Adventurous Elopement in September: Bojan + Caitlin

World travelers Bojan and Caitlin have spent twelve unforgettable years dating, loving, learning and exploring together.  They always plan their trips together and felt their wedding day needed to outdo them all!  Reaching to their never ending bucket list, high on the wanderlust list was Iceland.  Naturally Google led them to our Iceland Wedding Planner team and into planning an adventurous elopement in September!

Bojan and Caitlin’s Story:

Somewhere around 2005 Bojan and Caitlin were at their work Christmas party.  Bojan’s heavy metal band also happened to be the entertainment for the night and Caitlin couldn’t take her eyes off him!  In fact, she saw him in a totally different light that night.  Over the course of their 12 years together, they found themselves creating a deep bond over was the fact they are both artists to their cores.  Caitlin is an artist and teaches, whereas Bojan is a drummer and badass bass player in two bands!

Another foundational item is that they adore all things outdoors and everything in nature!  These two typically flock to tropical islands around Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, and Croatian Islands.  But more recently together they have embraced cold weather as they toured through the Nordic countries (hello Lapland and igloo hotels!).  Iceland had to be next and their adventurous elopement location!

Adventurous Elopement in September

Planning an adventurous elopement can mean a lot of things to different people.  To Bojan and Caitlin it meant having a hiking elopement.  Last year when they married on September 26th 2018, we had an early winter come into the highlands, which was a bit of a surprise!  Typically winter comes in around the middle of October.

Bojan and Caitlin’s adventurous elopement in September began around 6am at Hotel Borealis.  Following their non-traditional theme, Caitlin had a red Iceland wedding dress and Bojan’s groom details included a white suit coat!  You’ll find more about their adventurous elopement featured on Offbeat Bride!

Iceland Highland Waterfall Wedding Ceremony

Packing into our big red super jeep for the day with their excitement, smiles, and “go bag” in tow Bojan and Caitlin were excited to start their adventurous elopement in September!  Minutes into the drive to their Iceland wedding location they were already in awe!  In the Icelandic highlands, you really don’t know what you are going to get weather wise until you’re actually there.  The forecast on Belgingur, led us to believe the weather would be rain free, but apparently not fog free!

Because of the dynamic of our adventurous elopements, we always have a plan b, c, and d ready to go if needed.  And in this September morning we actually needed it!  The original area that Bojan and Caitlin chose for their ceremony was a cliff waterfall.  And the higher we went up into the highlands the thicker the fog got!  So we all made the decision to suggest we “plan b” there ceremony location so they would have a background in their Iceland wedding photos versus a white fog.

But don’t cringe reading this!  Because every time we have had to “plan b” the second plan somehow ends up being more inspiring than the original!  And it was.  We grabbed our favorite Pastor and set our track to the new Iceland wedding ceremony location!  Upon arrival, we could see the waterfall, so that was a good start!  The ceremony brought beautiful wedding vows that Bojan and Caitlin expressed to each other during their adventurous elopement in September!

Fall Wedding Photos in Iceland

Once the ceremony concluded it was time to explore this amazing highland waterfall in Iceland!  These two enjoyed their adventurous elopement in September Iceland wedding location!  Super intimate for photos!

Hiking Elopement Adventure in the Highlands

There is nothing more dreamy to experience during an adventurous elopement in September than the first snow fall!  There is just something so captivating about the black sand, meeting the snow and green mountains peaking out from under the snow!  And the amazing thing is that you do not have to go all the way down to a black sand beach in Southern Iceland to experience the black sand.  The highlands actually has a ton of it from 100’s of years of eruptions!  Bojan and Caitlin loved venturing around in the snow during their hiking elopement!

Snowy Elopement Photos in Iceland

The more north we went into the central highlands, we found more snow!  Super fun for these two Australian lovers to enjoy running around in!  They loved hiking in front of the mountains during their adventurous elopement in September!  And how amazing is Caitlin’s red dress in the snow?!  #loveit

Unique Areas to Marry in Iceland

Interesting rock formations cover the Icelandic highlands.  Which makes for very unique areas to marry in Iceland!  It was super cool to see where the snow line stopped and we got out to hike around for a bit and enjoy the sunshine!

Iceland Lava Rock Wedding Photo Locations

Often Iceland’s landscape has been compared to be very “lunar” like.  As a result, NASA has even found their way here to hold astronaut training!  During this adventurous elopement in September, we explored the Mars and lunar looking areas hardcore!  The colors of Bojan and Caitlin’s Iceland wedding attire was so perfect too in it!  Our Iceland wedding photographer was loving it!

Canyon Waterfall Elopement Portraits

Exploring canyons during their hiking elopement was a vivid experience.  As soon as they got closer to the edge they felt instantly transferred to a movie set!  We arrived shortly before a snow squall came in too, perfect timing literally.

Mountain Elopement Location

Having the combination of a perfectly shaped mountain and a waterfall is like the perfect storm!  During a hiking elopement it’s important to choose wisely your mountain locations because there can be so many to choose from!

 Southern Iceland Black Beach

Instead of visiting a rocky black sand beach in Southern Iceland, Bojan and Caitlin chose a dunes beach!

Highland Geothermal Area for Iceland Wedding Photos

Can we talk about being totally nontraditional and sharing your first dance as husband and wife somewhere epic?  Caitlin and Bojan had their first dance together at sunset in a private geothermal area.  What a way to not only end their adventurous elopement in September but what an amazing photo op!

After reading this Iceland Wedding Planner weekly blog post, are you totally interested in planning your very own hiking elopement?  Or planning an adventurous elopement in September in Iceland?  Contact us for more information on seeing if our team would be a good fit for you!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful people and beautiful photos in a magical place .
    Congratulations to you both.
    The photography and that red dress was breathtaking !!

  2. Such a perfect location for my beautiful niece and her wonderful partner to be married. May they have many more adventures together in the future.

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