Hiking Proposal and Engagement Session in Iceland

It’s no secret that adventuring together deepness your bond as a couple.  Especially when you make it a weekly date day or night experience.  It can be simple adventures like to your local park or lake.  And some couples may find that hiking in the wilderness together challenges themselves and furthers their connection to each other.  If you’re the latter it’s likely that when the moment arrives you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with that person, you may choose to plan a hiking proposal!

Hiking Proposal Planning:

Mark from San Francisco, California had been planning an epic adventure to Iceland in October 2018.  It just so happened that he was also in a three year relationship with a gorgeous gal named Steph.  Oh la la, do you sense a proposal pending?  Heck yes!  Mark reached out to our Iceland proposal planning team just under a year before.  He specifically reached out to our team because he wanted a romantic surprise proposal day in private locations.  Coming right up!

Since they both love exploring outdoors it felt right to him for the big moment to be a hiking proposal!  We crafted a freaking magical adventurous proposal day for these two.  It was a combination of a proposal and an engagement session, all documented by our Iceland proposal photographer.  So come along with us to experience it!

Southern Iceland Waterfall Proposal

It was important to Mark for the proposal in Iceland itself to be 100% a surprise and he didn’t want to “fake” a tour.  In that case, we were slightly limited to what locations we could pitch to him that he could get to by his own car.  But there is a hidden waterfall just off of Route 1 that is only a 10-15 minute hike, they could easily explore on their own and meet our Iceland proposal photographer.  And that’s what they did!

Our Iceland proposal photographer awaited their arrival.  She had previously given Mark the direction of the spot that would be perfect for the proposal moment too.  Mark and Steph arrived.  Steph just thought they were there exploring a beautiful secluded waterfall that morning.  And then Mark professed his undying love for her in front of that gorgeous Southern private property waterfall!  She said yes and then was filled in with the fact that a fabulous Iceland proposal photographer had just captured the moment!

Proposal Photos in Vik

Vik Iceland has often been reviewed as the cutest town in Iceland.  We are slightly partial since we are part-time based here 😉  Now that the cat was out of the bag about Mark hiring a hiking proposal photographer, he let Steph know that the rest of their day would be spent exploring in a super jeep!  The next location was in the mountains high above the town of Vik.  The area is tricky to get up to as it is primarily only accessible via hiking (like 1.5-2 hours one way) or via our super jeep team.

These two enjoyed radiated happiness the whole time!  No joke!!  Total and utter bliss as they jumped out of super jeep!  They the 360 views of Vik as they explored the Reynisfjall mountain top.  From there, you can see the famed basalt sea stacks and Dyrhólaey in the distance.  A perfect way to spend the afternoon during a hiking proposal in Iceland!  There is something really ROMANTIC about having an entire mountain to yourselves, right?!  #yesplease!

Hjörleifshöfði Cave Proposal:

When bad weather comes it’s nice to find retreat in a natural cave.  Caves in Iceland are abundant.  You’ll find all kinds, truly.  Hjörleifshöfði is a cave in Southern Iceland that is 100% on private property (IE, You need permission to have professional photos taken here) and our team can happily provide exclusivity in corporation with the land owner.  In recent months the cave has become very popular among self-driving tourists, so our team has the ability to close the road and ensure no interruptions.  Which is exactly what was done for Mark and Steph’s exploration of the area during their hiking proposal!

Plus, our super jeep team has the ability to go around the entire mountain and do some pretty freaking fun river crossings too!  Which frankly enhances the already awesome experience to an unforgettable one!   Imagine yourself exploring landscapes that look like another freaking planet, like Mars!  You know, I just proposed at a private waterfall and then explored Mars after, no big deal!  LOL, you’ll easily be the envy of all your friends, guaranteed!

Okay okay okay… So! Have you found yourself totally excited about planning a hiking proposal?  Do you think your girlfriend or boyfriend would enjoy a adventurous proposal day?  If so, feel free to contact us to find out more information on getting that experience started!  And if you’re looking to add some luxury to your hiking proposal, our friends at Iceland Luxury Picnics do a phenomenal job!

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