Remote Iceland Vow Renewal

Marriage milestones are important to celebrate.  Each year, your anniversary gives you the opportunity to reflect on all of the amazing moments, trials, tribulations, and experiences that led you to that point.  In fact, each milestone encourages growth to make your marriage stronger.  So what better way to celebrate one of those fabulous anniversaries then planning an Iceland vow renewal adventure!

Secret Wedding Just For Us

This past year has been challenging for everyone around the world on all fronts.  Furthermore, countless engaged couples had to shift their wedding plans multiple times in one way or another.  For example, from choosing to hold secret weddings, to rescheduling to later dates, and we even had one couple change from an Iceland elopement to a Moab adventure wedding.

Wait, did you read that right… secret weddings?  Indeed you did!  Think Braveheart style secret weddings.  Where the two of you have a ceremony 100% for the two of you, no one else.  Therefore, it doesn’t matter where it was either… Courthouse, backyard, lakeside, in the mountains, etc, but you did it with intention.  Meanwhile, it’s not how you planned it or dreamt but it’s a bright spot exactly when you needed it and there is no shame in embracing that need or want!

Well, let’s get personal and rewind to 5 years ago last week, March 2016… Davíð and I (Ann) held a secret wedding just for us a few months before our planned Lofoten Islands Elopement.  Why?  Personally, for me it was a no brainer because I’m an only child, core family living in Ohio and I had the big wedding with guests previously.  Plus, there would be no family drama, no interruptions, no judging, or anyone trying to upstage or upset.  Luckily, Davíð felt similar despite being from a large family!

Next, that chilly March morning we met our favorite Pastor at a picturesque lakeside church and held our secret wedding ceremony.  A ceremony just for us in every way shape and form.  As a matter of fact, thinking back, it’s still one of my favorite days we have shared because of how quite, calm, intimate, and sparkly it felt.

Following that day we held our wedding, party back in Iceland, even celebrated our first anniversary with an adventure session in the Westman Islands.  Second year anniversary took us to the famed Rayavadee in Thailand for another adventurous couple session.  But then we slacked off on celebrating with photos… Realizing that, we planned to have an Iceland vow renewal expedition for our 5th wedding anniversary!

Renewing Marriage Vows in Iceland

Firstly, renewing your vows can be simple or all the way up to elaborate.  Maybe even let the milestone you’re celebrating dictate how big you go…  For instance, you can easily re-read your wedding ceremony and / or personal vows again to each other anywhere (backyard, park, on vacation, etc.) to center you back to that moment in time.

Secondly, it provides you the opportunity to get your wedding attire back out!  Happy to report, 5 years later my wedding dress still fits 😉  After all, who doesn’t want that bragging right?

Thirdly, we believe more couples should take the time out of their busy schedules to enjoy a fancy hotel room to reconnect (our fave is booking the Executive Room at Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon).  Then the next day, embark on a full day adventuring together and at some point renew their vows.  Especially if your original wedding day wasn’t how you pictured it, why not on your 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, or 25th wedding anniversary get exactly what you want!  Fourth, if you love details, have your Iceland vow renewal photographer capture them like we did!

Discovering a Crystal Ice Cave

For our 5th anniversary we wanted to spend the day adventuring together in an area we normally don’t have time to get to… The crystal blue ice caves!  The majority of them are found within Vatnajökull National Park.  Which comes with endless beauty and countless outlets for ice caves.  Ideally for us, we would privately say our personal vows to each other in multiple locations (a few promises at each location).  So without further ado, we are excited to share with you our very own Iceland vow renewal!

Iceland Glacier Lagoon Anniversary Photos

Hiking has always been naturally part of our relationship since inception.  All that said, it was important that one of our locations include a hike across the glacier to a lagoon.  The blue skies were endless and the glacier walls and icebergs were stunning!  Truly, a perfect backdrop for our Iceland vow renewal photos!

Vatnajökull Glacier Exploration

Standing on top of a glacier and playing among the broken pieces of ice, makes you feel like such a small part in something so much bigger.  It’s a fabulous moment to reflect and cherish the moments that brought you to that point… Also another ideal spot for renewing our vows in Iceland!

Elopement Expedition to More Ice Caves & Waterfall

Our Iceland vow renewal adventure day transformed from hiking to an expedition once we began to scout for more ice caves!  My jaw dropped at the next two areas we found!!  The beauty of mother nature naturally carving out such a stunning place seriously blew my mind.  For instance, it was actually multiple private ice caves within one… And technically one came along with a waterfall too!

Dverghamrar Cliffs Wedding Photos

Rounding out our Iceland vow renewal day, was kicking off our crampons, changing our clothes, taking drone and detail photos at the Dverghamrar Cliffs!  We may or may not have also celebrated with a vintage bottle of Perrier-Jouët!  Super pretty stop as we made our trek back home to Selfoss.

Planning an Iceland Vow Renewal

Are you inspired after witnessing our Iceland vow renewal?  If you’re ready to head down your own rabbit hole, we would love to hear from you.  Please contact us for more details on getting that adventure started!

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