Spring Iceland Wedding: Shira + Tim

Spring in Iceland means the landscape awakens from it’s winter slumber.  The highlands are melting quickly, we typically stop getting freak blizzards and it’s a time often referred to as “window weather.”  Why?  Because more often than not, May brings cold temperatures and winds but it can be deceitfully clear.  Therefore, May is often the ideal time to Spring Iceland wedding adventure!  Follow us today to see Shira and Tim’s day unfold with their 20 guests in tow…

Spring Iceland Wedding May 10th 2023

For an adventurous couple who values experiences and traveling as a foundational element to their relationship, Iceland is a dream destination.  Especially when you think about planning a destination wedding with guests.  After Shira and Tim got engaged, they wanted to journey to a new country that everyone would experience for the first time together.  In fact, 20 guests followed them for their Spring Iceland wedding on May 10th 2023!

The morning began overcast that threatened rain.  But we all know rain on your wedding day is good luck so bring it on!  Shira and Tim decided to not see each other before the ceremony and did not want to do a first look.  Rather, they wanted to save that excitement and anticipation for the aisle.  How special, right?!  Meanwhile, once our Iceland hair and makeup team were done, the group grabbed their “go bags” and loaded into the super jeeps!

Adventure Based + Jewish Iceland Ceremony

As the super jeeps rounded the corner the private property waterfall revealed itself and people gasped with awe!  No ropes and no barriers.  How special that this wonderful place was just for them.  Upon arriving, our Iceland Wedding Planner went to work setting the scene with chairs, sound system, and blankets while guests used our highland porta potty and got seated.

Next, every couple has different visions of how their Spring Iceland wedding ceremony will happen.  And that’s the beauty of planning and adventure wedding because it doesn’t have to follow any “rules” or structure.  Therefore, Shira and Tim wanted to have a mix of adventure, nature, and Jewish roots in their ceremony.  To illustrate, our favorite Pastor centered everyone in the opening, the couple exchanged American style rings and Jewish, sealed the deal with a kiss and ended the ceremony with the breaking of the glass tradition!

Private Property Waterfall Exploration

After family and friends photos were done, our Iceland elopement photographer explored with the couple.  Every inch of this waterfall was enjoyed by Shira and Tim and they and their guests freaking loved discovering this private Iceland wedding location!

Wedding Lunch at Gígjagjá Cave

Inside of the famous Viking mountain Hjörleifshöfði, there is a private property cave named, Gígjagjá.  It’s become very touristy over the last decade, but our Iceland Wedding Planner still has an agreement in place with the landowner to ensure privacy.  Since Shira and Tim loved the history of this cave this was the perfect lunch stop for their Spring Iceland wedding adventure.  Therefore, bring on the delicious Icelandic hot dog experience and phenomenal Iceland wedding photos!

Foggy Beach Champagne Toast

With the Icelandic weather for Spring Iceland wedding adventures, we never know what kind of Mother Nature will dish out for us.  But Shira, Tim, and their fantastic group brought all the sunny vibes!  Meanwhile, while the group basked in the sunshine, our Iceland Wedding Planner team set up their beautiful champagne toast, some crazy unexpected fog rolled in!  What a nuts experience to watch everything disappear on this iconic private property black sand beach!!  Kinda eerie, right?

Mýrdalsjökull Ice Cave Discovery

Experiencing a glacier in Iceland is a total must do!  And we link to many of them on our Iceland Experiences page, check them out!  However, our Iceland Wedding Planner team doesn’t take our newlyweds to touristy ice caves.  Rather, we continuously scout the areas each month on our own to see how things are evolving.  Shira, Tim, and their fantastic group headed up to our 4th largest glacier, Mýrdalsjökull to hike up to our Princess Cave.  And what an epic adventure it is for them to share together as you’ll see from their stunning Spring Iceland wedding photos!

Iceland Wedding Reception in Vik

Rounding out this fabulous Spring Iceland wedding reception!  To illustrate, the group had a bit of time to rest and refresh then they gathered for a semi-private dinner.  First, the table was decorated with grey table runners.  Second, silver dollar eucalyptus, high and low candles from our Iceland Wedding Planner Rental Collection also donned the table.

Third, Shira and Tim brought fun personalized shot glasses and chocolate as party favors for their Iceland wedding guests.  Fourth, a traditional Iceland wedding cake awaited the group to enjoy after dinner!  Such a brilliant end to an unforgettable adventure wedding day!  Love the vibe and interested in possibly crafting something similar and just as private?  Contact us for more information!

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