Pros & Cons of Having a First Look

Although, you may be a non-traditional couple, there could be traditions that still run deep for you.  Especially when you think about what rituals to include during your Iceland wedding or elopement.  To illustrate, maybe you are a bit superstitious and want that first look you have of each other to be down the aisle.  Or do you want to put a modern spin on it by planning a first look before you head out for the day?

What is a First Look?

Engaging in a “first look” basically means that you stage a quite moment before your wedding ceremony to see each other.  Which could mean you got ready separately from each other or that you got ready together but didn’t see each other formally in your wedding attire.

Next, you pick a spot inside or outside of your accommodation to meet.  Then typically one partner is waiting, the other walks up and you see each other for the first time all polished, ready, and crazy excited!  Seriously a fun way to kick off your adventure elopement or wedding with guests!

Pros & Cons of Having a First Look Before Your Iceland Wedding

Having a first look within your Iceland wedding agenda isn’t for everyone.  Frankly, with our couples it’s typically 30/70 split.  With the majority not opting in for formalities and just want to embark on their adventure together.  However, your local Iceland Wedding Planner should support you in whatever route feels best for you both so don’t be shy in communicating your desires!  Today we would also love to expand upon the pros and cons of staging a first look before your Iceland wedding adventure…

Pros of a First Look:

  • Sharing in a quite private moment before the day begins.
  • The excitement leading up to the moment can be adrenaline pumping or nerve calming.
  • You take the time to really admire each others wedding details and outfits.
  • Maybe all of your tears will come out then and you’ll be calmer during the ceremony.
  • You have your Iceland wedding photographer primed and ready to do some formal photos right there having every single thing in place (hair, makeup, clean/pressed dress).  So it can be a relief to just get some formal photos before things change, including the weather in Iceland!

Cons of a First Look:

  • Your adventure wedding day timeline / schedule may need to be modified to include it.  Usually we suggest 15-20 minutes (and longer if not onsite) for this depending on if you have both photo and a video team.
  • No first look down the aisle.  Some partners feel strongly about having this moment, so have the conversation together.
  • You may need to get up earlier to accommodate the new schedule to fit it in.  Note: This usually effects more traditional weddings with bridal parties so just err on the side of more time versus less.
  • Travel may be needed to get the best backdrop (consult your Iceland wedding photo and video team).
  • Separate transport may be needed if the first look location is not on the property you’re getting married at.
  • This moment could begin the water works and make you more emotional if you’re a crier.  So just be aware.

Types of First Looks:

Believe it or not, there are multiple ways to do a first look when you sit down and start considering one!  For instance, the following ones are at the top of our list:

  1. Meet inside or outside and one partner stays turned away… The other partner either calls out their name or taps them on the shoulder to turn around!
  2. Read a love letter to each other between a door, then see each other!
  3. Serenade each other with a song between a wall, then hug and kiss!
  4. Props and costumes can provide comedic relief too if you’re a embrace silly-side kind of couple!  For example, a revel of you both being behind balloons!
  5. Elevator unveil… If in a big hotel, take separate elevators and pick a floor to meet then jump out!

How to Plan a First Look

Firstly, if you wish to plan a first look before your Iceland elopement or adventure wedding, make sure your partner is on board.  Secondly, decide what type of first look sounds like most fun for you to do.  Thirdly, choose where if there is a specific look or background you desire.  Fourth, check in with your photographer and video team (if applicable) so they can modify the schedule accordingly to suit the rest of the day too.  Lastly, make sure you enjoy and savor the moment!

Contacting a Local Iceland Wedding Planner

Hopefully this weeks Iceland Wedding Planner post has educated you on everything surrounding having a first look!

If you’re interested in planning an adventurous Iceland elopement or wedding, our team would love to hear from you.  Feel free to contact us to get that conversation started to see if our team would be a good fit for you both!

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