Englandshverir Hot Springs Hike Guide

Are you a lover of relaxing in natural hot springs?  Like the kind that is a short walk, lovely views, and could spend all day at if you had a picnic and your favorite person?  Oh la la well then we have the perfect offbeat spot for you!  Join us today as we share with you all the need-to-know details on experiencing Englandshverir Hot Springs in Iceland

Natural Hot Springs Near Reykjavik

If you’re staying within the city limits or slightly outside of Reykjavik you may be curious about offbeat things to do.  Or maybe the best Iceland tours or romantic things to do or the best hot springs to try, right?  Beyhond today’s feature, Englandshverir hot springs, other to consider in the area would be Sky Lagoon or Hvammsvik.

How to get there Englandshverir

Englandshverir hot springs is best paired with your Iceland self drive itinerary.  As you will need to drive yourself to this fabulous spot!  Meanwhile, it would be easy to add it in to your day if you are exploring the Golden Circle, Whale Fjord (near to Glymur Waterfall), or heading up to the Snaefellsnes Peninsula.  To illustrate, here are some approximate drive times from popular locations:

Let’s look at driving directions from Reykjavik to Englandshverir Hot Springs… First, jump on to the main road heading out of town which is Route 49.  Second, take Þjóðvegur 1 (Route 1 / Ring Road) towards the North approximately 90 km.  Third, you’ll leave Route 1 turning RIGHT onto Route #52 which is Borgarfjarðarbraut. Fourth, stay on road this for ~89km.  Fifth, turn RIGHT onto Route #52 for ~24km. 

But be aware this road is not paved and has lots of potholes and ditches on the side, so take it slow!  Next, you’ll pass by the lovely Fitjarfoss Waterfall (right hand side) and shortly after (750 meters / 1 minute) there will be another pull off on the RIGHT side and a drive you take down where you will see a shed harnessing the geothermal heat from the area.  Park here.  Maybe even change too if you’re shy and do not want to do it in the open.

Englandshverir Hot Springs Hike Details

Once you’re parked and have all your things you you’re ready to hike over the river and enjoy the hot spring (IE, bathing suit and towel)!

Iceland Hot Spring Specs:

  • Distance: ~0.34 miles round trip (~547 meters).
  • Hike Times: 10-15 minutes round trip plus time spent in the Englandshverir hot springs.
  • Path: There are small blue markers you’ll see in the photos below once you cross the river.
  • Terrain:  Loose rocks, dirt/mud, grass, marsh, and river crossing by foot (ankle to knee high).
  • Elevation Gain: ~15 feet
  • Difficulty: Easy but there is a river crossing by foot or take the water pipe across.
  • Englandshverir Parking Lot: Google Map
  • GPS Coordinates of Best Sitting Spot: 64°29’29.1″N 21°10’35.8″W
  • Best Time to Hike: May to Mid-October (mainly can be because the road can be challenging if snow)
  • Water Temperature: ~100 °F or 37 °C (Note: different sections of the river have different heat levels.  The further up you go the hotter it will be).
  • Note: There are no changing rooms, bathrooms, or trashcans.  Therefore, please LEAVE NO TRACE!

Step by Step Hiking Directions to Englandshverir

Follow these directions so you know what you expect when you visit!

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