Best Places to Propose in Iceland: 25 Locations

Everyday you count your blessings that you found your person.  The individual that challenges you to be a better you, loves you unconditionally, and is the perfect adventure partner.  Naturally after countless dates or years together, you realize it’s time to make it official and take the next step.  Proposing to the one you love specifically in Iceland is an incredibly unique decision.  However the influx of tourism will make it difficult for you to find an intimate place to pop the question.  So our Iceland Wedding Planner team would like to share with you the best places to propose in Iceland!

Best Places to Propose in Iceland:

Today you’ll delight in 25 offbeat locations to propose to your favorite person!!  Lucky you!  Take notes and good luck 😉

#1:  Hjálparfoss Waterfall

First on our best places to propose in Iceland list…  If you seek a waterfall that is accessible by an economy car and will likely not have an ongoing stream of tour buses then Hjálparfoss may be perfect for you!  What can you expect at proposing at Hjálparfoss Waterfall?  An easy 5 minute walk either down a sloped winding path or taking the stairs.  Back when our Iceland wedding planning and photography team offered bus weddings, Hjálparfoss was a ceremony location for a luxury wedding in Iceland.

#2: Loftsalahellir Cave

Feeling a bit more adventurous as you plan your proposal in Iceland?  Loftsalahellir Cave is on our list of the best places to propose in Iceland because it combines a short hike and an incredible view.  The view you’ll see is the island of Dyrholaey.  If your partner is a bit a worrier of weather too this would be a perfect hideaway.

Remember this was once a “plan b” location for a February wedding adventure earlier this year for us?  Most folks do not realize the cave is there when they drive by it on the way to or from Dyrholaey so hopefully you’ll be on your own here!  Note: The hike is straight up the mountain and can be very muddy if it has rained recently so just be careful.  Maybe even bring hiking poles as an aid.

#3: Faxafoss Waterfall

An offbeat gem within the famed “Golden Circle” route is a waterfall called Faxafoss.  Once a upon a time when our team planned and photographed the first ever wedding inside of a volcano, this was a waterfall the couple was fascinated by and had to go to.  Typically the tourist buses only stop at the top for 10 minutes, not leaving their guests enough time to walk down.  So this could be an exciting opportunity for you to have the waterfall to yourself!  Note- You must pay for parking as of when this post was written.

#4: Helicopter Proposal

There is something super romantic about being whisked away by the one you love in a helicopter!  Am I right?  Seeing the Icelandic landscapes from above is a real unforgettable experience.  Perfect reason to splurge on a helicopter proposal and a luxury picnic to follow it!  Our local Iceland elopement photographer would love to be right there with you forever documenting it too!

#5: Háifoss Waterfall

Finding your way to Haifoss Waterfall requires a 4×4 vehicle.  And it is not an easily accessed area during the winter months due to snow levels (requires a super jeep and experienced driver).  But during spring, summer, and fall it is a stunning area to explore.

Deciding to propose at Haifoss will leave the one you love in awe!  Especially if you take the hike down into the canyon which usually takes 30-45 minutes one way.  A previous bus wedding (back when we planned those types of experiences) discovered Haifoss Waterfall on their wedding day with champagne in tow!

#6: Vestrahorn Mountain (aka Mirror Mountain)

Let’s say you’re heading further on around the island to East Iceland… Where would be the best places to propose in Iceland?  Our initial answer would be Vestrahorn Mountain and Stokksnes Beach near to Hofn.  Often referred to as Iceland’s “Mirror Mountain” because of the famed Bollywood film.

#7: Gjáin Waterfall

Hiding tucked away within the Þjórsárdalur Valley sits a waterfall named Gjáin.  Before it became popular (3-5 years ago), our team fondly called this place Narnia.  It was a magical area that had never ending nooks and crannies to explore.

Iceland Wedding Planner now only goes there now by special request like for Bec and Leo’s countryside church wedding with guests turned adventurous elopement waterfall exploration!  But it’s made our best places in Iceland to propose list, because you’ll likely only run into small buses and self drivers.  Special note, you need to have a 4-wheel car or 4×4 to get here safely and stay away during winter months (because of snow levels).

#8: Þórufoss Waterfall

Þórufoss Waterfall, also called Thorufoss Waterfall to English speakers can be found near to Þingvellir (Thingvellir) National Park.  Seriously, like 15 minutes according to Google Maps.  If you want more privacy for your Iceland proposal, hike down into the canyon along the river.

#9: Seltun Geothermal Area

Love the idea of your proposal being surrounded by steamy geothermal heat?  Although our team only goes to private property geothermal areas in the Reykjanes Peninsula, if you are doing a simple proposal yourself Seltun Geothermal Area may be a fun location for you to propose in Iceland!  Further, if you two aren’t much of hikers it is easy to follow the boardwalk around.

#10: Glacier Proposal

We’re already at #10 of our our best places to propose in Iceland list!  That said, any of Iceland’s formal 13 glaciers would be memorable place to propose in Iceland!

#11: Kvernufoss Waterfall

A coveted hidden gem in Southern Iceland is Kvernufoss Waterfall.  Combining a sense of adventure by hiking 15 minutes into the unknown and having your jaw drop as you approach the waterfall is exciting, invigorating, and oh-so unforgettable!  Easily one of the best places to propose in Iceland!  Makes us recall the rugged surprise waterfall proposal in Iceland our team captured here several years ago in fact.

Warning: If you are reading this collecting information on Iceland wedding locations… This is a private property location owned by several farmers.  Permission is required, an admission and parking fee needs to be paid at the Skogar Museum (as of when this post was written it was ~15,000 ISK).

#12: Private Black Beach

Having privacy as you plan your Iceland proposal may be a must have.  Good news, this is exactly what our team specializes in!

Meanwhile, you or your soon to be lifetime partner may obsessed with black beaches.  Countless private black beaches are in our portfolio… Let us help you plan the best places to propose in Iceland for you!  Find out more information on planning an EPIC private black beach Iceland proposal by reaching out!

#13: Keldur Turf Houses

Imagine proposing in Iceland in front of a piece of Icelandic history!  One of our summer weddings in many years ago also held a lovely Iceland wedding ceremony at Keldur Sod Farm.  Just outside the village of of Hella, Keldur Sod Farm can be found in Southern Iceland.  A church from 1875 also calls this spot home in front of the traditional turf houses.

Pro Tip- Keldur Sod Farm has an admission fee per person which is around 1,500 ISK per person (as of when this post was written).

#14: Mountain Top Proposal in Iceland

Whether you are an avid hiker or have a 4×4 and follow a known track, you can easily be on top of countless mountains in Iceland.  After all what a memorable way to plan your Iceland proposal by being surrounded by 360 degree views!

#15: Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon

Many people are intrigued by glacier lagoons.  To illustrate, imagine strolling down an offbeat path and seeing two glacier tongues meet in the water.  So many tones and textures!  Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon is a less touristy location compared to Jökulsárlón.  As we previously mentioned, back when we did bus wedding adventures Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon was a location we pitched to our clients who were more budget minded.  Worth a visit and for sure makes our list for best locations to propose in Iceland!

#16: Lighthouse

Did you know there are over 100 lighthouses in Iceland?  If you’re struggling on picking the perfect Iceland proposal location, then just choose a lighthouse around the region you’re exploring!

#17: Proposing in a Lava Field

Volcanic islands always come with lava fields and crazy rock formations that are made when the lava cools.  Take your pick around the island as rock formations are abundant and offer an amazing backdrop for proposing a lifetime of adventure!

#18: Ice Cave Proposal

The crazy thing about proposing inside or outside of an ice cave is that it melts.  For example, from the day you propose in Iceland to the day someone else may adventure there it would never ever look the same.  How amazing is that idea?

Ice cave proposals are a personal favorite of our Iceland Wedding Planner team!  Stop everything because you have now found the best places to propose in Iceland!  But know, to get to one you will likely need a super jeep and an experienced local guide to get to and from safely.  Contact us for more information on planning your very own Iceland ice cave proposal!

#19: Proposing on Mars (aka Icelandic black desert)

Want to feel like you are proposing on a totally different planet?  Like Mars?  Proposing in Iceland on a black desert may be up your alley if you seek lunar like landscapes!  Why not find your way to the best places to propose in Iceland while you’re here!

#20: Sea Cliffs

No matter the weather, planning a sea cliff proposal is always a good idea!

#21: Hiking Proposal

Likely you already know that hiking elopements are a thing.  But did you know a hiking proposals are too?  Outdoor lovers will get lost in the options of where you can hike from 15 minute easy hikes to 10+ hours.  Maybe even checkout our previous post on our favorite 5 picturesque hikes in Iceland for further inspiration!

#22: Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon

Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon has quickly become a heavily visited tourist location over the last decade.  Personally, we are not fans on visiting but that is only because we prefer private canyons to explore.

But if you love the look of this canyon and have a 4-wheel drive or 4×4 vehicle, we encourage you to explore it from the start of the F-Road #206.  Two minutes into the drive you’ll see a sign for the canyon on the left side and small parking lot.  Then hike out from there towards the canyon.  As a matter of fact, this could end up being your favorite and best places to propose in Iceland list!  …So GO FOR IT!

#23: Elephant Rock in the Westman Islands

Planning a summer proposal in Iceland could lead you to the Westman Islands.  Therefore, you may want to amp up the adventure and book a private boat ride to propose in front of the famed elephant rock!  Even though the island is not full of waterfalls, it offers some pretty cool rock formations and history!  Dare you to take the time to check it out!!

#24: Heiðmörk Nature Reserve

Staying in Reykjavik and do not intend on going far from the city limits?  The best places to propose in Iceland specifically nearest to Reykjavik would be proposing in the Heiðmörk Nature Reserve.  It is a huge reserve that offers locations like caves, canyons, lake islands, and red cliffs.  For instance, can you imagine bringing your loved one to the sweet islands below to propose and then delight in an Iceland luxury picnic? Hell yes!

#25: Nauthúsagil Canyon and Waterfall

Don’t mind getting your feet wet during a hike? In fact would it make you feel more #badass?!  An offbeat canyon and waterfall named Nauthúsagil could be an ideal proposal location in Iceland for you!  To get there, you’ll need to have a 4-wheel drive higher clearance car or a 4×4, see Google Maps for exact directions.  Once there you’ll need waterproof boots to walk through the canyon river for about 6-10 minutes from the parking area.

If the two of you are hardcore, then hike over the first waterfall by using the ropes and chains and take the river all the way back until you see the larger waterfall.  A unique experience and crazy way to propose in Iceland, I’d say!  Totally why this location makes our best places to propose in Iceland list!

Hire a Professional Iceland Proposal Planner

Oh my gosh, are you overwhelmed?!  Even after reading this 25 places to propose in Iceland that are not touristy you feel like you still need help?  Our professional Iceland Proposal Planning team would love to meet you and craft a super private EXPERIENCE to remember!  And I know we for a fact too our Iceland proposal photographers would too!  Feel free to contact us to get that conversation started!

PS- If you loved this list, make sure you go checkout our 55 Offbeat and Unique Things to Do in Iceland post.

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