Luxury Winter Elopement in Iceland | Heather + Dane’s Story

Eloping during wintertime is super romantic!  The air is chilly and the weather can turn at any moment, which makes snuggling up with the one you love a necessity!   From snow covered waterfalls to ice caves, the location lists are endless for your Iceland elopement!  So your next question may be what elements make a luxury winter elopement in Iceland?

For our Iceland Wedding Planner clients it means they embark on a custom unique adventure wedding day in a private super jeep, treated like VIP’s all day, have a luxury champagne picnic, and end the evening with a styled reception for two!  Just because you are eloping in Iceland (without guests) shouldn’t mean you skimp on details!

Heather and Dane, living in Melbourne Australia came to our team seeking a winter elopement that would be an adventurous experience, not just a typical wedding day they could have back home.  But before we get into all of that Iceland wedding planning awesomeness we need to back it up to the super fun adventure that began their love story!

Let’s rewind back to five years ago when Canadian beauty, Heather was visiting Australia for the very first time and chose to backpack through it.  Along her several week journey she met Dane who stole her heart immediately!  They connected on a level neither one of them thought was possible.  After Heather left Australia they continued to build their relationship by traveling and adventuring together which proved to be a solid foundation.  In September in 2017 Dane, had a lovely custom ring made for Heather and made her birthday even more amazing by proposing!

Shortly after the proposal they began discussing where they get married and neither one of them felt that their home country would be a good fit.  Heather loves snow and Dane is intrigued by the features winter creates (IE, ice caves!).  Dane having been to Iceland almost a decade previously, suggested it has an adventure wedding location and Heather found herself excited by the idea too!

Since Dane had visited last, there was a significant tourism increase, so as they were looking more into having an Iceland wedding, they were looking for private locations.  Our Iceland Wedding Planner team specializes in private, secret and hidden locations that are perfect for a luxury winter elopement!  Come along with us today to be a witness to Heather and Dane’s Iceland Luxury Elopement!

Vik Iceland Wedding:

April in Iceland is still considered wintertime.  It’s a 50/50 chance though that snow will be on the ground (for sure still in the Icelandic Highlands) as it is common to have an April blizzard happen each year throughout Southern Iceland.  The first half of the month there is also still a possibility of seeing the Northern Lights.  It’s a dreamy time to journey to Iceland for a luxury winter elopement.

Vik Iceland has become a popular area to base yourself for an elopement in Iceland.  Our Iceland Wedding Planner team’s top choice in hotel in the area is Icelandair Vik, which is where the morning began for Heather and Dane’s adventurous elopement.  Heather and Dane decided against bringing guests so that they could fully enjoy their intimate elopement and just had our adventure wedding photography team and the talented video team of White in Revery come along to forever capture it.

That April morning began around 5am with our Iceland Wedding Planner hair and makeup team dolling Heather up for her adventurous elopement!  The Iceland wedding photographer was thrilled to be capturing all of the pretty little details Heather and Dane had brought from Australia and was totally in love with her blue Iceland wedding dress and groom details!

Adventurous Elopement in Iceland Begins…

By 8am the Iceland wedding super jeep team arrived and Heather and Dane excitedly jumped in ready to embark on their wedding adventure!  The super jeep was filled with many laughs and endless smiles as we got closer and closer to their private waterfall ceremony spot for their Iceland wedding.

Iceland Waterfall Wedding Ceremony:

Arriving to their private waterfall ceremony location, Heather and Dane were awed by its beauty.  Our Iceland Wedding Planner team took a couple of moments to setup a fire pit and get the Pastor in place.  Pastor Egill had crafted the loveliest Iceland wedding ceremony that was truly unforgettable along with Heather and Dane’s vows to each other!  Then before exchanging Iceland wedding rings, they took their first drink together our of a Norse horn and broke bread together signifying their lifetime bond together.

Private Waterfall Wedding Photos in Iceland:

Iceland wedding portraits at this gorgeous private waterfall began shortly after the couple had time to explore it!  There are so many lovely options at this unique waterfall in Iceland.  Our Iceland wedding photo team even had the awesome opportunity to fly their drone!

Luxury Winter Elopement Picnic:

Having a luxury elopement in Iceland typically entails a gorgeously styled picnic lunch somewhere AMAZING!  Heather and Dane indulged in a glorious picnic inside of a cave during their adventurous elopement in Iceland.  They ate traditional Icelandic hot dogs and savored delicious artisan chocolates from a local chocolatier!  The theme of the Luxury Winter Elopement picnic incorporated cozy reindeer furs, adventure, and the colors or gray and soft pink.  It was so so so pretty!!

Iceland Ice Cave Elopement Photos:

Exploring a natural cave during your Iceland wedding day is such a unique intimate experience!

Ice Cave Adventure Wedding Photos:

When you visit Iceland in April, there is a very good chance you can have the opportunity to journey to an ice cave during your adventurous elopement in Iceland.  As one of Heather and Dane’s many Iceland wedding exploration spots they craved to visit a black glacier area and loved the idea of putting on crampons to hike up to an ice cave!  It was a unique experience for them to have on their adventure wedding day!

Special Note: The bride and groom (and all Iceland wedding photo and film teams) wore helmets in all dangerous and/or unstable spots as directed by our adventure wedding safety team.  The bride and groom only took their helmets off in 100% safe areas for a few minutes for Iceland wedding photos and video.  Our Your Adventure Wedding team takes safety very seriously!

The weather turned a bit wicked while Heather and Dane explored through the ice caves but they embraced it!  And a traditional shot of Icelandic Brennivin helped warm them up during their adventure wedding!

Black Sand Beach Waterfall Wedding Photos:

The last exciting stop on Heather and Dane’s adventurous elopement in Iceland was one of our favorite spots that when we say it out-loud feels like it’s unreal… A black sand lava rock waterfall.  Say what?!  I know, only in Iceland!  This spectacular Iceland wedding location complimented Heather’s gray Iceland wedding dress really well too!

Intimate Styled Reception for Two!

After such an epic day of adventuring around to so many private locations, ending your luxury winter elopement in Iceland with a styled reception for two is THE BEST!  Treating yourself to sweet little details really makes you feel special and completes the day so well.  The theme of Heather and Dane’s luxury reception for two was “You Are my Greatest Adventure” which included basalt rock candelabras, eucalyptus, and “Explore” napkin rings.  They ended their night with delighting in a traditional heart shaped Iceland wedding cake called a Kransakaka.  Our Iceland wedding planner team even topped it off with LOVE sparklers from our friends at TOPS Malibu.

Iceland Wedding First Dance:

Having your first dance twirling together on a black desert in front of a historic lighthouse is such a dreamy thing to do on your Iceland elopement adventure!  Props to Heather and Dane for going against the traditional norms of having their first dance indoors!

Iceland Wedding Video:

The talented folks at White in Revery crafted a magical Iceland wedding film for Heather and Dane.  See the beautiful teaser film below.

Did you love Heather and Dane’s luxury elopement in Iceland adventure?  If so, contact our team HERE for more information on crafting your own luxury wedding in Iceland!

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