Exploring Arctic Henge

History strikes a chord with many people and sometimes really resonates with them.  Why?  Because being among historical places can make you feel small and a part of something so much bigger.  Also, certain moments can really take you back in time too, transport you in a way.  One place specifically like that in Iceland is our version of Stonehenge, the North Iceland Arctic Henge (Heimskautsgerðið).

History of the North Iceland Gem

Although, the most famous henge is Stonehenge.  Which is a prehistoric monument found in England that stands at 13 feet high.  And there is absolutely no disputing that fact, but our Arctic Henge here in Iceland is pretty darn cool too!  Especially if you’re in the midst of a Iceland honeymoon self-drive adventure or wanting more offbeat things to do.  But how did this massive sundial in the North of Iceland come to be?

Forward thinker, Erlingur Thoroddsen in 1998 felt compelled to utilize the combination of the 360 degree unobstructed views and the endless summer sun into a memorable landscape feature.  Further, he was inspired by sagas and the poem Völuspá (Prophecy of the Seeress) which bring drawfs: Austri (East), Vestri (West), Norðri (North) and Suðri (South) to life as well as the mythology and folklore it encompasses.  However, it was not until the year 2004 the idea had a road to fruition with designer Haukur Halldórsson.

Next, the project morphs into it’s own secret world.  To illustrate, it brings in 68 rocks to surround the features, but are to be looked at as “dwarfs” and all sorts of enchanted things surround the dwarfs and their representation in the Arctic Henge project.  Other items within bring meaning to the landscape art piece as well.  For example, prism-glass will be added to the top of each arch, along with a polar star, and an alter of fire and water will be added eventually so rituals and weddings can be performed within historic intention.  Although not fully completed, it is well worth a look!

How to Get to Arctic Henge

Curious about how you get to the Arctic Henge?  Firstly, you need to make your way to North Iceland.  Secondly, just outside of the village of Raufarhöfn you won’t miss it!  Thirdly, you’ll park your car in the designated lot and begin your hike up…

Arctic Henge Information:

  • Google Map Directions to Arctic Henge.
  • Opening Time: 24-7 (no gates).
  • Hike Time: 1-5 minutes depending on pace.
  • Region of Iceland: North
  • Parking: Free (as of when this Iceland Wedding Planner blog post was written).
  • Nearest Town: Raufarhöfn

Arctic Henge Exploration

After you arrive, like you’ll be super excited to get up there!  Next, it is a super short hike (maybe 1-5 minutes depending on your pace) up the man-made sloping ramp.  The stone path once off the metal ramp, leads you around to each archway and the large stones.  Enjoy the exploration of quite time here and the 360 degree views.  Allow the sense of peace and magic at Arctic Henge to consume you for a few minutes…

Getting Married at Arctic Henge

Do you feel so inspired by this Iceland wedding location that you would LOVE to get married at Arctic Henge?  Good news, it’s possible!  Ideally you begin by booking a local Iceland Wedding Planner so they can reach out to the landowner for permission and what a ceremony there will entail.

Lastly, if you’re interested in planning a private elopement or adventure wedding in Iceland, feel free to get that conversation started by contacting us!

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