over time, you lose the feelings of what occurred in those incredible moments.  But the good news is, your Iceland wedding videographer may have the style of adding you reading a letter to each other or having your wedding vows overlay.  Because let’s face it, the two of you may not remember seriously how much freaking LOVE, JOY, and HONOR you felt as you said your vows to each other.  Or how your voice quivered as you told your to be how much he / she has changed your life for the better.  But video will catch all of that and allow you the opportunity to experience it again.

My husband, likes to say time can also sugar coats situations.  Meaning our memories may embellish how the weather or situation was that day.  So maybe you were super nervous and your soon-to-be put you at ease.  Likewise, you may not remember how wicked the weather was, like that you literally endured gale force winds during your elopement in Iceland!  Having an Iceland wedding video team will surely capture all of that.  One of our favorite gale force wind weddings is a March ice cave elopement (Iceland wedding video is at the end!) and you can see how the weather effected them.


3 – You’ll likely see details you missed!

This is one of my favorite reasons… Mainly because you see how your spouse looks at you, kisses or caresses you, and movement of a moment.  It’s magic seeing that, really!  Furthermore, this may also be the part where the Iceland wedding video team interjects “b roll” and you can see shots and moments you are not familiar with.  A welcomed surprise!  An example of this could be the wind blowing grass or the water rushing from the waterfall, etc.


4 – Sharing with all you love!

With how quickly the trend for eloping is growing, you may come here with no Iceland wedding guests in tow.  You might promise all you love and adore back home that they can experience it again in photos (which is AWESOME and a much needed) but seeing your adventure wedding unfold is an incredible experience to gift your loved ones too.  They will fully understand why you ran away and eloped in Iceland after seeing it, I assure you!

If having guests accompany you, it’s super fun to see them adventure around during your wedding day too!  Seeing them laugh and smile just adds to the warmth and unforgettableness (that’s a word, right?) of your day.  Also, there’s chance that not all of who you wanted to come could make it to Iceland either (IE, a non-traveling grandma or pregnant sister, etc) and it’s a beautiful way to keep them included in a “feel like you’re there” king of way.


5 – You’re a movie star!

Iceland wedding video teams have all sorts of styles and story crafting skills.  They really can transform your Iceland adventure wedding into a cinematographic wedding film that all will be green with envy!  Many of the teams we work with create their best work here because of our Iceland wedding locations and the vibe our style of weddings exude.  Once the Iceland wedding video has been released, most publish on their websites, YouTube, Vimeo, and even LoveStoriesTV, forever sealing your Iceland wedding adventure in time and for all to be inspired by!


6 – You have the chance to rekindle that magic you once shared.

Honestly, I feel like it could really reignite your passion for each other in some cases.  To take a few minutes to relive how adventurous you were together, how his/her smile would make you get a giddy glow, what it felt like when you first met each other to bring you to that marriage point, etc.  There is a lot to be said about about how watching your Iceland elopement video can make you experience those emotions again.

Life is busy and as married couples, it is easy to let the communication and romance slide.  Anything that can be done to keep the love alive and growing is worth it!  In fact, we watch our Lofoten Islands wedding video (second marriage was a charm for me!) at least once a month now even into our 3 years of being forever newlyweds!  I feel it’s important to watch it because it reminds me how special David is to me, how hard we adventure together, and how much love he makes me feel, daily.


7 – Live with no regrets!

One of my biggest regrets from my first marriage was skimping on the budget in regards to hiring a video team.  Days before we were getting married by grandmother passed away and part of my family chose to not come to handle arrangements.  As time went on I had wished we had something more to show them because the husband and wife team of wedding photographers from Canada, we had originally hired back in 2012, we felt did not really capture the essence of our adventure wedding in Iceland.  So a Iceland wedding video would have offered us so much more to the story versus recalling phone videos from our guests.


8 – Forever keepsake or heirloom for your family.

Enough said?  You family has a lot to brag about (you know like how adventurous and AMAZING you two are together) so let it become part of the family legacy!  Plus, if you do decide to go down the build your own family route (aka, kids) then it would be super sweet to share with them when they can understand it.  Who knows, maybe it will inspire them to become an Iceland wedding videographer or some other arts avenue!


9 – Adds to the energy of your day.

Every single Iceland wedding video team we choose to partner with brings a level of energy and adventure that is infectious.  It’s frankly a prerequisite to jive with our adventure wedding team!  It’s super fun having talented friend like feeling folks around you versus stuffy “wedding vendors!”  Especially when you may be coming just as a couple to Iceland and eloping!  By being in the super jeep or bus all together, it really increases the excitement and the awesomeness of your day!  If other people are rallied and jazzed up to go make magic in the down pouring rain, you will too!  Rain?  What rain?!  It just adds to the adventure, the story of the day, and feed more into the decision to get married in dramatic Iceland!


10 – Could very well save your marriage down the road.

I’m super serious when I write the above statement.  Your Iceland wedding video could save your marriage.  If you end up in days of disagreement or one of you are down on their luck, or even unfaithful, you might find yourself uttering the “D” word.  After all, it’s way easier to call it quits than roll up your sleeves and get ready for the work that needs to happen to mend the relationship.

Personal Story: A part of me still wonders to this day if having an Iceland wedding video from my first marriage could have challenged us to work harder or change in some way to honor the vows we spoke.  Seeing “us” in action loving, adventuring, and holding each other could have brought back feelings in the famed “11th hour.”  Who knows, anything that could help make a difference or allow you to see from a different perspective may be helpful.  Especially if it serves as a reminder of what you once had.

As I previously mentioned above, having an adventure wedding video was high priority the second time I (Ann) was married because of ALL of the 10 reasons above.  Maybe you recall our previous blog post on “Meeting in Iceland to Having a Lofoten Islands Elopement Adventure?”  My second adventurous wedding day was going to be about what it should have been the first time, US!   I’m a firm believer that our adventurous elopement video has “saved” our marriage already a few times throughout our first 3 years together =)

Why you should be careful in who you hire:

Selecting an Iceland wedding video team is not an easy decision nor one that should be taken lightly.  We would like to share with you a list of topics you should consider when researching who you may want to have film your Iceland adventure wedding or elopement.

  • Are they based in Iceland and if not what are travel fees?  There are countless folks saying they are “based” in Iceland but they are not.  Take it from us, a Iceland wedding planning team who LIVES here that as of when this post was published truly only 1 team lives here and that is Beit Productions.


  • Do they respect the landscape?  IE, We have wedding video teams that are on our “do not use list” specifically because they have destroyed 1,000 year old moss, went “off road driving,” or filmed on private property without in advance permission.  These are very serious offences and word travels fast in our small community of only 330,000 people.


  • Are they easy to work with?  Meaning are they fun, friendly, and work well with others?  Other video teams have made it on our “do not use list” because they have been “know it all’s” on locations, condescending, or were disrespectful to our Iceland wedding planner team.


  • Are they willing to sign an NDA agreement?  Our Iceland Wedding Planner team requires this for the protection and preservation of our private property Iceland wedding locations.


  • Don’t get caught up in by folks claiming to have prestigious awards.  Anyone can be voted “filmmaker of the year” on some website that does not have any bearing in the industry world.  Make sure their awards are legit.


  • Ask if they understand an adventure style wedding and are prepared for it gear wise.  Example, can they go 12-17 hours in the rain, extreme wind, etc without missing a beat and still be in good spirits?


  • Does the Iceland wedding video team need their own time in the schedule at each location?  Or can they shoot alongside of the Iceland wedding photographer.


  • Do they do drone footage?  Will they fly in the rain?  More often than not it rains during Iceland wedding adventures (as you’ll see in most of the videos below) and your Iceland wedding video needs to be capable.  But there are some styles of Iceland wedding videos that do not need it and some couples do not want it.  But if you want it and are in utter awe of the spanning overview shots, it’s important to hire a team who are skilled in doing it.


  • What is the delivery time?  We have some teams that can turn in 1-3 months depending on the season whereas others have a wait of at least 6 months for your masterpiece.  Clarify and make sure a contract stating it is signed.

Who are the best Iceland wedding and elopement video teams?

We are happy to share with you and give our favorite Iceland wedding video teams who are on our “approved” list and give them shout outs for their amazing work!  If you are a current client, let us know who is of interest to you and we can see if they are available for your amazing Iceland wedding or elopement date!  All would be thrilled to meet you and craft an amazing story!


Veiled in Motion (from Boston):



Beit Productions (from Iceland):




Daniel Thomas Wedding Films (Icelandic):



Painted Sky Films (from British Columbia):




Two Penny Productions (from Michigan):


Boka Studios (from Michigan):


Film Strong Films (from Texas):



White in Revery (from Denver):



Happy Together Films (from Portugal):


Personally, our Iceland Wedding Planner team think having an adventure wedding video to look back is important.  It brings you back to one of the most exciting moments in your life.  Who knows, maybe it will serve as a reminder of who you are together and give you fight and reignite your passion to keep “dating” your husband / wife in challenging times.  Either way, we dare you to consider adding an Iceland wedding video to your budget!

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