Iceland Wedding Details: The Dapper Groom

Oh la la everyone swoons over a dapper groom!  So once you’ve decided to have an adventurous Iceland wedding (or elopement), one of the many things that may be on your token “decision list” is what your groom will wear… So today we thought it would be super fun to share with you some questions you might find  yourself contemplating during your Iceland wedding planning stages:

  • Will his look be formal or informal?
  • If formal, will he wear a traditional black suit/tux, a non-traditional suit style, or an honorary style (IE, military, country based or of a religious tradition)?
  • If informal, will he have a blazer made of tweed, linen, corduroy?  Wear the shirt tucked or untucked?
  • Bowtie, Tie or Nothing?
  • Vest or no vest?
  • Suspenders or not?
  • Fancy cuff links or not?
  • Coordinating Shoes?
  • Other awesome Iceland wedding accessories (IE, Fun socks, jeweled boutonniere, personal vow book, engraved ring, handkerchief, or watch, etc.)?
  • Will you surprise him with something fun to wear?

Some of our favorite Iceland wedding groom details are featured below!  Hope it gets you thinking!

Iceland Wedding Photographer-Luxury Wedding in Iceland

From our own wedding in the Lofoten Islands… My handsome Icelandic husband wore a traditional Calvin Klein black suit with a gray shirt and tie… Tiny twist on the traditional route.  Then halfway through the day he switched his shirt and tie for another look when I switched my dress!  Shout out to my dear friend Jean Smith for capturing ?

Iceland Wedding Groom Details-1

Remember Marlene and Alan’s elopement adventure in Iceland? Alan donned a traditional black 2 button suit and tan shoes.  Classic and impressive!

How fun would it be to have your groom in a non-traditional tux for your Iceland wedding?!  Do you recall Christophe and Mary’s Vik Iceland wedding adventure?  Christophe, I dare to say coined the word, dapper!

Iceland Wedding Boutineere Flower

One of my favorite informal looks for an Iceland elopement is a clean-cut linen suit!

Iceland Wedding Photography-Iceland Wedding Planner

Iceland wedding accessories… Groom Shoes, Vow Book, and Jeweled Boutineere!  I’m a fan!

Iceland Wedding Groomsmen Details

Blue suits were the trend last year and Luke (remember his pretty bride Kristi and their adventure wedding?) wore it well with mixing in green and gray accents!


So much about Matt and Elita’s adventurous elopement that I LOVED!  I mean seriously… The beard, the braid, the custom suit, vest, and rocking a fun tie?! #yesplease!


Nothing beats a fancy watch on a groom-to-be!  JS Watch Co. Reykjavik is a personal favorite for me!

JS Watch Reykjavik Iceland Wedding Groom Details

Derek last year (remember his and Abbie’s elopement adventure, go back HERE to recall) showed us how good-looking it was to mix navy and tan!

Iceland Elopement - Groom Attire - Suit

I’m a sucker for “boots and suits” on Iceland wedding days, but rocking out a pair of nice shoes is pretty freaking awesome too (and then add in a hat like Todd did on his and Sheena’s lava tube cave wedding and it turns into something pretty special)!


If you have family roots that take you back to Scotland, it may be a lovely option to honor with wearing a tartan suit!

Iceland Grooms Suit

A way to further personalize your Iceland wedding day (or elopement) is to have your wedding date embroidered in your groom-to-be’s suit!

Iceland Wedding Attire-Grooms Suit

Footwear… Hiking boots at some point during the day is a MUST!  Remember Luisa and Marek’s rainy wedding day?  Those boots helped them rock it out!

Scottish Wedding in Iceland

Amy surprised Israel with cuff links that had coordinates of the wedding ceremony, what a thoughtful detail!

Iceland Wedding GROOM DETAILS

Ugh!  And do you remember Joe’s tweed suit?! Go back HERE and see their ice cave elopement!

Iceland Groom Details-Iceland Wedding

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