Iceland Waterfall Weddings: Skogafoss Waterfall

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Welcome to part 2 of 3 of our installment on Iceland waterfall weddings locations this is an expansion of our previous post on Iceland Wedding Venues.  Last week we blogged about Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, if you missed it feel free to head back here to enjoy that post.


Since this post was originally written in early 2013, tourism has grown to an unruly amount.  The space has changed and the amount of tourists coming here each hour is out of control.  We do not suggest this waterfall as an Iceland wedding location if wanting any sort of intimate feeling ceremony.

Skogafoss Waterfall is a massive beautiful waterfall in Southern Iceland.  It is located off of Route 1 between the cities of Selfoss and Vik (about two hours from Reykjavik).

Here are GPS Coordinates for your reference: 63°31?47?N 19°30?50?W

Skogafoss is one of Iceland’s biggest and fullest waterfalls.  The cliffs that make up the waterfall are actually a recessed seashore.  Skogafoss stands at a glorious 200 feet tall and 82 feet wide.  There is a runoff on the left side that creates a dreamy mist that cascades over the country side.  There is a small stream that  runs out of the base of the waterfall offering some really amazing wedding photography opportunities.  Embedded further back into the cliffs the power of the waterfall spray also sets the scene for possible rainbow wedding photos. How romantic, right?

The walk from the parking lot to the waterfall starts grassy but quickly turns to lava rock and black sand.  This waterfall would also be a superb spot to have as a stop for your Iceland wedding day portraits or Iceland engagement photos.

Here are the benefits of getting married at Skogafoss Waterfall:

  • Powerful sound and awe-inspiring scenery.
  • The misty side of the mountains to the left of the waterfall sets a dynamic scene.
  • Chance of rainbow wedding photos!
  • You can take stairs to the top of Skogafoss to see incredible views.
  • There is an Icelandic horse pasture to the right of the waterfall and they are usually quite friendly!  Great photo opportunity!

The downside of getting married at Skogafoss:

  • It’s a public place so depending on the time of day you may have visitors there to enjoy the scenery .
  • In order to compete with the sound of the waterfall, you will want to invest in having a sound system so your guests can hear your ceremony.
  • If you take the stairs to the midway point of the waterfall, be very careful as it is not a paved path and there are no ropes.
  • You also may end up getting wet or dirty during your visit (lots of black sand and lava rocks).

Hopefully today you have fallen in love with this magnificent waterfall!  We look forward to you visiting us here again next week for our final post in this Iceland waterfall wedding series.

With a smile, Ann & Chris Peters

Husband & Wife Iceland Wedding Photography and Planning Team

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