Best Places to Eat in Southern Iceland

Whether you are a foodie or not, you likely appreciate a good place to eat a good freshly cooked meal!  One of the coolest things about Iceland is that it is quickly becoming a epicurean focused culture.  If you’ll remember our previous post on the Top 12 Restaurants in Reykjavik you’ll see how the gastronomy in Iceland has quickly up-scaled and continues to grow.  So today our Iceland Wedding Planner team would love to share with you the best places to eat in Southern Iceland!  And believe us… we won’t lead you wrong, as we uphold an American style standard and do not choose to eat at places that fall short of that.

Restaurants for Iceland Wedding Adventures:

While you travel around for your pre, post, Iceland wedding day, or even your honeymoon adventures you’ll work up an appetite!  I mean come on, after embarking on one of the 5 most picturesque hikes all morning or day, you’ll want to find a spot that you can delight in!  If you’re a fan of classic Icelandic, casual, or fine dinning, we have the very best options for you to consider.  So lets dive in and see our highlight reel of where to go from west to east for best places to eat in Southern Iceland.

Best Places in Southern Iceland for Breakfast:

Before you begin your unforgettable adventure through Iceland, you need a good breakfast to kick start it!  Most hotels offer a simple breakfast, but most times it is nothing to write home about.  We encourage you to check out two of our favorite spots if you’re looking for something a bit more memorable for breakfast in Southern Iceland!


One of the most delicious eat in bakeries in Iceland can be found in the small village of Hveragerði.  There you will find sweet to savory choices for your breakfast or brunch.  Eat in or to go, you decide!  Head there by following this MAP.

Grimsborgir Restaurant:

This fabulous hotel is hands down my favorite place to have breakfast at in Southern Iceland!  Who doesn’t want champagne, a mimosa, or a fancy coffee with their breakfast?  The breakfast buffet has an endless supply of pastries, American faves (eggs, bacon, sausage, fruit, pancakes, etc), and traditional Icelandic (skyr, meats, cheeses, and health shots).  Time to go is between 7-10am.  So you can find your way there, here is a MAP.

Where to have Lunch in Southern Iceland:

Lunch is often a meal that folks miss while traveling because they are busy seeing, doing and forget!  And although there is no shame in heading to the fuel station for traditional Icelandic hot dog, it is nice to have a delicious sit down lunch date with the one you love on your Iceland wedding day or during your pre or post honeymoon adventures!  Here’s our favorites for best places to eat in Southern Iceland for lunch!

Friðheimar Farm:

You guys!  Have you ever wanted to have a truly “local” experience while eating?  Checkout one of our largest tomato farms in Iceland and eat lunch inside of their greenhouse!  From 12-4pm you can quench your thirst, appetite and curiosity.  They serve homemade tomato soup, pastas, and all sorts of Bloody Mary’s!  MAP to it and add it into your Southern Iceland adventure plans!

Ölverk Pizza & Brewery:

One of the best pizza places in Iceland is Ölverk Pizza & Brewery in Hveragerði.  It’s in the heart of the downtown of the village in easy walking distance to the nearby hotels like Frost and Fire.  They are open everyday from 11:30-10pm.  Check them out by following this MAP.

Fjöruborðið Restaurant:

In the tiny village of Stokkseyri you’ll find the BEST lobster soup in Iceland.  No joke folks, and I do not say that lightly because I’m a constant seeker of it.  Seriously, I order it on the menu everywhere I go and hope for the best!  No need to hope, because the family owned Fjöruborðið Restaurant is one of best places to eat in Southern Iceland for lunch!  Look for the red roof and follow this MAP to get there.  Reservations all year are highly recommended and they are open from 12-9pm daily.

Kaffi Krus:

You’ll find this sweet hidden gem in the village of Selfoss (MAP).  Kaffi Krus always have soup, salads, fire-stone pizzas, traditional Icelandic dishes, and delectable desserts!  Head over there anytime between 8:30am-10pm to indulge yourself and senses!

Best Southern Iceland Dinner Locations:

Dinner is a meal we all look forward to and probably plan our day around.  When you’re exploring a new country whether it is for your Iceland wedding, honeymoon, or anniversary you want to dine somewhere memorable with the one you love.  Picking the right kind of place can be hit or miss, so we would love to share with you our favorites list!  We will put them in order going from west to east so you can find your way to the best places to eat in Southern Iceland!

Restaurant Varmá:

If you’re looking for a unique fine dinning experience, Restaurant Varmá in Hveragerði is ideal for you!  From 6pm – 9pm you can eat dinner along side of the Varma river.  The restaurant has a very romantic ambiance for a dinner for two.  We highly encourage you to book a reservation during your trip through Iceland.  This MAP will help you get there!

Ingólfsskáli Viking Restaurant

Travel back in time and be immersed into early Icelandic culture and traditions by heading to the Ingólfsskáli Viking Restaurant!  Less than 45 minutes east of the city limits of Reykjavik you will find a must do hidden gem of a restaurant inside a traditional Viking longhouse!  There you will receive a 5 senses experience in history, local culture and an amazing ride for your eyes and taste buds!  Find your way to reserving a table to this one of a kind EXPERIENCE, right now!


If you seek luxury or a traditional Icelandic dinning experience, the Grimsborgir Restaurant has you covered on both fronts!  They are thrilled to offer you over 30 different dishes, over 50 types of cocktails and wine, and are happy to offer you seating for your group up to 170 people!  Mixing a fine dining with a few casual options, keeps the most picky eater at bay.  We’ve often had incredible Iceland wedding receptions here.  It is a lovely drive shortly off of Route 1 to get to Grimsborgir, check out this MAP to plan your trip.


A new restaurant that has emerged (as of when this blog post was written) in the town of Selfoss is named Krisp.  It is a fantastically fresh restaurant that offers amazing cocktails and casual dishes.  Personally, I dine here weekly and have always walked away more than satisfied!  Find your way there by following this MAP.

Rauða Húsið Restaurant:

How fun is it to say you dined at the little red house?  That is just what Rauða Húsið means in Icelandic!  From 5-9pm these folks offer the very best seafood and a witty twist on local fare.  Get on the road to them HERE!

Hafið Bláa:

Dinner with a view, you say?  #yesplease!  I wish I could have dinner every night here.  Big huge windows, private black sand beach view, delicious food, and friendly staff!  You cannot get lost in the tiny village of Þorlákshöfn and you for sure cannot miss the sign for Hafið Bláa, but just in case you do take a peak at this MAP.

Stracta Bistro:

The town of Hella Iceland is a fun one.  The Ytri-Rangá River runs through it and it boasts view of Hekla Volcano (who by the way is way over due!).  Furthermore, Hotel Stracta sits in the middle of the downtown of the village and has 2 amazing dining options within one!  Woohoo, who doesn’t like choices?!

And upstairs you’ll find the main dining space where the traditional Icelandic buffet is served most evenings.  But my personal favorite is The Stracta Bistro… It’s the perfect mix of casual meets fine dinning!  Seriously the flavors from my beef steak to my burger even explode in my mouth.  I dare you to find your way there via this MAP to one of best places to eat in Southern Iceland and for sure in Hella!

Suður Vík:

If you’re seeking a homey vibe for dinner that serves comfort food and pizzas, Suður Vík is perfect for you!  Any day of the week from 12-9pm you can fill that craving in the most southern town in Iceland, Vik.  Just down the street from the hilltop church, you can find your way from this MAP.

The Berg:

Inside our favorite hotel in Vik Iceland, you can find one of the best places to eat in Southern Iceland.  The Berg freaking rocks.  I’ll drive 1.5 hour one way to delight in their locally caught arctic char with mashed potatoes and incredible surf and turf!  This MAP will lead you to it, but we highly suggest in advance reservations before coming.

Restaurant Klaustur:

There are so many things I adore about Restaurant Klaustur.  First, it resides in the town of Kirkjubæjarklaustur which happens to have 4 waterfalls within 5 minutes in all directions.  The restaurant has huge windows, super friendly talented staff, and a chef who can craft flavors like no other!  No joke, you need to immediately find your way there and put it on your route MAP for a pre, post, or Iceland wedding day reception dinner!

Humarhöfnin Veitingahús:

Ohhhh, do you love lobster?  Do you love lobster anything in a roll, on pizza, in soup, etc?  Heading to the village of Hofn during your Iceland wedding adventures across the south?  You better head over to Humarhöfnin Veitingahús sometime between 12-10pm.  MAP to Hofn and find this delicious place!

Conclusion: Best Places to Eat in Southern Iceland

So which one will be your favorite for taste, ambiance, or overall experience?  Give us an update, we’d love to hear from you!  Furthermore, if you’re thinking about getting married in Iceland and are wanting to rent wedding decor and reserve one of the best places to eat in Southern Iceland for your epic wedding day, we’d love to get that conversation started with you.  Contact us for more information!

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