Luxury Wedding Iceland: Lily + Ray’s Story

Luxury Wedding Iceland, what does that even mean?  Then you mix in a full day wedding adventure with 40+ guests, a side of hiking, and spoiling your guests with bubbles and a posh reception, that could be quite a planning task!  But, if you’re like this weeks featured Iceland wedding Planner client, Lily and Ray, you’ll not only dream it, rock it, but you’ll also inspire others!

Our definition of luxury is multi level.  And really, it needs to be when most of the island falls short by American style wedding standards.  Having a lux wedding in Iceland all begins with choosing accommodation that offers a variety of room types with unforgettable views, superior customer service, amazing amenities, a delicious restaurant, room service, and facilities like hot tubs, massage, etc!

So come along with us as you delight in a Luxury Wedding Iceland in September!

Meet Iceland Wedding Couple: Ray and Lily

Lily and Ray have a super fun meeting story that begins it all!  Rewind back to Circa 2012 in Chinese History class where like 100-200 students learn together and Ray always seemed to get in trouble!  Lily took notice, but didn’t pursue.  The following summer his sister formally introduced them…

One of Lily’s favorite things to do is run.  So during a weekly running club meet-up his sister brought him along, despite him not really being a “runner” per say, but he went anyway.  Woohoo, their love story begins!  Shortly after the beginning months of dating though, Lily had the amazing opportunity to study abroad.  Keeping hold of their undeniable connection, they Skyped and Ray came to visit her in Europe!

Part of their relationship foundation is a bond on always adventuring together.  Traveling throughout Iceland, Spain, Scotland, France, Ireland, Hong Kong and even Bali, made their 7 years of dating oh-so special!  When home in New York City, they are drawn to foodie spots across the city and they built a lovely life together with their Pomeranian pup!

The Proposal:

Now on to the unforgettable proposal that takes them to their Luxury Wedding Iceland…  The day before Lily’s birthday, Ray took her to a petting zoo.  He had the ring hidden in the glove compartment.  But then he gets spit on by a llama!  #truestory!  Definitely not the right moment, lol!  But don’t fret, Ray still had big plans for the surprise birthday and proposal day he planned for Lily.  They found their way to some gorgeous vineyards for wine tasting.  At the last winery and Ray got down on one knee at sunset!

Having been to Iceland before together as they fell deep in love with each other, it was an easy decision when they began talking about where to plan their destination wedding.  Plus, none of their friends or family had been so they were thrilled at the idea of introducing them all to one of their favorite places.  After all I think Ray said it best during our Skype call saying, “You can’t get the view of Iceland anywhere else in the world!”   Since all they love is from NYC, it was also super convenient and everyone could arrive in less than 5.5 hour flight!

An ideal luxury wedding Iceland for Lily and Ray, was a perfect mix of an intimate adventure for them and their 40+ guests!  Getting married on September 2nd, the daylight hours are still fairly long, so having an Iceland wedding reception venue with a view was important along with having luxury decor!  This luxury wedding Iceland is crazy pretty so follow us along!!

Luxury Wedding Iceland at Hotel Grimsborgir

Any couple that is looking to celebrate their Iceland adventure wedding before and afters in the lap of luxury, we immediately look to Hotel Grimsborgir.  They sit along side of a gorgeous mountain and river making it a serene escape.  Having 14 posh apartments; 44 stunning superior double rooms and 6 incredible junior suites they can fit any group size up to 200 people in style.

It was the best fit for Ray and Lily for their group to rent some of the hotel rooms, apartments and the 4 bedroom luxury house with gazebo!!  So when 5am came the morning of September 2nd, our Iceland wedding photographers, Ann and Christy, went to work documented all of the amazing details while our teams hairstylist worked on Lily’s hair!  …and such pretty little details too!

From super thoughtful wedding welcome bags to Lily having 2 stunning Iceland wedding dresses, Badgley Mischkas tennis shoes, and then Ray’s super handsome details too!  By renting out the house with the gazebo, you have so many amazing photo opportunities and after party options 😉  In fact, we did Ray and Lily’s “first look” in it and it was such a private and special moment before they began their adventurous luxury wedding Iceland!

Unity Waterfall Wedding Ceremony

Ceremony locations should have a special meaning to you or at the very least leave you and your Iceland wedding guests in inspiring awe!  Holding their luxury wedding Iceland ceremony at a unity waterfall was perfect for Lily and Ray!  Their bridal party had a gorgeous walk down the aisle while their guests remained seated in black wooden folding chairs!  Lily and Ray’s close friend lead the short and sweet ceremony and everyone LOVED it!

Iceland Wedding Champagne Toast

Immediately following the ceremony, the Iceland wedding group celebrated with a champagne toast!  When having a luxury wedding Iceland, nothing better than sipping a glass of bubbles at an incredible place!

First Dance at a Waterfall in Iceland:

Okay okay, maybe one thing might top drinking champagne at a waterfall in Iceland… How about having your first dance at an offbeat waterfall in Iceland!  Yup, totally a dream come true for Lily and Ray!

Iceland Bridal Party Wedding Photos

It’s not super often that our adventurous Iceland wedding couples bring with them a formal “bridal party.”  But when having 40+ guests you can make it happen and it not be awkward.  I mean look at how much fun this group was having during the luxury wedding Iceland adventure day!  Props to our Iceland photographer, Christy on bridal party energy!  This group was soooo FUN!

Intimate Iceland Wedding Portraits at an Offbeat Waterfall

At every location explored during our adventure wedding days, our Iceland Wedding Planner team always ensures there is time for just the couple too.  Being able to have a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of having 40+ guests is nice to have even when your Iceland wedding photographers are capturing it 😉  As it always does, the weather turned to rain but Lily and Ray just embraced it as being part of the story!

Hidden Waterfall Wedding Adventure in Iceland

What adventure wedding would be complete without having a traditional hot dog BBQ for lunch and hiking?!  None!  Our team was onsite upon arrival of Ray and Lily’s Iceland wedding group, with special permission to hold a hot dog BBQ at a hidden waterfall.  The guests thoroughly enjoyed the traditional luxury wedding Iceland experience!  Afterwards, the group embarked on a short 15 minute hike to a hidden canyon waterfall as part of the adventurous wedding day agenda.

Iceland Wedding Photos at Skogafoss 

If you’re an avid reader of our blog, you know we do find our way to heavily populated tourist locations.  Skogafoss Waterfall though holds a special place in Lily and Ray’s heart from their first adventure here.  They wanted to ensure their Iceland wedding guests experienced it with them, even for just a few minutes.

Black Sand Beach Wedding Photos at Reynisfjara

If you want to have wedding photos on the famed black sand beach of Reynisfjara, we encourage you to be safe and check tide times before venturing there.  This is one of the most dangerous beaches in the world.  Reynisfjara is another heavily populated tourist location, but again, Lily and Ray were inspired to share the Iceland wedding location with their guests.  After all, the tones and textures of this magical place are really special!

Dyrholaey Sea Arch Iceland Wedding Photos

Heading to the top of Dyrholaey to see the lighthouse is a fun and seeing the sea arch from the “public” side is charming.  Note: When doing a luxury wedding Iceland super jeep wedding, our team has access to the private beach side.

Lily and Ray savored the blazing sunshine that was on top of that fabulous mountain!  They also delighted in a few minutes away from their guests.  The guests actually enjoyed the view on the lower half of the mountain.  As it’s not super safe to take a 50 person bus to the top with all of the switchbacks and never ending amount of people.  There are a lot of amazing views throughout the top of this mountain if you have the time to explore it!

Hotel Grimsborgir Luxury Wedding Reception

The theme of the luxury wedding Iceland reception was mountain romance.  The views from the reception space was a 180 agree view of the mountains.  And on the table there was an incredible eucalyptus garland with pops of reds and pinks alongside of the fairy lights.  Our stylist Tinna crafted some gorgeous magic both table side and on the cake!

Gold accents flowed through the table from the charger plates, place cards, and elegant Iceland wedding menus.  Being foodies, it was important to Lily and Ray they have a 3 traditional Icelandic courses plus an American style wedding cake.  How fun to have a “You Are My Greatest Adventure” wedding cake topper too? Around midnight the group took to the 4 bedroom house, gazebo, and hot tub for a luxury after party!

Totally enamored with this super sweet Hotel Grimsborgir luxury wedding Iceland?  Contact us to get the conversation started about planning your own luxury wedding Iceland style!

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