Iceland Elopement Packages

Deciding to elope is an empowering decision, congrats for going for it!  And then there you go choosing Iceland, well done my friend!!  It’s fair to say Iceland is one of the most magical elopement locations in the world.  Mainly because of how many textures, tones, and variety of locations to pick from and explore in one day.  Luckily our adventure wedding planning team offers unforgettably unique options for Iceland Elopement Packages for you!

Iceland Wedding Planner:

When you hire our Iceland Wedding Planner team to create your amazing Iceland elopement package, you’ll quickly realize we do not offer cookie cutter experiences (in fact you likely see that from the moment you stumble on our website!).  You’re not a cookie, so why would we want to mold you into fitting into just the same old “list” other planners give everyone?  Dumb and totally not our style!!

In fact, our team prides ourselves on how unique our planning process is and how exclusive our Iceland wedding locations are.  For that reason, we scout weekly (no joke, follow our stories on Instagram) always expanding our portfolio of Iceland elopement locations.  It’s a team challenge actually to see who can find the newest spot our clients will drop their jaw over!

Overall, it’s our objective to get you away from the tourist locations and up into the more pure, private, untouched sides of Iceland.  Well hello there Iceland highlands elopement!  This way you have a intimate experience with the landscape while eloping in Iceland!

Our Adventurous Elopements:

So you’re kinda curious on how we do this, eh?  Well, our team has spent years (like almost a decade, as of when this post was written) obsessively researching, interviewing locals, scouting, hiking, gaining access, acquiring permissions, special permits, and exclusivity to all different types of Iceland wedding locations.

Often we have contracts in place with landowners assuring exclusivity, or we offer monetary funds as trade, offer service in return for the opportunity to share these incredible private locations with our clients.  It’s super important to our mission as a company, to contribute to the community versus just taking, we prefer to give back.  Personally I’m a huge fan of helping our farmers that own our favorite private waterfalls, during “lambing” and réttir (herding the sheep back down from the highlands) time in Iceland!

Unique Elopement Planning Process:

And now on to the actual Iceland elopement package planning process… Because we are fellow North Americans, we know wedding planning overall gets a bad wrap.  Most couples believe it is stressful, time consuming, and negative.  Which might be the very reasons you decided to look elsewhere and take a turn away from tradition.  Sound familiar?

Planning an elopement in Iceland with our team means the experience begins right from the start!  We are absolutely passionate about what we do and we know that this type of experience is not for everyone (see our FAQ section for more information).  Therefore, if we feel that we could be a great fit, we’ll make a ‘date’ to spend 90 – 120 minutes on Skype getting to know you inside out!  Learning all about your relationship, wishes and ideals for your adventurous Iceland elopement.  Then, if we believe that we could be the perfect ‘dream team’ to bring your vision to reality, the planning party begins!

Our Iceland Wedding Planner team, custom crafts an interactive wedding proposal document that allows your elopement to take shape and really come to life…  Think:  Having a “date night” doing wedding planning!  Experiencing your Iceland elopement schedules and locations in “feel like you’re there” photos, 360 videos, plus so much more!  As you walk through the detailed document we promise that you’ll become more connected to having your adventure wedding day EXPERIENCE here in Iceland.  Honestly it will feel like you’re planning a really EPIC trip versus planning a wedding day!  And who doesn’t want that kind of fun?!

Where Can I Elope in Iceland?

“Location location location!”  After all, it’s one of the most important things as you plan your elopement adventure, right?  There is beauty in just about every area of Iceland, but the majority of our private locations are within Southern Iceland.  Plus, it is also an area where you can easily be exploring countless waterfalls, awe-inspiring glaciers, volcanoes, cliffs, super green canyons, black beaches, interestingly shaped mountains, natural caves and rock formations that make you think “how did these get here?”

Why not elope beside a private waterfall?

Waterfalls are abundant in Iceland!  And having a private waterfall elopement ceremony in Iceland should be high on your list!  It’s super intimate and allows your senses to come alive.  How fun would it be to explore all around it after the ceremony from the bottom to the top!  Your Iceland wedding photos would be the envy of everyone back home!

Imagine your Iceland elopement inside an ice cave!

Very few people in the world can say they have been married inside of a natural ice cave.  Other wedding planners flock to man-made caves that feel like Disneyland. Whereas, our ice caves are scouted specifically with you in mind and assured to be private.  A private ice cave Iceland elopement package, yes please!  So let’s suit up and grab you a pair of crampons, helmet, a headlamp and get you to our newest private ice cave!  Up to the challenge?

Adventure to a black sand beach to say your vows!

Picture yourself exploring a very private black sand beach during your elopement adventure in Iceland!  The colors, the textures, tones, and more importantly, the VIEWS!!  Having a black sand beach elopement ceremony is seriously captivating.  Plus in Iceland, you never know what the North Atlantic will bring up… could be black sand or instead basalt rocks under your feet!

Mountain Elopement Ceremony:

Do you enjoy the views from the top of a mountain?  Then planning a mountain elopement in Iceland may be just the perfect spot for you!  Even though the mountains here in Iceland do not compare to the Alps, they are charming in their own way and still offer breath-taking views!

Want to embrace the earth? Plan a natural cave elopement!

If you’re a worrier of the weather and want to ensure you stay perfect at least for the ceremony or love being one with the earth, than a natural cave in Iceland may be your ideal ceremony locale.  They are natural, dark, moody, and keep you sheltered!  You might even feel like you’re a part of the history of Iceland while you’re there too!  A fabulous couple from the United States held a very intimate elopement in a natural cave.  This just so happened to be the elopement day I met my husband too for the very first time (got to kick his Bollywood film crew out of the cave area because we had permission and they didn’t!)!

Explore your way through a curious canyon during your elopement!

People often find themselves obsessed with how GREEN Iceland is and the variety of those shades.  Nothing beats exploring the countless canyons we have in our portfolio boasting those greens during your Iceland elopement!  More often than not, too there are secret waterfalls within those canyons.  So imagine yourself not only having a canyon elopement ceremony in Iceland but then exploring it fully afterwards!  Now, that’s what I call an adventure wedding day, for sure!

Hiking elopement, ever think about having one?

Maybe as part of your wedding experience, you picture yourself hiking 30-60 minutes to your ceremony location… You know, so you get that “I earned it” feeling even before you start!  Hiking elopements are hands down our favorite to plan!  Doesn’t always have to be a long hike either.  Could be 25 minutes or 10 minutes trudging through rivers in your muck boots.  But if you are feeling more adventurous, it could mean hiking an hour on the glacier, abseiling down into an ice canyon and ice climbing out, canyoneering through a waterfall, or doing that 2 hour one way ambitious hike.

With your ‘go bags‘ in tow, we go as far as we can in the super jeep and then embark on most times, just a ‘sheep path’ to a stunning place.  The kind of place that leaves you feeling grateful and lucky that you were able to witness it’s beauty in person.  Heck having an all day Iceland hiking elopement, might even leave you changed as a couple, who knows!

The Adventurous Elopement Experience

Okay okay okay, so now you feel like you cannot go wrong really with any of our Iceland elopement locations.  But let’s talk more about what else you get with our Iceland elopement packages… The experience itself!  Getting to and from those amazing locations is half the fun!  Our exclusive super jeep team is an important part of our adventure wedding day experience.

For example, they are not only our professionally trained drivers to find their way safely through glacier river crossings, deep snow, or crazy narrow private tracks, but they enhance your local knowledge.  You’ll hear through the speaker system through the jeeps, about the geology of the area we are driving through and local folklore stories (with all the character voices!).  These guys provide a never-ending gear list we need, provide first aid and safety (all are part of the ICESAR team).

Day dream with me for a moment about how awesome it will be driving through rivers or deep snow… You’ll hoot and holler, guaranteed!  You can see our previous  adventurous elopements come back to life through the countless Iceland wedding video teams.  You’ll see how the ride in the jeep itself is an important part of the experience and takes your “elopement day” up a notch to an EXPERIENCE!

Perfectly styled elopement lunch and dinner!

Just because you are eloping, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be spoiled!  Planning a luxury Iceland elopement package, entails a beautiful wedding bouquet, a romantic lunch, and a stunning reception for two!!  Having lunch inside of a cave as a warm up is totally an option too during your luxury winter Iceland elopement for example!

How to prevail through challenging weather during your Iceland elopement:

No matter the time of year you come to Iceland, you will be faced with the likelihood of there being inclement weather.  So!  Deep breath!  Just come to terms with it.  You’re going to be dirty, wet, and accomplished at the end of your adventurous elopement, be proud of it!  It’s all part of your story of choosing Iceland.  Bring on the blizzard, crazy winds, and sideways rain, you got this!

Now let’s get you prepared… After all one of my clients said it best, “There is no bad weather, just bad gear.”  #truth!  We suggest you begin with checking out our “How to Pack a Go Bag” post.  Bottom line, have layers and a big ass coat with a hood you can shed in between the super jeep and the Iceland wedding photo location.  If it’s not windy, we have you covered with clear umbrellas.

Otherwise, it is best to embrace the moment, experience, and DANCE in it!  Then you head back to the super warm super jeep to warm up and dry off.  If you’re sneaky, you can put a few pairs of Hot Hands in your coat or if there are pockets in your dress!  Have makeup kit ready to touch up if needed, tissues, and extra bobby pins handy too.

It’s important you stay fueled too because you burn a lot of calories battling the crazy weather, so snacks are a must!  If hiking in the challenging weather conditions in Iceland, pace yourself and maybe consider a plan “b” if you’re not feeling up to it.  If you’re an Iceland Wedding Planner client, we will have 3 alternative locations ready for you to consider.

End with nighttime wedding photos or northern lights hunting!

One of the best things about our Iceland elopement photography team is that we are full force all day.  From the morning hair, makeup, and details all they way through the evening time.  This means you have coverage typically between 12-18 hours for your Iceland elopement package!  We encourage you to end the night with a romantic sunset, nighttime photo shoot, or northern lights hunting!  It is an epic way to end your adventurous elopement in Iceland, don’t you think?

Iceland Elopement Packages:

Crafting your adventurous elopement is high priority for us.  We want you to walk away feeling like that was the most thrilling, yet intimate amazing day of your lives!  You know that “I can’t believe we just did that” and “We need the photos to prove it,” kind of day!  If this is of interest to you, we would love to create a custom Iceland elopement package for you!  Feel free to contact us to get that awesome conversation started!

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