Best Tours to Book for Your Iceland Honeymoon Bucket List!

Is Iceland on your wanderlust bucket list?  Likely if you’re an adventurous couple it 100% is.  After all, the amount of once in a lifetime experiences you can embark on is astounding!  And who doesn’t want to create a deeper connection as you adventure together on your Iceland honeymoon bucket list.  Fair to say, our Iceland Wedding Planner team are experts on this topic and today we are going to share with you the best tours to book and why…

Iceland Honeymoon Bucket List

When you think about a bucket list, what comes to mind?  Maybe an experience to have, a place to visit, an achievement, an accomplishment or something else.  There’s a first time for everything, especially in Iceland.  …and specifically when you plan our your Iceland honeymoon bucket list!  But where do you freaking start so you don’t get over whelmed?  Allow us to break it down for you…

Best Tours in Iceland

Alright!  So if you find yourself wanting to embark on a self-drive adventure for your Iceland honeymoon bucket list…  Your options for joining adventure tours are endless!  However if you have a limited amount on your trip to Iceland you’re going to plan strategically.  Also you will want to ensure you do the very best tours with the best people and cross off your must do things.

So allow us to help you!  We’ve been planning and writing about adventurous things to do in Iceland for well over a decade.  Therefore, we will break it down by topics and give you direct links to book and read more.  After all, we’re local we know what’s up!

Romantic Tours in Iceland

Oh la la romance in Iceland!  Our Iceland Wedding Planner’s team favorite topic, truly!  In fact, we love crafting and suggesting the most romantic things to do in Iceland.  But what does romance mean to you?  Maybe chilling in hot springs together, a day exploring, a romantic overnight on a glacier lagoon?  Here are some ideas and direct booking links to get you started!

Hot Springs in Iceland

  • Hvammsvik Natural Hot Springs are our personal go to when we want to sip Moet Champagne and relax with stunning views!
  • The Forest Lagoon in North Iceland is such an unforgettable hot spring and one of Iceland’s newest!
  • For those of you that want a hike to an exclusive hot spring then Husafell Canyon Baths is it!
  • In North Iceland you’ll also find Myvatn Nature Baths which is very similar to the Blue Lagoon.
  • Have plans to tour the famed Golden Circle?  A stop at the Secret Lagoon is a must do!
  • Krauma Nature Baths if you’re on the way to West Iceland is a must go spot.
  • In our opinion, doing a day up North visiting the tiny fishing town of Húsavík, whale watching and hitting up Geosea Hot Springs is uber romantic!
  • East Iceland has floating hot spring pools called Vök Baths!  How freaking exciting, right?!
  • Find your way to the Blue Lagoon and experience a place every traveler should once!
  • Staying in Reykjavik but want a date night or afternoon with your partner?  The Sky Lagoon is a must do!  Why?  It’s a short drive or taxi ride from the city limits, offers fabulous views, a sweet cafe / bar, and the hot spring experience is 5 stars!  You can opt in for the Ritual journey, grab your favorite beverage from the swim up bar, and relax in style!

Additional Romantic Experiences in Iceland:

Unique Iceland Tours with Photos

 Experience driven couples crave unique things to do.  You know the kind of things you’ll talk about and high five each other when you’re 80 that you did that together.  More often than not, offbeat things to do are a staple for these couples.  Additionally, for those of you that don’t want to venture down the path of driving in Iceland we have some perfect options for you!  Also, what better keepsake on your Iceland honeymoon bucket list adventure than to embark on adventure tour paired with professional photos?  Our friends at Ice Pic Journeys does just that and so much more!  Come with us as we highlight some of the best offerings available in Iceland…

Iceland Driving Tours with Photos as Keepsakes

  • Take an adventure into Thorsmork from the city limits of Reykjavik!  You’ll have private driver who also duals as a pro photographer documenting your day.
  • You cannot visit Iceland without seeing icebergs in the glacier lagoon!  This tour has a private pro photographer driver at your disposal who will take you to the famed Glacier Lagoon + Diamond Beach + a Glacier Hike from Reykjavik!
  • Journey to the famed spots the South Coast of Iceland offers with a private driver who will forever document your adventure from Reykjavik!
  • The Icelandic Highlands are not to be missed!  So embark in style with a photographer guide who will document the experience for you!
  • Explore a the best of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula with a private photographer guide by day tripping from Reykjavik.

Adventure Tours Paired with Professional Photos

  • Venture on the worlds first & only Glacier Zipline (Book between May – September for Summer or Book between Oct – April for Winter) and have the photos for bragging rights after!
  • Head into an ice cave in East Iceland before the crowds with an Early Bird Tour, Ice Cave Captured Afternoon Tour, or Private Ice Cave Adventure with a driver-guide who is also a professional photographer!
  • Go hand in hand on a Glacier Hike together and have fabulous couples photos to keep after your adventure.  Book for Summer or Winter!

High Five for making those epic Iceland honeymoon bucket list memories!

Adrenaline Junkie Tours in Iceland

Ready to get that adrenaline pumping and make some EPIC once in a lifetime moments?  Here’s our list of the best tours for extreme sports to book on when planning your Iceland honeymoon bucket list!

Iceland Indoor Tour Options

No matter the time of year you venture to Iceland, there is a chance of challenging weather happening.  Maybe that means   Therefore, it’s nice to have some indoor tour options to have in mind.  Here’s our list of favorites for you to consider and book directly!

Indoor Tour Options from Reykjavik:

  • Lava Show Reykjavik  -The only live lava show on the planet!
  • Fly Over Iceland -Pretty thrilling experience for a rainy day in the city!
  • Hop Sightseeing Bus -See Reykjavik in a cozy covered bus with flexibility!
  • Perlan -If you are short on time this is a fantastic way to experience what an ice cave or the Aurora Borealis is like!  As they have 2 exhibits that do just that with the bonus feature of fantastic views of the city from here as well.
  • Whales of Iceland Museum is perfect for you whale loving folks out there!
  • Inside the Volcano Experience is not far from Reykjavik city limits and one of the most invigorating tour options we have in Iceland.  After all, how many people in the world can say they have been lowered to experience the inside of a volcano?  Did you know we were the first to hold a wedding inside a volcano too way back when?!  Although the hike could be in the rain the discovering inside is enclosed.
  • The Lava Tunnel is 30 minutes Southeast of Reykjavik and a fabulous way to be witness to an incredible lava tube tunnel.  Don’t miss it!

South Iceland Indoor Tour Options:

  • Caves of Hella -Passing through the South?  Book a spot to journey into these fabulous caves!
  • LAVA Center is an interactive exhibition all about Icelandic volcanos.  Perfect spot to enjoy Icelandic history on a rainy day.
  • Lava Show Vik is the original location in the heart of this tiny town!  Ideal to take a break from the crazy weather!

West Iceland Indoor Tour Options:

North Iceland Indoor Tour Options:

  • The Beer Spa – Yup you read that right!  Love beer, give it a freaking try!

In conclusion, you can find all of our hand-picked tour experiences in our Iceland Wedding Planner Shop!  Lastly, if you need help planning your epic Iceland honeymoon bucket list or elopement experience, let’s chat further!  Feel free to contact us to begin that exciting journey!

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