Iceland Bridal Bouquets

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Happy Spring!  The hustle, bustle, and warmer temperatures have finally arrived (in theory at least)!  Although, we didn’t feel it this past weekend as we made our way to Southern Ohio for Broomball Nationals 2013.  We had to make our way back home through a wicked snow storm and then came home to our backyard ice rink looking pathetic, so that means its spring, right?  My husband and I are cold weather folks so we are sad to see winter go.  But!  Spring being here, does make us super excited for our upcoming wedding seasons.  Some also fun news, Photos by Miss Ann this last week, was featured in DIY Bride for 2 awesome events… One of our favorite couple’s destination weddings here and our own bridal shower details from last year, here.  Check it out and contact us about your own awesome DIY Iceland details!

Today’s gorgeous topic is Iceland Bridal Bouquets.

Wedding bouquets are an expression of the bride, her style, and interests.  Even as an age-old-tradition it is an awesome one.  Bridal bouquets in Iceland are typically unique.  You either have to trust the local florists to create exactly what you are envisioning or you must create your own.  This can be a tough choice.  I know when we were Iceland wedding planning I felt like I was over-the-top communicating with our Icelandic florist on the exact shade of pink I needed in my bouquet.  There was definitely a point where I felt it would be easier to either do myself or have an alternative bouquet made and brought in for our Seljalandsfoss Waterfall wedding.  Throughout the last 10 years of destination wedding photographing and planning we have seen all types of elements used from flowers to fans to muffs.  The first step is deciding on a destination wedding bouquet style type- which kind appeals to you more?

  1. Hand Tied Bouquet (Think: Round, visible stems, and an accent ribbon). This style is most popular to have.  My Iceland wedding bouquet feel into this category with 2 shades of pink, exposed stems, sage and brown ribbons, a sweet little broach added for extra wedding day bling.
  2. The Posey Bouquet (Think: Round in shape and wrapped stems).  This style is most popular with brides with roses or peonies.
  3. Presentation Bouquet (Think: Miss Universe.  The bouquet is spread-out and lies in your arms).  Calla lilies, sunflowers, daisies, and local flowers to your destination wedding country are often used for this design.
  4. Cascading Bouquet (Think: Princess Diana). Roses and lily of the valley are often used together for this bouquet.
  5. Muff Bouquet (Think: Winter wedding or a wedding in Greenland or Antarctica).
  6. Nosegay Bouquet (Think: Flowers slightly angled to the ground and usually in a cone shaped holder of some type.
  7. Alternative unique option such as the below are also fun to do…  (IE: Our Amazon Storefront is an awesome option to search for ideas if you’re stuck).
  • Feather Bouquet
  • Burlap Flower Bouquet
  • Broach Wedding Bouquet
  • Crochet/Lace Fan Bouquet (really neat for warm destination locales)
  • Baskets
  • Fabric Bridal Bouquet
  • Flower Balls
  • Candles/Lighted Bouquet (How fun for a Northern Lights Wedding?!)
  • Fruit Bouquet
  • Pearl Bouquet
  • Silk Flower Bouquet
  • Paper Bridal Flowers
  • Hand Tied Rose Bouquet

8. Rent a bouquet from our Iceland Wedding Planner team!  See more info on our rental section HERE.

Next Step:  If you have decided on a flower bouquet what sort of flowers do you see yourself carrying down the aisle?  Iceland imports 98% of their flowers from the Netherlands so do not expect your wedding roses to be grown local.  The only flowers Iceland grows naturally are their national flower, the Dryas Octopetala, Icelandic poppies, and Lupines which look like wild lilacs.  Unfortunately, you will only find those flowers growing and blooming mid to late summer in Iceland (July).

To give you a better visual… This past week, I recreated my Iceland wedding bouquet in honor of our upcoming wedding anniversary on April 14th =)  It was styled to be just like the one that I carried down the aisle during our Seljalandsfoss Waterfall wedding, which then made it to Vik Beach, Skogafoss Waterfall, and back to our reception at Hotel Ranga.  It was a hearty wedding bouquet and lasted the enter day without water.  The only difference with this recreated bouquet versus my first was that the roses were a tad larger this time as they were imported from South America (versus Holland).  I truly hope you enjoy looking at the photos as much as I did creating the Iceland wedding bouquet!

With a smile, Ann Peters

Ann and Chris Peters have 10 years of destination wedding photography and planning experience.  The husband and wife team were married in Iceland at the majestic Seljalandsfoss waterfall and have photographed throughout the country.  They know first-hand how epic of a country Iceland is and how special it is for you to plan your wedding in Iceland!

Photos by Miss Ann (PBMA / Iceland Wedding Planner), believes that in order to fully create and capture your wedding day vision, personalities, style, and your destination wedding properly, we need time with you!  No silly time constraint rules.  For us, getting to know you as a couple and getting to know your wedding destination is an important base for creating truly unique stunning images for you and your loved ones.  All of our wedding packages offer basic wedding planning and full day Iceland wedding photography please contact us for more details on how we can complement your adventurous wedding day in Iceland!  Iceland + Weddings is our passion, contact us to understand why =)

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