Vik Iceland Elopement Photographer | Jessica + Rob’s September Adventure

There is a feeling that happens during our Iceland elopements that does not compare to anything you have ever experienced, guaranteed.  Have you ever walked down a path or trail and you know in the back of your mind hundreds of people may have taken that dirt covered trek before?   However, that morning or that evening, the two of you are the only ones there exploring it.  You get to the end attraction.  Whether it be a waterfall, lookout, cliff, or something else that drops your jaw… It feels like that place, that moment, only exists for you and will never again be that perfect.  You get this overwhelming sense of “I just discovered this place!”  So fresh and new, you’ll want to literally plant a flag in the ground with your names on it laying claim.  This happens daily for our Vik Iceland Elopement Photographer and wedding planning team!

Our Mission:

It’s our objective to cultivate this feeling at every location you explore with us during your elopement in Iceland.  I mean who doesn’t want to feel like you’re the only ones in the world as you’re exploring somewhere new?!  Said no one, ever!  Having tourists around you during your adventurous elopement, honestly takes away from the MAGIC of your day.  This is exactly why our Iceland Wedding Planner team focuses on private and offbeat locations.  Jessica and Robert came to us wanting a private and intimate elopement adventure in Iceland.  And our team more than delivered the goods!  Come along with us today as you hear it straight from our Vik Iceland Elopement Photographer!

A Love Story Begins:

“We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness—and call it love—true love.” ? Robert Fulghum.  One of my favorite quotes, ever.  Like ever, EVER!  Seriously, when you’re lucky enough to find someone not only matches your weirdness, but embraces yours, never let he/she go!  Especially when you plan your first date to experience The Rocky Horror Picture Show!  Jessica and Robert began their relationship bliss by heading to the show together when it was playing in NYC!

Since Robert was from New York City, and Jessica across the bridge in Long Island, he showed her around after the show.  They found their way to a speak easy and stayed out exploring together well past 2am.  From the moment they first met, they knew.  If you see them together, you would easily believe in love at first sight 😉  Quickly they bonded further over the love the city, the Hampton’s, coffee, movies, camping, and new experiences.

Acadia National Park Proposal:

Spending time together was easy and 7 years passed quick!  Then there they were traveling to New England during early summer 2017 and exploring Acadia National Park, when Robert found the perfect time to propose!  The week they returned, the lovely Jessica, immediately reached out to our team (maybe she stalked us on Instagram?).  Even before they were engaged, Jessica and Robert were swooning over the idea of eloping and specifically in Iceland.  But they needed privacy, intimacy and a variety of locations to tick all their boxes.  Likely why they came to our experienced team to plan the the perfect “wedding-moon” with out Vik Iceland elopement photographer!

Vik Elopement Hotel

Eloping in Iceland comes with some really exciting decisions!  For instance, your elopement hotel!  We pair all of our Iceland elopement packages with custom crafted schedules to our private locations and a hotel that upholds our American style standard.  Icelandair Vik, was ideal for the locations that Jessica and Robert adored the most.  These two had a lavish Deluxe Room which offers a stunning 180 view of one of the best natural wonders in Vik, Reynisdrangar basalt stacks.

Having a September elopement in Iceland means weather can be anything!  But lucky for these two, that morning when the adventure wedding day began and our crew arrived around 5am it, it was lovely!  Nice weather or not, it’s important to have “go bags” ready to go as the weather can change at anytime.  With their fabulous Iceland wedding dress and suit on and details all accounted for, they jumped into our super jeep for the day to start their epic adventure!

Iceland Cave Wedding Ceremony

Oh la la how romantic to have a wedding in a natural cave in Iceland!  Planning a cave ceremony is always super nice because it lends cover from rain or the crazy Icelandic winds!  Although this specific private property cave can be tricky to photograph, our Vik Iceland elopement photographer is super experienced with lighting!  Since our fabulous couple Robert and Jessica handled the legalities before they came to Iceland, they did a very intimate vow reading to each other.  Immediately following they sealed the deal with a first kiss and first dance!

Vik Iceland Elopement Photographer

After exploring the cave a bit in their haze of newly-wedded bliss, our Vik Iceland elopement photographer suggested all sorts of amazing spots!  Having amazing wedding photos to take home is super important and especially these two who had been dreaming of this day since the day they met.

Mars Looking Wedding Photo Location

When you come to Iceland you expect a variety of landscapes.  One of the popular requests is for couples wanting to explore lunar-like locations.  Desolate black sands with amazing rock formations span all over every area of Iceland.  This is a little piece of heaven for our Vik Iceland elopement photographer!

Elopement Hiking to a Southern Iceland Waterfall

Hiking elopements are just badass in general.  But hiking during your elopement in Iceland leaves you with such an accomplished feeling because any view at the end is going to be worth it.

  Elopement Photography at a Private Icelandic Waterfall

The private waterfalls we have in our portfolio are out of this world beautiful!  So many different types!  This is a personal favorite of ours.  Note: This waterfall and any you see on our blog or website are on private property.  Our Iceland elopement planning team has agreements in place and permission from landowners.

Intimate Vik Iceland Wedding Photos in a Secret Canyon

Canyons in Iceland are abundant, much like waterfalls 😉  But exploring a secret canyon on your wedding day is one of the most intimate and adventurous things you can do.  Just like we said when we began this Vik Iceland elopement photographer post, you get an overwhelming “you just discovered it” sort of feeling.  You two are the only ones in the world experiencing it and that is freaking powerful!

Adventurous Elopement Photos at a Private Waterfall

Can you ever get enough of Icelandic waterfalls?  Nope, me either!  Jessica and Robert loved adventuring to this amazing private waterfall during their elopement in Vik.

Cliffside Wedding Location in Iceland

Experiencing Iceland from an elevated viewpoint really offers up a unique perspective for your Iceland wedding photos.  How incredible are the cliffs Jessica and Robert explored during their elopement in Vik?!  Incredible!

Iceland Sunset Wedding Photos

Finishing the day with ragging the super jeep through some rivers, exploring another canyon, and a gorgeous sunset on the beach was ideal for Jessica and Robert!  Pretty sure it was a day neither one of them will ever forget!  Did you enjoy their Iceland elopement locations?  Feel free to contact us to inquire about the possibility of planning your own Vik Iceland elopement.

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