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Walking away from the overwhelming stress of a typical American style wedding, Florida couple Heather and Mike found themselves seeking more.  They fell in love with the idea of exploring a country they have never been, and making a full day adventure out of it.  Enter in our Iceland Elopement Photographer whose images are throughout our blog.  Seeing the stories of our adventurous elopements in action both in Iceland wedding photography and video really sold them on having their own crafted!

Mike and Heather Meet:

Heather and Mike met through a super awesome mutual friend in Tampa, Florida.  The friend invited them both to participate in the Beer Olympics of July 2013!  Through the laughs, giggles, flirting, and endless smiles they quickly realized their connection needed to be further explored!  So their relationship blossomed over 4 amazing years of long distance loving and adventuring to new places to explore together.

2017 comes and they decide to buy a house and start their little family with 2 pups Jenny and Quinn!  They spent their days renovating their home, traveling throughout the US and the Caribbean, hanging with their best buds from college.  And savoring every bit of Tampa life!  Fast forward to the fall of 2017.  Mike proposed on their gorgeous porch with their golden retrievers and a stunning ring in hand!  Heather enjoyed the surprise proposal and said yes!


Planning an Elopement in Iceland:

Heather is super into travel and Mike hates to plan, so hiring an Iceland Wedding Planner was key to them both having a good experience.  When they adventure together they seek out offbeat places to explore, hiking trails, and experiencing the culture first hand.  So naturally when they stumbled upon our Iceland elopement photographer images they struck a cord.  The bottom line for them was having an unforgettable experience.  And being able to just be themselves during their adventurous wedding day was ideal for both of them!

Planning an elopement in Iceland can be an overwhelming stressful experience.  Especially if you do not realize how over populated and touristy locations can be.  This is one of the primary reasons why Heather and Mike came to our team for hiring both a wedding planner and Iceland elopement photographer.  Our team specializes in crafting full day adventure weddings and luxury elopements in unique locations within Iceland NOT flooded with tourists.  Providing an intimate experience between the two of you and the landscape is our priority and just what Heather and Mike wanted.

Vik Iceland Elopement Photographer

If you have found your way to Iceland before, you know Vik is one of the most jaw-dropping areas of Southern Iceland.  Furthermore, it also happens to be one of our favorite areas!  September is one of our Iceland elopement photographers favorite months, because that first week is usually when the Northern Lights come back!  Heather and Mike began their adventurous elopement around 6am at Icelandair Vik the morning of September 8th.

It was raining but these two lovers felt the weather would only add to their epic elopement adventure!  In fact, they were more than prepared for it with their “go bags,” extra boots, and vow books that would withstand the rain!  Our Katlatrack super jeep team arrived, our Iceland elopement photographed loaded their gear, we grabbed our favorite pastor and the group embarked on the adventure wedding!

Private Waterfall Wedding Ceremony in Iceland:

In order to truly have a private waterfall wedding ceremony in Iceland, you need to have permission from the landowner. And the right gear to get you there.  Our Iceland Wedding Planner team prides ourselves on ensuring the landscape is better than we found it everywhere we go.  So what does this mean?  It means having experienced professional drivers taking care on how they drive and also ensuring that they deflate their tires to leave no trace on the landscape.  Having seasoned drivers is important too to have the knowledge of how to carefully tread on a private road or not get stuck in a glacier river flow.  Because glacier quick sand is a real thing during our adventurous elopements in Iceland.

Upon arriving to the private waterfall, Heather and Mike were stunned by it’s beauty!  It was PERFECT!  Rain or no rain, this was a place that only existed for them!!  They grabbed their vow books, rings, and each others hands as they picked the most beautiful Iceland wedding ceremony location!  Our Iceland elopement photography captured every bit of the magic too!  …Heather and Mike’s emotions during the ceremony were priceless!  Talk about being in the moment together, wow!  Gotta love how Heather ditches the umbrella half way through to create a strong connection during their Iceland wedding ceremony.

Waterfall Wedding Adventure Photos

Spending a few minutes after the ceremony together just enjoying the view is an important part of the experience factor of our adventure style elopements.  The day goes so fast, so it is critical you take as many moments to savor and memory bank it!  Finding the right balance between time to explore yourselves, adventuring around the area, and having amazing wedding photos is not only our job but our Iceland elopement photographer too!  We set the schedule, but they follow it 😉  So! Onto the amazing wedding adventure photos at this private waterfall!

Hiking Elopement, Choose Adventure Instead:

Heather and Mike likely wished they could visit all of our amazing offbeat Iceland wedding locations.  But we crafted an Iceland wedding schedule that brought all of their favorites together in one day.  The next part of their wedding day transitioned to a hiking elopement, where they chose to adventure instead.  Visiting a unique place that must be EXPERIENCED, because photos likely will not do it justice.  Even though our Iceland elopement photographer tries to have those feelings come through in their images!  You be the judge on how inspiring this hike was for Heather and Mike!!

Climbing During your Adventurous Elopement:

Okay okay, so hiking on your wedding day may be no big deal to most of your out there.  But what do you think about hiking up a waterfall and then rock climbing over about 6 foot gorge, and then hiking the rest of the way literally through knee high water?  Are you in or are you out?  Heather and Mike opted in along with their Iceland elopement photographer, Ann!  Side note… There may or may not have been shots of Brennivin as a reward at the end and Iceland elopement photographer, Ann Peters could have been wearing waders, I dunno! 😉

Iceland Cave Exploration:

Caves locations in Iceland are abundant.  But our clients, many times have a favorite because of a shape, size, or story.  This gorgeous private property cave was Heather and Mike’s favorite!

Mars Looking Area in Southern Iceland

There is an attraction to exploring an area that looks like the moon or Mars on your adventure wedding day.  As clique as it sounds, it truly gives you that out of this world feeling.  There is a private property area in Southern Iceland that feels like another planet… And it was fitting that Heather and Mike have their first dance as husband and wife in this moon like atmosphere!  Our Iceland wedding photographer was loving every single second of it too!  …I mean come on look at our Heather’s Iceland wedding dress spun around, DREAMY!

Private Black Beach Iceland Wedding Location:

Late afternoon light is always more stunning on a black sand beach.  Plus having a private black sand beach near Vik is even more amazing!  Our Iceland Wedding Planner, photography, and super jeep teams all took notes from these two… They really knew how to BE IN THE MOMENT!  They laughed, danced, and LOVED on each other.  Heather and Mike could have easily spent the rest of the evening here in this private place!

Vik Iceland Wedding Restaurant

The Berg hosted these two newlyweds for a sweet littler reception for two.  In our opinion, The Berg is the best restaurant in Vik and maybe even in Southern Iceland!  Our Iceland Wedding Planner crafted an earthy styled table which boasted basalt rocks and greenery.  Sadly the rain grew harder and the chance of Northern Lights in September became slimmer.  But that just meant Heather and Mike got a head start on their honeymoon in Iceland!

Did you find yourself in awe of Heather and Mike’s Iceland private wedding locations or adventurous style?  Our Iceland Wedding Planner team would love to help you craft a similar unique experience.  So we dare you to choose adventure instead and contact us for more information on having an elopement in Iceland!

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