Iceland Wedding Locations

:::NOTE::: We are no longer offering weddings in “tourist locations” as the below.  We now prefer to offer you an UNIQUE one of a kind EXPERIENCE in the offbeat areas of Iceland (Ie, secret waterfalls, private caves, amazing cliffs, etc!)  See HERE for more information on our Iceland Adventure Weddings!


Welcome to the Weekend Brides and Grooms to be!

I hope this blog post finds you well and super excited to be planning your Iceland destination wedding!  You have officially started an amazing Iceland wedding adventure and we’re ecstatic you have consulted us here at Photos by Miss Ann (the “Iceland Wedding Planner“).

Where are you in your wedding planning process?  Have you committed to Iceland as your destination wedding location and now find yourself overwhelmed with next steps?  My husband and I were there once, so don’t worry you are in good company!  It is really interesting to see how the wedding industry in Iceland has not evolved as elaborately as it has in North America and Canada.  Iceland is such an amazing country offering perfect wedding photo locations, fresh foods and flavors, incredibly kind and generous people, epic adventure, stunning scenery, and is really not as far away as people think!  More brides and grooms should consider Iceland as their destination wedding location. …or we should all keep this our gorgeous little secret!

If you have not sent us a note about our Iceland Wedding Planning or Iceland Wedding Photography services, please contact us for more information on how we would be an asset to your special day!  We have established partnerships with the best in the country to ensure your Iceland wedding day is flawless.

Today, we would like to share with you some of the “general” Iceland wedding ceremony locations you could choose to to say “I do” at.  ….we typically plan off-the-beaten-path spots for our own clients!

Please Note: We no longer plan or photograph at the main stream locations we talk about below. We would rather take you on an adventure away from typical tourist locations via super jeep or helicopter for you Iceland Wedding Day or intimate Iceland Elopement! Please contact us for more details!

1. Iceland Wedding Location: The Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon Iceland Wedding Location and Iceland Wedding Planner

2.  Iceland Wedding Location: Cape Dyrholaey

The most Southern point in Iceland

Cape Dyrholaey Vik Beach Iceland Wedding Location Iceland Destination Wedding Vik Iceland Wedding Photographer Photos by Miss Ann

3. Iceland Wedding Location: Country Church in Budir, Iceland

Country Church in Budir Iceland Ceremony Location

4. Iceland Wedding Location: Country Church in Hellnar

The Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Iceland (Iceland church by the sea)

Hellnar Country Church Iceland Ceremony Location

5. Iceland Wedding Location: Dimmuborgir

(The area is composed of various volcanic caves,

rock formations and amazing for Iceland Wedding Portraits)

Dimmuborgir Iceland Iceland Wedding Ceremony Locations

6. Iceland Wedding Location: Godafoss Waterfall

(Incredibly powerful and stunning for Iceland Wedding Photos)

Godafoss Wedding Photography Iceland

7. Iceland Wedding Location: Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon

(Who else will have Iceland Wedding Photos with glaciers in them?! You!)

Iceland Wedding Photography at Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

8. Iceland Wedding Ceremony Location: Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

(One of our favorite Iceland wedding photography

locations where you can go behind the waterfall too!)

Seljalandsfoss Iceland Wedding Ceremony Location Seljalandsfoss Wedding Photographer Iceland Wedding Photographer

Seljalandsfoss Wedding Photographer and Iceland Wedding Planner

9. Iceland Wedding Location: Skaftafell National Park (Stunning traditional turf houses in the Sandar region of Iceland)

Skaftafell National Park Iceland Wedding Photography Location

10. Iceland Wedding Location: Skogafoss Waterfall

(A very powerful waterfall where double rainbow wedding photos are abound!)

Skogafoss Wedding Photography and Iceland Wedding Planning

11. Iceland Wedding Location: Svartifoss Waterfall

(In the Skaftafell National Park- Sandar region of Iceland)

Svartifoss Iceland Wedding Ceremony Locations

12. Iceland Wedding Location: Thingvellir National Park

(The path along Almannagja where the American and European

continental plates drift apart. Married at the Tectonic Plates…How unique!)

 Thingvellir National Park Iceland Wedding Ceremony Location Honeymoon in Iceland Iceland Tectonic Plates

13. Iceland Destination Wedding Location: Vik Beach

(Black sand, a cave, basalt rock formations all equal an epically

romantic Iceland wedding photography location)!

Vik Beach Wedding Photography Iceland Wedding Planning Vik Beach Wedding Photography Iceland Wedding Locations Vik Beach Church Iceland Wedding Ceremony Location

Our post today is only a small representation of the most frequented Iceland wedding ceremony locations.  The country has many more beautiful locations to make your Iceland wedding photography incredible, so please contact us for additional details in planning your dream wedding in Iceland!

Stay tuned for our next post topic: Destination Wedding Etiquette

With a smile,  Ann & Chris Peters (Experts in Iceland Weddings)


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