Hiking Wedding: Sarah + Will

Although it is not necessary to hike in Iceland in order to experience diverse landscapes, it certainly helps!  Especially if you like having one on one moments without crowds of people around.  Likely why couples who love trekking and the outdoors find their way to us.  Therefore, let’s go back in time to see how Sarah and Will’s hiking wedding unfurl…

Rings & Things

Sarah and Will go from being roommates in college to growing into their booming careers, beginning a family and making a new home together in the Pacific Northwest.  And if you know anything about that area, you know there is no shortage of beautiful views.

Therefore, when the kids were at an age when they would remember taking an epic trip and their careers allowed… It was time to have the wedding adventure they always wanted!  Planning a hiking wedding in Iceland was exactly what they wished for.  So after falling in love with our experience driven wedding concept their dream of an August 2022 wedding adventure took shape.

Shall we fast forward now to the morning of August 16th 2022?   The adventure begins at the Vik Apartments with everyone getting ready.  Hair and makeup were in the works and our local Iceland photographer was capturing Sarah’s sweet details.  Furthermore, do not miss their gorgeous wedding rings from Aurum.  Then it was time to embark on a half day journey with the kids and a full day for our forever newlyweds, Sarah and Will!

August Waterfall Ceremony

Getting married at a waterfall is such a thrilling experience!  To illustrate, from the transport to, the hike, the moment you realize this place only exists for you right now!  And fun fact… Will and Sarah were the FIRST to be married at this beautiful private property waterfall.  Sarah and Will held a nature based hiking wedding ceremony that their four children were witness to.  Also, they exchanged personal vows, rings, and kisses!

Hiking and Coffee

Immediately following the hiking wedding ceremony, Sarah, Will and the kids marveled over the waterfall!  Everyone enjoyed the shapes, sounds, textures, and views within the narrow canyon.  Afterwards, the forever newlyweds took a trek even closer to the waterfall.  Additionally, coffee followed as a warm up in-between exploring.  Because coffee and hiking are a perfect combo, right?!

Cave, Cake & Hot Dogs!

Next on the hiking wedding schedule, was a fun journey to a natural cave which comes with a glacier view!  Furthermore, this was also the spot where the group delighted in a traditional hot dog BBQ and Icelandic wedding cake.  Additionally, have you laid your eyes on a more earthy cake stand?! #whalebones

Walk Behind Waterfall Exploration

After dropping off the kids with our Iceland Wedding Planner babysitter, Sarah and Will begin a more intense hiking wedding adventure.  The kind of hiking that is sketchy but oh-so worth it!  First, example, they travelled to a remote canyon area that is home to a waterfall you can walk behind.  Second, after several river crossings via super jeep and by foot they were hiking on a “sheep road.”  Third, they powered through the steep and crazy parts to be greeted with a stunning season.  Fourth, they explored this fragile waterfall and savored every single second!

Hiking Wedding in Iceland

Will and Sarah continued their hiking wedding experience by venturing to one of our newest waterfalls in our portfolio.  However, this specific Iceland wedding location is not for inexperienced hikers.  Lots of steep slopes, switchbacks, elevation are encountered.  But one of the most unique features about this private property waterfall is that it has a lava rock bridge.  How picturesque for our elopement photographer to capture them with too?!

Icelandic Beach Vibes

Frolicking around on a black sand beach on your hiking wedding day just makes freaking sense!  In fact, there is something about this private side of Dyrhólaey that centers you with nature.  I don’t know if it’s a calmness of the beach, crashing waves, or massiveness of the arch.  But there, you will be in the moment and if you’re lucky time will stop.

Mountains Above Vik

There is the most adorable church that sits high above the town of Vik.  It has the iconic colors of red and white and offers a grand view of Reynisdrangar.  Likely why Sarah and Will were drawn to having this recognizable spot as part of their hiking wedding adventure.

Delicious Dinner & Sunset

Somehow the 10+ hour hiking wedding adventure came to an end.  But don’t fret!  For instance, they still had a delicious dinner and sunset to experience!  So dreamy and #worthit!  In conclusion, see what these forever newlyweds had to say about their experience with our team via their Google Review...

Feeling kinda inspired after reliving Sarah and Will’s incredible August wedding in Iceland?  If so, and you’re interested in getting more information on planning something just as unique… Please contact us to get your own journey started!

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