Iceland Adventure Wedding: Chasing Secret Waterfalls!

There are enough waterfalls in Iceland to keep you busy for years.  Seriously folks, like thousands all over this tiny country in the North Atlantic.  They vary in size, strength, landscape surroundings, in texture and tones.  Most enjoy the thrill of hunting new hidden waterfalls and this weeks couple, Bonnie and Dennis chose to explore them during their Iceland adventure wedding!

When our Iceland Wedding Planner team first had the pleasure of meeting these two, we totally enjoyed how they met!  Bonnie and Dennis are in the geology world in Canada and they just so happened to be on the same project together.  One thing led to another and the next thing they knew they were finding time to make the 12 hour drive across Providences to see each other.  Now that is dating dedication!

The super sweet thing about their work lifestyle is that they have opportunity to work straight for 2 weeks on a project and they then have 4 weeks off!  Which makes adventuring the world together easier, right?  For 3.5 years they spent time together traveling South America and beyond, camping, fly fishing, hiking, and enjoying rocky scenery!  Perfect adventures to get to know each other on a very real level.

May 2017 comes and they are on a iconic road trip through the United States of America.  Since they have a passion for rocks, heading to Utah and the famed Zion National Park was for sure on the agenda!  A hike to a valley lookout ended in an unforgettable proposal!

With being in the geology world, they were drawn to how dynamic Iceland is and were craving to explore it!  What better way than on your wedding day?  Bonnie and Dennis reached out to us to start planning their Iceland adventure wedding day and were amazed and really excited by the amount of secret and private locations we have on our repertoire.

So we dare you to come along with us today and experience the incredible Iceland adventure wedding that chases secret waterfalls!

May Elopement in Iceland:

May is one of our favorite months for weddings, it is usually cold but less rain.  Many locals call May “window weather” because it can be very windy and cold.  The best part:  Snow in the highlands is melting fast but in parts it still lingers dotting the landscape making a fun contrast for our Iceland wedding photographers to capture!  In May the daylight hours begin to grow longer allowing for a full day (and then some) of Iceland wedding adventure!

Dennis and Bonnie’s Iceland adventure wedding begins around 5am with our hair and makeup team arriving to Hotel Grimsborgir.  Hotel Grimsborgir is a fabulous luxury hotel in Southern Iceland and they treated our clients like VIP’s! Our Iceland wedding photographers were excited to document all of their super fun details from the elegant Iceland wedding dress to the dapper groom suit right down to the freaking hiking boots!

Iceland Adventure Wedding via Super Jeep:

Right before the Iceland adventure wedding began the super jeep arrived and packed up for the day while Bonnie and Dennis snuck in a “first look” in front of a lovely mountain!  It’s nice to have a quite moment of unveiling the full amazing Iceland wedding day look!

Iceland Highland Waterfall Wedding Ceremony:

Choosing your Iceland wedding ceremony location is one of the sweetest parts of the planning process, especially if you’re drawn to waterfalls.  Bonnie and Dennis were the first ever to marry at this secret highland waterfall and they looked so freaking good for their Iceland adventure wedding ceremony!  Pastor Egill crafted a super intimate Iceland wedding ceremony which also incorporated their mutual love in geology (aka love of rocks) where they had a “rock” unity ceremony. They each chose stones that represented themselves and they tossed in the river for the rocks to forever run next to each other.  DREAMY!

Iceland Wedding Photos:

The ceremony concluded and our Iceland wedding photo team went exploring with Bonnie and Dennis.  The colors, textures, and tones here were AMAZING!  Like seriously folks, that BLUE color looks unreal, but it totally was REAL!  Then mix in the May snow that was left over in the highlands just made it even more interesting to photograph. Iceland Wedding Planner Tip: Having an Iceland wedding photographer is super important so you can forever relive your adventure now and in the future.  This is not one item of the planning process you should skimp on.  After all, it is going to be the only thing you have left to look back on!

The Most Incredible Iceland Wedding Location:

Our Iceland Wedding Planner team has a HUGE list of adventure wedding locations, as I’m sure you have already figured out!  We pride ourselves in scouting weekly, finding private and offbeat locations (and also acquiring the permission to visit the locations exclusively), along with protecting the landscape while we safely get you there during your Iceland wedding day.

The second stop on Dennis and Bonnie’s adventure wedding is hands down one of our all time favorite waterfalls in the world (I know, strong statement, but true!)!  I’m confident in saying our Iceland Wedding Planner team could spend HOURS here exploring.  We refer to it as our “Jurassic Park Waterfall” because can’t you just picture flying through it in the helicopter with the theme song playing?  Bonnie and Dennis were completely in awe of it too as they adventured around with their Iceland wedding photographer.

Iceland Cave Wedding Photos:

Every time we head into the highlands we are on a constant hunt not only for waterfalls but also caves.  There are so many different types of caves in Iceland and it’s super exciting to stumble upon them and explore!  So when we had an impromptu stop at one, Bonnie and Dennis were all in to explore it!

Iceland Luxury Elopement Stop:

After eating lunch on the way to the next stop, they traveled to their third offbeat waterfall to delight in a little champagne picnic.  No better view for a glass of bubbles and little adventure wedding celebration!

Hidden Waterfall in Iceland:

Oh my gosh, so it’s only afternoon and Bonnie and Dennis have already discovered 4 Iceland wedding locations!  Their 5th location was a hidden waterfall in the Icelandic highlands with a super cool mountain beside it.  Their Iceland wedding photographer even busted out their drone!

Iceland Black Sand Beach Wedding Photos:

Black sand beaches are a thing here in case you hadn’t realized it.  Iceland is chock-full of volcanic landscape leaving most of the beaches full of black sand versus golden or white.  Bonnie and Dennis thoroughly enjoyed running around exploring these black sand dunes getting Iceland wedding photos taken.  This fabulous place was the last location stop during their Iceland adventure wedding.  One of our all time favorite Iceland wedding photos is below… it reminds us truly how small we are next to the endless ocean!

Luxury Iceland Elopement Reception:

After having a truly stunning Iceland adventure wedding, Bonnie and Dennis had about one hour to rest, refresh, and relax before their intimate reception for two began at Hotel Grimsborgir.  Our Iceland Wedding Planner team believe that even though you may be eloping in Iceland without any guests, does not mean you shouldn’t be spoiled and have pretty decor to delight in during dinner.  Even if it’s just something soft and elegant, it makes the day feel complete and full of romance!  After having a delicious dinner Bonnie and Dennis treated themselves to a traditional Skyr cake for dessert!  What a perfect end to a very adventurous elopement in Iceland!

If you found yourself loving Bonnie and Dennis’ Iceland adventure wedding and are curious about planning a similar style elopement chasing secret waterfalls, please contact us for more information!

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