Iceland Canyon Proposal

Canyons in Iceland are extremely captivating.  Not only are they beautiful, have rivers flowing through, but some come with stories of the hidden people (elves)!  Additionally, they come in all shapes in sizes and could also have a sneaky waterfall within as well!  Therefore, when you think about a canyon proposal in Iceland it is a fabulous choice with tons of options!!

Proposing in Iceland

Iceland is one of those countries in the world that offers something for every outdoor lover.  And everything is in pretty close proximity too!   To illustrate, you can easily visit an ice cave, black beach, canyon, natural cave and multiple waterfalls in one day!!  So when choosing an Iceland proposal location, where would you select?  Our groom to be Colton, chooses to plan the most stunning private property canyon proposal, EVER!

Canyon Proposal

Colton from Boston, contacted our Iceland Wedding Planner team hoping to craft a very private, yet adventurous canyon proposal.  Both are nature lovers who enjoy venturing to offbeat places.  Therefore, when he envisioned the proposal in Iceland going down, one of our favorite private property canyons was the perfect fit!

Next, the morning of July 28th brought lots of sunshine and smiles!  In fact, when the pair met our local Iceland proposal photographers, the story is that they are just local guides who plan to show them exciting offbeat places.  Then it was revealed they dabbled in photography and would email the photos later.  Colton helped his soon-to-be fiancée up to a super sketchy point and popped the question!  She said yes and they were beaming!!

Discovering Private Property Places in Iceland

Following the proposal, the couple had a thrilling Iceland engagement session!  After all, exploring this magical place is high priority because it’s far too beautiful not too!!  For example, no tourists, no ropes, and no signs.  Just the two of you hand in hand… Discovering!  Furthermore, from the top of of the canyon proposal spot to down inside, the pair stole kisses and jumped over rivers together.

Ready to Plan Your Own Iceland Proposal?

If this Iceland canyon proposal is leaving you inspired to embark on your own unique adventure, do it!  Our Iceland Proposal Planning team would love to show you all of the incredible options in our private portfolio!!  Feel free to contact us to get more information.  We look forward to hearing from you!  …and don’t miss our freebie below about Romantic Things to Do in Iceland!

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