Fun Loving Iceland Wedding at Hotel Glymur

New York City is home to over 8 million people.  Imagine in being told the love of your life is there and patiently waiting.  But why wait?!  Being in the 21st century and a millennial, it’s likely you will meet your lifetime mate on a website or dating app.  Am I right?  There’s no shame, we’ve all done it.  Plus, it is a fantastic way to pre-screen your potential.  New Yorker’s, Brooke an Ricky found their way to each other via Plenty of Fish (aka POF) and then ultimately on to an Iceland destination wedding at Hotel Glymur in August!

Why get married in Iceland?

These two may have met on Plenty of Fish, but quickly after their first date of drinks which turned into dinner, they realized truly how much in common they had.  It’s fair to say these two not only bring out the BEST in each other, but they challenge each other to have epic unforgettable adventures!  From hiking adventures throughout Death Valley, skiing in across the Rockies in Colorado, scuba diving incredible reefs, countless travel journeys, competing in triathlons/Iron Mans, to spending sweet quite time with their pup Oliver these two know how to LIVE.

After spending  several years together, they ventured down to their favorite beach, brought the dog and delicious drinks to make a picnic out of it.  They laughed, talked, and listened to a fabulous country music playlist together.  Ricky proposed to Brooke when their song, “I Don’t Dance” by Lee Brice came on!  Brooke was shocked and oh-so happy!

Shortly after the surprise proposal, they began planning a traditional local wedding in New York City.  But as they got into the thick of wedding planning, having 200+ people for only 4-5 hours, just didn’t really feel like “them” or fun at all.  They began to search for interesting places to have a destination wedding and a place free from the zika virus.  After Googling around a bit, they found their way to Iceland’s dynamic landscape and opportunity of dramatic wedding photographs.  They found their way to our Iceland Wedding Planner team and our adventure wedding concept and were hooked!

Brooke and Ricky adored the idea of taking all they love to a waterfall in Iceland for a wedding ceremony and then showing their guests how stunning Iceland is by having a full day adventure wedding after.  So we dare you to come along with us today and experience Brooke and Ricky’s Iceland destination wedding at Hotel Glymur!

Iceland Wedding Hotel: Hotel Glymur

Choosing an Iceland wedding hotel during summer can be a challenge.  The ones that uphold an American style standard book out 12-24 months before if you plan to come during July and August.  Many also do not allow for private dining space unless renting out the entire hotel as well.  The good news for Brooke and Ricky was that their guest list of 70-80 guests would easily overtake Hotel Glymur.

Brooke and Ricky had rented out the Villa Romance at Hotel Glymur.  It offers an incredible view of the whale fjord (Hvalfjordur) and it’s own private hot tub!  When you embark on a full day adventure wedding with us, it is likely you will begin your morning around 5am with our Iceland wedding hair and makeup team coming to your hotel room or villa.   Our Iceland wedding photographer also arrives this early as well to ensure there is plenty of time to capture all of the amazing wedding details (like the welcome bag, wedding dress, suit, etc!)

Iceland Countryside Church Wedding: Hallgrímskirkja Saurbæ

Our team does not often take on couples who wish to be married in a church.  That is unless they are CRAZY AWESOME like Brooke and Ricky and will embark on an adventure day afterwards.  With having so many guests varying of abilities, they wanted to ensure their ceremony was super accessible and that their guests would be dry.  So to avoid any issues with challenging weather conditions (extreme wind or rain) Brooke and Ricky opted to hold their Iceland wedding ceremony at the church down the hill from Hotel Glymur.  It is called Hallgrímskirkja Saurbæ.

Hvalfjörður (Whale Fjord) Wedding Photos

The ceremony concluded and the Iceland Wedding at Hotel Glymur photographer, decided it would be best to get out of the church and into the glorious sunshine that was happening that gorgeous August morning!  Hvalfjörður makes a gorgeous backdrop for Iceland wedding photos.

Wedding at Hotel Glymur Bus Adventure:

Having a wedding at Hotel Glymur, allows you to have access to many amazing natural wonders.  The Snaefellsness Peninsula is a short and gorgeous drive away.  The area has most recently become pretty overrun with tourists each day, but it is possible to find a spot or two away from them.

Our Iceland Wedding Planner team does not typically do wedding adventures in tourist locations either, but we make exceptions if a couple has a strong desire to bring their group to explore it.  Arnarstapi is found in the lovely Snaefellsness Peninsula.  It’s a natural reserve area that boasts history and endless beauty.  This was also the location where our team crafted a traditional hot dog bbq lunch for their group to delight in!

Malarrifsviti Lighthouse Wedding Photos:

There are many lighthouses throughout the Snaefellsness Peninsula to explore.  One of our personal favorites and a bit less touristy is Malarrifsviti.  The area is very dramatic, with the black sand, rocks, and sea cliffs, making it an ideal backdrop for Iceland wedding photos.  Nearby to this beautiful place, is the famed Londrangar Basalt Cliffs (amazing for bird watching in August)!

Golden Beach Iceland Wedding Adventure Location:

There are more black sand beaches than golden in Iceland.  But the Snaefellsness Peninsula is an area that has many golden sands to delight in.  Skarðsvík Beach is one of our favorites to explore when having an Iceland wedding at Hotel Glymur.  It has high sea cliffs, docile waves, sparkly sand, and sometimes a view of the Snaefellsjökull Glacier on a clear day!  Brooke, Ricky, and their 70+ Iceland wedding guests thorough enjoyed their time here exploring the beach!

Kirkjufellsfoss Mountain and Waterfall Wedding Adventure in Iceland:

Kirkjufellsfoss is a location that is super magical.  Touristy or not, it is a site you must see.  Having said that, Brooke and Ricky delighted in both the waterfall and the stunning mountain during their adventure wedding in Iceland!

Wedding at Hotel Glymur Reception:

Above all, there were some traditional aspects of their wedding at Hotel Glymur, Brooke and Ricky held firm to.  Which was mainly, having a formal American style wedding reception in Iceland.  Furthermore, they wanted the pretty reception decor, 4 delicious courses (foodie experience), traditional Iceland wedding cake, having formal dances for themselves and honor parents, followed by a big DJ dance party!  Their wish was our command!!

Finally, do you love the style of Brooke and Ricky’s wedding in Iceland…. Indoor church wedding ceremony to afterwards a full day adventure exploring Iceland together with your guests to a traditional American style reception?  Contact us for more information on crafting a similar experience!

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  1. Dear Ann & Team,
    It was such a delight to see your blog and reminse about that beautiful day last August in what is now referred to as beloved Iceland! It was an experience of a lifetime. We can’t thank you enough for all your planning, insight, and awesome photographic genius in making Brooke & Ricky’s day to be truly magical!
    Truly grateful,
    Mary Jo Marrazzo (mother of the bride)

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