Westman Islands Iceland Wedding Anniversary

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”

–Mignon McLaughlin

Most of us wait all our life to find our forever love or aka, our soulmate.  Sometimes, it takes a try or two to find that person and there is absolutely no shame in that (I’m proof, remember?)!  But once you find your perfect person who shows you how you should be loved and teaches you to love at a deeper level, you better hold tight to them and never let go!

But as we all know, love has many phases as it grows.  Choosing the same person every day is just that, a choice.  Just as choosing to be happy today or being grateful.  Some days it’s super easy, others it can be challenge, but you do it every day in honor of the wedding vows you declared to each other and the mutual respect you share.  There are days when one partner gives 90% and the other can only offer 10% and you support them through.

I personally appreciate those highs and lows, because they are fantastic opportunities for character building as a couple and for yourself individually.  During high season of planning weddings and elopements in Iceland, I often feel like the worst wife ever but then during the slower season, I morph to become the best wife ever.  As an entrepreneur (IE, #girlboss) it can be a very delicate life-work balance as some of you may easily relate to.  Let me tell you… Keeping weekly date nights, are a relationship savor in keeping us forever newlyweds!

My amazing husband Davíð Geir, is the reason I can stumble into adventures so fearlessly and prevail so passionately.  He’s a fellow entrepreneur and gets the lifestyle.  He has an endless supply of patience, effortlessly keeps me grounded but still encourages my dreams I try (and bring) to reality, and there is seriously no stop to his kindness to me and to others.  I’m proud to be his wife as we head into year two of our marriage.  Remember our Lofoten Islands Elopement?  If not, head back HERE.

This past fall, one of my super talented primary photographers, Jean Smith adventured with David and I to the magical volcanic Westman Islands for an Iceland wedding anniversary portrait session.  We spent a few days celebrating our elopement anniversary on Heimaey (the main island of Vestmannaeyjar).  So!  Why not come along with us today as we share with you the incredible beauty of the island and also our Iceland post wedding anniversary session!

There were all sorts of stunning nook and cranny spots we found on Heimaey for our Iceland wedding anniversary portraits.  We’ve previously been there several times so it was easy for us to introduce Jean to several of our favorite locations!  Iceland Wedding Planner Tip:  When we scout Iceland wedding locations, typically 4 factors come to mind…

1- Is the location on public land or private land?

2- Does the area look stunning rain, shine or foggy?

3- By season, knowing what the textures and tones of the area will exude…

4- And the nearest cave (or waterfall)!

Fun Fact: Did you know half of Iceland is privately owned.  What does that mean?  It means, you would require permission (beforehand) to have professional wedding photographs taken in those areas.  The below images were taken at one of our favorite offbeat Westman Islands Iceland wedding locations moments before a 4-day storm that was going to hit and take over the islands…

Can we talk about how amazing the textures and tones are of these spectacular islands south of mainland Iceland?!  Vestmannaeyjar boasts vivid greens to volcanic browns and everything in between!  Such a perfect location for an elopement in Iceland!

Although the above Iceland wedding anniversary images were all blue skies and lovely, as it always does the weather changed quickly!  I may have even uttered the words, “I don’t know how my brides do it” as my teeth kept compulsively chattering from my body shivering!  Anything for spectacular Iceland wedding anniversary photos (and Iceland cave wedding photos) though! #suckitupcupcake

When we invaded the Westman Islands, it was was a several day stretch of quite possibly was the WORST weather they had experienced all year (hello, 60 mph gale force winds!)!  Seriously, it was soooo bad we had to take a different ferry route back to Iceland’s mainland the day following.  No joke, and folks, just as a reminder our teams style of shooting never ever shows the madness you encounter in a negative way… It just looks dreamy and epic despite heavy wind and rain!

A few of these Iceland elopement anniversary photographs are some of my favorite because of the story we created behind the scenes… You know, just hand in hand, trying to survive the crazy weather conditions in the Westman Islands storm, all while taking in the beauty of the famed “Elephant Rock,” do you see it?

The adventurous couples session concluded with some exploring of one of our new favorite Iceland wedding locations on Heimaey in the Westman Islands of Iceland.  Bring on the wind so fierce I couldn’t catch my breath, sideways rain, and fridged temperatures! #worthit

2017, you’ve been a year for the books!  Unforgettable in every way, seriously!  A huge endless amount of gratitude, appreciation, and respect goes out to our Iceland adventure wedding clients.  Thank you for being such bad-asses and adventuring hard rain or shine and always with big a** smiles!  You make our team thrive in passion for what they do and love.

We hope you found yourself addicted to the island and find your way back to it each year for future anniversaries!  It was an indescribable pleasure for our Iceland wedding planning and Iceland wedding photography team to be a part of such a milestone adventure in your lives, Thank You for choosing us!  We very much appreciated reading many of your lovely reviews on Google, Wedding Wire, and The Knot!  Here’s to another epic year of Iceland weddings!

© 2017, Photos by Miss Ann / Your Adventure Wedding, All Rights Reserved.


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  1. I LOOOOVE your words in this post, Ann! So true! All of it!! I loved my time with you guys here so much. Thanks for loving me and letting me adventure with you 🙂

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