How to Pack for a Trip to Iceland

If you are a weekly follower of our Iceland Wedding Planner blog, you have probably wondered to yourself, “What do Ann & Chris pack for a trip to Iceland?” Well today is your lucky day because today’s blog post is going to answer just that question!

People tend to think about Iceland in extreme contexts and well it’s correct to a certain extent. No matter the season you plan to visit Iceland, chances are it will be windy, temperatures will probably range somewhere between 30-55 degrees Fahrenheit; it may rain, snow, or could be blazing with sunshine. The Icelanders always tell us that embracing the unpredictability of the weather is a must if you plan on visiting. Storms while often fierce, blow through quickly and are often followed by sunshine.

So! When we head to Iceland in any of their seasons, we typically pack many of the same items. And since I have begun packing up for my next trip, I thought it would be fun to give you a walk-through of what you’d find in my suitcase.

Carryon Bags:

• The first bag I pack is my waterproof Ape Case (roller bag/backpack) filled with my almost invincible Nikon professional photo gear that I’ll need for the time I am there photographing Iceland weddings or engagement sessions (Iceland pre-wedding sessions).

Next comes, my travel folder which I often refer to as my “lifeline” while in Iceland. The folder contains the following:

o Day by day itinerary’s
o Icelandair E-Ticket Itinerary
o Car Rental confirmation
o Iceland hotel confirmations
o Passport
o Iceland wedding itineraries
o GPS / GPS coordinates
o Meeting agendas
o Phone numbers
o Google Maps printed directions to each day’s adventures (in case the GPS fails at some point).
o Iceland adventure / activity vouchers.

• My second bag is a super stylish Jo Totes bag filled with more photo goodies and some plane survival items like the following: The latest issue of The Knot, earplugs, Sour Patch Kids, eye mask, earphones, iPhone, charger, etc.

What my checked bag looks for 10-15 days…

o 8 Casual dresses (sweater dresses, fit & flares are my favorites because they are so versatile)
o 2 Semi-formal dresses + matching cardigans/blazers
o 2 Pairs of blue jeans
o 2 Knee length skirts
o 2 Sweaters
o 3 Short sleeve shirts
o 3 Long sleeve shirts
o 3 Thermal shirts
o 3 Tee-Shirts
o Ski Pants + Ski Coat (In summer months only bring if you plan on doing glacier driven activities)

Under Garments:
o 4 pairs of tights
o 2 pairs of leggings
o 8 pairs of light weight socks
o 2 pairs of heavy weight socks (wool socks)
o 1 Under Amour Set (leggings and turtle neck)
o 2 pairs of yoga pants
o 2 pajama sets
o 10-15 pairs of dedicates
o Swimsuit

o 1 pair of rubber boots
o 1 pair of Sorel boots
o 1 pair of stilettos
o My favorite pair of polka dot Poetic License heels
o 1 pair hiking boots

Miscellaneous Items I pack for Iceland:
o Hooded sweatshirt
o Warm knit hat
o Scarf
o Wind Proof Hooded Coat (disregard if this is your ski coat as indicated above)
o Umbrella and/or Poncho
o Gloves
o Sunglasses
o Power convertors
o GPS (with Iceland maps downloaded on ahead of time)
o Chargers to all electronic devices
o First Aid Kit / Medicines
o Head Lamp and/or Flashlight (comes in handy during Northern Lights photos or exploring lava caves)
o An empty backpack (for impromptu hiking)
o Personal toiletries I cannot live without (makeup, soaps, tweezers, hairbands, nail file, hair brush, hairspray, deodorant, etc).
o Curling Iron (but no hairdryer as every hotel I stay at has one)
o Sugar Cubes (As a treat for the Icelandic horses encountered during the trip)
o 5 trash bags (Think dirty clothes hamper / rain poncho / gear covers)
o 10 sandwich size Ziploc bags (You’ll thank me later)
o 6 gallon size Ziploc bags (Never know when you may need it)
o Zip Ties
o Granola Bars
o Travel water mug
o Tripod
o Bottles of alcohol (very expensive in Iceland)
o Bridal Emergency Kit
o An appetite for adventure!

Other Items You May Want to Consider (which I do not typically pack):
o Compass (If planning to do a long day or multiday hike)
o Binoculars (Especially during summer Puffin season!)
o Water Hiking Shoes
o Point and Shoot Camera
o Shorts (In Iceland summer months)
o Bandanna
o Slippers (Most higher end hotels provide them)
o Travel Alarm Clock
o Travel Pillow
o Energy Shots
o Running Shoes

Phew, long list! But hopefully one that you have found helpful as you plan and pack for your fabulous Iceland adventure. Feel free to leave comments and ideas on any items I might have forgotten to add to this Iceland packing list!

In the meantime folks… Hang tight! We’ll be back blogging regularly in about a month with incredible events to share.  Be excited, lots of gorgeous things coming your way this summer!  Feel free to follow some of my travel adventures on Instagram and Facebook ?

With a smile,
Ann Peters (Iceland Wedding Photographer & Planner)


Special NOTE: The spray painted rock is NOT found in Iceland… It was a rock found in California done by someone else.  We did not spray paint anything in the Icelandic nature.  -Thanks!

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