Iceland Wedding Photographer | Kim + Chris | Reynisfjara Beach (Vik Beach Cave)

Welcome Back Clients, Fans, and Friends!

Thrilled you stuck with us through our little blogging break =) We have been going a million miles an hour photographing some amazing Iceland weddings, finishing up wedding details for our remaining 2014 fabulous couples, and excitedly planning with our 2015 & 2016 couples.

Some sensational news we’d like to share: Did you know we have added someone tremendously awesome to our Iceland wedding planning team? Beth Golden, has a decade worth of experience in the industry and has proved to be a positive asset to our growing team. Her vision, creativity, attention to details is remarkable. Frankly she is our right arm in day of organization, so we can focus on you and capturing your amazing wedding moments in Iceland! As I am sure you know the enthusiasm never ends around here and Beth fits right in. So please warmly “Welcome” her to the Iceland Wedding Planner team!

As promised, today begins several extraordinary posts we will be sharing with you and all will surely make you swoon in envy! First series that is up is Atlanta, Georgia couple: Kim + Chris. I have 100’s of “favorite” images and have decided I don’t want to blow up one blog post with them, so we’re going to break up their adventurous Iceland wedding day into several pieces so we can all savor it and take notes! So please be sure to check in often over the next few weeks to see their Iceland wedding story unfold…

Can I let you in on a little secret? Summer Iceland weddings rock; there is nothing better than having the option of getting married at 6am or 11pm and holding a crazy epic adventurous wedding day under the midnight sun. Sooo… After driving 85km west in Southern Iceland on Sunday, June 22nd, it was time to get married!  Kim and Chris met their Icelandic pastor, on the shores of Reynisfjara Beach (sometimes people refer to it as Vik Beach).

They walked happily hand in hand to the basalt rock cave (Hálsanefshellir Cave) and held their spiritual Iceland wedding ceremony inside. Kim and Chris declared their love to each other by simply stating, “I promise to always love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.”  [Swoon!] The bride was so happy she shed a couple of joyful tears and the pastor immediately gave them both the biggest hug ever!  We popped a bottle of Domaine Chandon and served the bride and groom several tasty Icelandic baked goods to start the celebration right then, right there.

It was stunning in every way… and did I mention blue skies were abound? Yup, that always seems to happen for every wedding we photograph in Iceland, no matter the season =) Chris and Kim drank their bubbles, laughed, smiled and frolicked throughout the beach giving us tons of amazing opportunity’s for unforgettable Iceland wedding photos! So today, please delight in the beginning of their fabulous adventure: Chris and Kim’s Iceland destination wedding ceremony…

A note to my lovely couple:

Kim and Chris,

You give me goose bumps, that simple. The love you exude for each other made me cry with joy and I am not a crier, ever. You are soul mates and no one can deny it when they see you together. It was such an honor to design such a monumental day from start to finish for you both and being the lucky one, who got to photograph it too. Thank you for choosing me! So how about we plan an Iceland vow renewal adventure for your 5 year anniversary? ..Next time in Northern Iceland or with Northern Lights! Until then lots of hugs, Ann (…and Beth)

To the rest of you fabulous people: Thanks for stopping by today and be sure to come by next week to see more of Chris and Kim’s Iceland wedding day!

With a smile,

Ann Peters (Iceland Wedding Photographer and Planner)


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