Fearless Wedding of Frances + Daniel

Seeking connection and experiences is what we crave as humans.  And one of the best ways to do both is adventuring together with the one you love.  Those moments are more valuable than anything you could physically buy.  Because it is in those moments you look back on and realize you are living an INCREDIBLE LIFE!  Also, it’s those experiences that make your bond as a couple run even deeper.  So why not embark on a fearless wedding adventure?  Come along with us as we share with you Frances and Daniel’s journey…

June Wedding in Vik Iceland

Having a summer wedding in Iceland means you’re getting married between the months of June and August.  In fact, that is also the best chance for warmer temperatures and better weather in Iceland.  However, that does not mean you’ll escape rain and wind as those are elements that happen year round no matter the season.

Next, Frances and Daniel chose June 2nd 2022 as their fabulous fearless wedding date.  Furthermore, they decided to bring along 10 of immediate family members which meant planning an Iceland wedding with guests!  First, the morning began in Vík í Mýrdal.  Second, the soon to be newlyweds decided to not get ready together.  Rather, they wanted the first look to be down the aisle way.  Third, following hair, makeup, and breakfast Frances wanted to have a “first look” with her father.  Forth, the group grabbed their “go bags” and loaded into the super jeeps!

Private Property Waterfall Ceremony

On with the details of their fearless wedding…  Upon arrival to the ceremony private property waterfall, the group took a hike which included a river crossing.  There they were seated and enjoyed the sounds and scenes of the waterfall as Frances made her walk down the aisle.  Additionally, this was the first moment Daniel saw Frances for the first time in her finished look.  Fair to say sweet emotions overwhelmed him!  Furthermore, our favorite Pastor recited an intimate ceremony which included the newlyweds exchanging personal vows and rings.

Married, Champagne and Explorations!

An ideal way to celebrate being married in Iceland is having a formal champagne toast!  After all, your guests will not only be surprised but appreciate the extra thought you put forth to spoil them.  Plus who doesn’t want to sip bubbles in an epic location?!  To illustrate, to the side of the waterfall there was a fabulous table our team setup.  The group enjoyed a lightly styled table, champagne glass wall, bottles of Piper-Heidsieck champagne, fruit, Icelandic chocolates, and donuts.  Next, the couple took time to explore every inch of the place for fearless wedding photos!

Super Jeep Canyon Drive

Half the fun of our experience driven weddings is the super jeep drive itself.  More often than not, we cross through some gnarly tight or dramatic areas that add to the excitement and fearless wedding dynamic!  Driving through a crazy narrow canyon on the way to their next location was one everyone will remember.

Black Beach BBQ Lunch

Subsequently, the fearless wedding group continued on to their unforgettable lunch spot which was an exclusive black beach with a private view of Dyrhólaey sea arch!  Oh la la it had sun shiny epic vibes through and through!  While our super jeep team was getting the BBQ ready, Daniel and Frances delighted in their first dance together.  Additionally, they honored their parents by having a dance with them as well there.

Then it was time for a traditional hot dog BBQ lunch!  After lunch the newlyweds and the group parted ways so the couple could have the best of both worlds… For example, their loved ones for half day and more adventures together by themselves the second half.  But don’t fret, they will all meet again for dinner so stay tuned!

Awe-Inspiring Mountains

Being high above on clear days, specifically in Vik Iceland leaves you utterly inspired.  There is just something so amazing about standing along the cliffs looking miles away that connects you to nature and each other.  Frances and Daniel definitely had fearless wedding vibes as they stood alongside the cliffs.  Also shared several romantic moments and cuddles as they discovered the iconic place!

Fearless Wedding Adventures: Couple Ice Climbs for the First Time

Have you ever been repelling or ice climbing before?  Imagine ice climbing for the first time on your wedding day!  Well that is exactly what Frances and Daniel did to get to a once in a lifetime spot!  Likely you know when you plan an ice cave wedding, you never know what nature will create for you!  But our team scouts weekly so when it came time for  their wedding photos at the glacier, we gave them two options…

Firstly being a less adventurous route spot.  Secondly, an ice cave that was a small tunnel.  Thirdly, the more adventurous route which included repelling 100 feet and ice climbing out!  Well, happy to report the newlyweds chose the fearless wedding way and ice climbed for the first time together on their wedding day!!  However, before all that excitement they explored the glacier in other areas on the way… How fun right?!?

Vik Wedding Reception

Once their fearless wedding adventure day concluded, it was back to the hotel to rest, refresh, and meet their guests again!  Our Iceland Wedding Planner’s team stylist and florist decorated their reception table a bit natural meets boho elegant.  Although they were part of a big restaurant, it still felt intimate for them to partake in a delicious dinner, toasts, and kransakaka!  In conclusion, if you are curious about what Frances and Daniel thought about their wedding day weeks later… Check out their Google Review of our Iceland Wedding Planner team!  Lastly, if you’re feeling super inspired and would like to create a similar experience, feel free to contact us!


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