The Best Places to Go Hiking in Iceland for Amazing Views

Are you the type of person who connects with nature by hiking?  Maybe even in those quite moments of becoming one with the trail it links you back to yourself or deepens your connection to your partner.  Likely when you plan a trip, parts of your agenda may encompass a hike that has an amazing view point.  Well, good news there is no shortage of hiking in Iceland and today we would love to introduce you to 10 of our favorites with amazing views!

The Best Places to Go Hiking in Iceland for Amazing Views

Okay so now, you’ve booked your visit to Iceland.  But how in the worlds are you going to narrow it down to the best hikes  for your self-drive adventure?  Especially if this is your first time in Iceland. as you will want to ensure the hike is worth the time spent on it.  Therefore, doing your due diligence and researching is key.  Because sometimes, the “best views” are shared with 100’s or 1,000’s of tourists or some hikes are best done during a specific season, etc.  Regardless, hiking in Iceland will not leave you disappointed!

Looking for Amazing Views in Iceland?

Abundant landscapes await you as you think about hiking in Iceland.  Firstly, waterfalls of all shapes, sizes and textures.  Secondly, canyons that are vivid, rocky, and full of crazy shaped mountains.  Thirdly, dormant (and sometime active) volcanoes and ancient glaciers.  Fourth, black beaches and other amazing basalt rock formations.  Fifth, 360 degree amazing views, etc!  Frankly, the list is endless.  Therefore, if you seek unforgettable views of dynamic picturesque places, hiking in Iceland is 100% where it’s all!

The Best Hikes with the Best Views

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. But one thing we can all agree on is while hiking in Iceland you will experience the best views!

#1: Kerlingarfjöll

In the central highlands of Iceland, there is a spectacular geothermal area named, Kerlingarfjöll.  Over 4,800 feet tall and underneath runs a 38 square mile volcanic system.  There are several hiking trails you can spend your day hiking on.  For instance, the hikes range from 1-5 hours).  Also nearby is an offbeat highland hot spring worth hiking to too!

#2: Múlagljúfur Canyon

Years ago, Múlagljúfur became a viral sensation.  Likely because of the exciting hike. beautiful mountain and waterfall combo.  For example, the 30-60 minute hike begins close to the Fjallsárlón glacier outlet.  Then you’ll cross a few rivers, gain elevation, experience a few more waterfalls on the way.  Next, you’ll see the canyon reveal itself to you in the most magnificent way.  In fact, if the weather is misty is adds another layer of mystery!  But on a clear day the views in all directions will leave you speechless while hiking in Iceland.

#3: Háifoss Waterfalls

On the edge of the highlands alongside of Iceland’s longest river, you’ll find Háifoss and Granni Waterfalls.  Although you can experience the waterfalls from the top, hiking down into the canyon will offer a more beautiful perspective.  After all, the hike is only 30-60 minutes, so why not?

#4: Fuglabjarganes Sea Cliffs

Just outside of the tiny town of Vopnafjörður, is one of the prettiest sea cliffs we have in Iceland named, Fuglabjarganes.  And the best thing about this specific hike is almost the entire hike follows the coastline.  It gets steeper and more dramatic the further you go.  Meanwhile, you can expect to commit a solid 1-2 hours to this hiking route in Iceland.  But while you’re there you’ll also experience a plethora of birds nesting if you come during spring or summer.

#5: Stórurð

If you have time while hiking in Iceland to devote to 4-8 hours and are visiting East Iceland in July or August you must find your way to, Stórurð.  To illustrate, it is a landscape that is plucked right out of a fairytale.  You hike alongside super steep scenic mountains only to be greeted with views of your own secret world…  It is a pond that has massive boulders just chilling in and around it.  When you visit this magical place, you’ll have a moment of feeling like such a vivid place shouldn’t exist.  However it does and we are so lucky to get the chance to experience!

#6: Vestdalsfossar

Slightly outside of the Eastern town of Seyðisfjörður sits an enchanted hike with endless waterfall and fjord views.  The area is named, Vestdalsfossar.  Since it’s a loop hike, you can expect to be hiking from 2.5-3.5 hours depending on stop time.  Truly a fantastic way to kick off your hiking in Iceland adventures!

#7: Landmannalaugar

Do you wish to experience one of Iceland’s most iconic landscapes?  Then you absolutely need to find your way to Landmannalaugar in summertime or early fall.  Those colorful mountains and the various range of hikes are calling your name!  Furthermore, you can easily plan to base yourself in this area for 2 days or more if you wish to see all you can.

#8: Stuðlagil Canyon

Believe it or not, Stuðlagil Canyon was only recently uncovered in the last decade or two.  Previously, it was under water.  Then one of the power companies drained it to harness hydro power.  When that happened these beautiful basalt columns were uncovered and became a tourist destination from 2017.  Personally, I could spend hours here watching the river and being in awe such a place exists.  We encourage you to put this fabulous place on your hiking in Iceland list!  Especially since it is only a 30-60 minute hike!

#9: Thórsmörk

Within South Iceland, Thor’s valley is another stunning spot to spend the day hiking.  For example, as you head into this extraordinary area, the first hike you will encounter is Nauthúsagil.  So if you’re feeling adventurous hike through the river and all the way back to the waterfall end.

Next, as you follow the F-Road further back and countless river crossings, you’ll stumble upon Stakkholtsgjá.  For instance, it’s a relatively easy hike as long as you do not mind getting your feet wet via the river crossings!  Furthermore, this can be a fun spot to use for your all day hiking elopement in offbeat times of the year (less touristy).

Other hikes to consider are as follows:

  • Gigjokull
  • Þórsgata Volcano Trail (13.5 miles)
  • Valahnúkur Mountain (1.5 miles)
  • Merkurrani Plateau (5.9 miles)
  • Þórsmörk Tindfjöll Circle (6 miles)
  • Þórsmörk Highlights (Þórsmörk Valley – Slyppugilshryggur Ridge – Slyppugil Canyon – Langidalur Hut – Valahnúkur Mountain – Volcano Huts).

#10: Glymur Waterfall

Curious to set your eyes on one of Iceland’s tallest waterfalls?  Then hiking to Glymur Waterfall should be on your hiking in Iceland itinerary!  And the beauty of this hike is you can decide how much you hike (part, all the way, or the full loop).  Perfect to experience on a Iceland summer day.

Plan your hiking adventure in Iceland

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